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Winter Grief/Afterlife Retreat in Florida


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I wish I was able to provide you with the reassurance that personal experiences are genuine and authentic and not just going on inside your mind.

This stuff's been happening since goodness knows when and in my view modern day research is unilkely to improve on the persuasiveness of such experiences. You can focus on the inconclusiveness of scientific experiments or you can heed the vast amount of material that says something very different. It's a personal thing.

I guess we all use a personal benchmark of what's persuasive and reluctantly I've accepted that nothing I say will change the views of a Doubting Thomas or Thomasina. :( Each has to find her/his own conviction.

There is good reason to doubt, but this is a helpful reply, thanks mac.


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There is good reason to doubt, but this is a helpful reply, thanks mac.
That was a good exchange between you and Mac, Ruby. I am kind of like you in that I am halfway between belief and disbelief. I will read your post a few more times to make sure that I have it.

You might find this article interesting:
The Elephant in the Room of Grief
By Beth Christopherson, LCSW
The Elephant in the Room of Grief


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For anyone interested in viewing a medium, Derek Acorah, at work:

At the same demonstration/show is Colin Fry (also passed) and Tony Stockwell. Links to their section of the show can be found below.

With thanks and gratitude to my friend, Candlelight.kitkat: Derek Acorah has passed away.