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why not?


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Quite understandably the Thanksgiving Celebration Holiday is a big deal for the many Americans who travel many miles by road or air to celebrate with family and friends. What a desperate shame that all too often the holiday weather is plain dreadful, roads are wet or snowy and dangerous and flights have to be cancelled.

If it could be celebrated one month earlier travel would be so much easier, safer and predictable. Is there a good reason the date of the celebration couldn’t be changed?


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Tradition, I suppose. I don't know if there's any other reason.

I expect it is totally traditional to mark the celebration on that date but is there a good reason for continuing when there are practical benefits - with nothing lost as far as I can see - to changing?

Along with other issues I'm not one who advocates doing things one particular way because "We've always done it that way." I'm a believer in change when there's good reason and would many care if a date change were made to try to benefit the nation?

Similar goes for the nonsense of Easter and the wildly varying date year-on-year. It's a major public holiday in the UK and adults look forward to a long holiday weekend (in the UK) after the winter months of gloomy, wet, cold, gray, cloudy, windy weather - think Seattle - and being stuck indoors. BUT when it's an early Easter those same conditions are often still around whereas a month later things are beginning to feel like spring. It's a daft, donkey's years old, religious tradition that determines when Easter falls. It's high time all that nonsense was ditched in favour of a new, alternative date for the celebrations.

Who's with mac?! :D:p


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Using dear Georgey Bush's words, don't misunderestimate my love for the USA. I love the folk I meet and for 15 years I've spent half my life here. I'm very privileged and appreciate my good fortune but I'm still going to say what follows.

This Monday morning news broadcasts are covering the dreadful weather in the east and reporting on the huge number of cancelled flights and the even greater number of delays, all of that as folk are struggling to get back to their homes after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Isn't it time to take a step back and say that we're not going to get involved in such stupid behavior in future?

Some will lose their lives or be badly injured traveling unnecessarily, vehicles wrecked, lives disrupted when there's no reason for them to be there when the weather is so awful. Families will each year dread the Thanksgiving holiday that now marks the death of their loved one. And all for what? A tradition whose celebration could be re-scheduled to avoid the chaos that seems to happen most years.

shidad...... :rolleyes: