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Why do mediums talk of contacting "spirit"?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Ruby, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I found her a sincere medium of the good, traditional, Spiritualist variety. :) No surprise given her church's association with our SNU.

    I didn't see her working in the psychic at all - always a good point for me. Her delivery was warm, friendly and easy-going while maintaining focus on the communication. I'm sorry I don't now recall the details as I was thinking about other issues but she did deliver a LOT of details.

    She quickly established who she should be working with - no mean feat with 145 onlookers who she probably couldn't see and who would anyway be tiny images if she could! Part of my recent re-acquaintance with church/platform mediumship has been to observe how a virtual platform works. It's different from a real platform in a real church with a real audience sitting looking at the medium BUT a virtual demonstration can work amazingly well, all that down to the mediums who 'do the biz'.
  2. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    I'm glad to hear you feel she is a genuine medium.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    And I'm pleased you found my reactions helpful, bb. :)

    After Steven mentioned the church and posted a link I took a look. I recognised Janet Nohavec's name as she's been mentioned here on ALF in the past but I hadn't remembered it was she you'd sat with. The format of her service was similar to that of a Brit. church and it felt comfortable and familiar. I was heartened to learn about the range of activities held there which included development courses. Those can be greatly beneficial for 'wannabes', sensitives hoping to improve their techniques and mediums wanting to improve their 'delivery'. Mediums are born rather than made but accepting what they are and/or developing their gifts may take a long time.

    As I've often mentioned previously I don't 'do church' but I am a strong supporter of the help and support they can provide. In the US, though, there isn't the easy access to them that we enjoy in the UK. Private sittings ('readings') are the alternative and a reputable medium has to be found.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I apologise if it sounds like I'm promoting Spiritualism.

    Spiritualism is not the only 'place' where Mediumship can be experienced and I would support individuals or other groups whose primary motivation is to provide reassurance of our survival beyond death.

    So-called natural mediums may be found anywhere and may not have any connection with a formalised church or organisation often providing help and support in the privacy of their own homes or elsewhere.

    STEVEN LEVEE New Member

    Glad you had a good experience, Mac...Your opinion is my opinion as well. She is quite accurate and doesn't take no for an answer. If she is hearing this or that from a spirit & the sitter can't recall or relate to it...she doesn't ever hedge..."take it with you for later, I can only tell you what they're telling me:)!"She actually says "if you can't take 90-100% of the informaiton...don't raise your hand." Most of the time she has guest mediums with her...I do like when she "fly's solo" though:)!

    EG: I was lucky enough last month to be one of the 2 readings during a service. She quickly established my Mom & my cousin & said a bunch of accurate things about them...then she asked me if there's a catholic connection & the name Mary? Well...my wife is Catholic & her mother is Mary! My wife was in the kitchen & I was in the living room...she was listening in & was quite "mind blown" & I loved it! (She is a believer, but still a work in progress!)
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I imagine that regular 'platform mediums' will be looking forward to churches re-opening. Janet said she expected hers to get started again in September, later than I expected for the US. Our own are mostly closed and still without any indicated date for re-opening.

    From a medium's perspective I would think they would much prefer being with people 'in the flesh' as opposed to virtually. It doesn't matter to our friends unseen where their intended recipient is but I would guess it does for a medium. As I pointed out in my piece above, there were 145 or so onlookers and establishing whose communicator is 'on the line' is less straightforward than seeing the one you're drawn to sitting in the audience.

    I'm glad to hear your own connection provided good evidence - even though your wife remains 'work in progress' - mine also. :)
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I particularly enjoyed some of Janet's address observations. It made a very pleasant change hearing someone saying out loud things I often write online. It's quite odd too - although enjoyable and reassuring - to hear these things because I often feel I need to 'fact check' myself over what I write.

    I'm always 'flying solo' without spirit guidance.

    STEVEN LEVEE New Member

    Funny that you have a wife with like attitude to mine:)! Another thing that is happening...almost every night...she goes to sleep before me & I turn off the TV when I get in there...Over the last few months the TV will turn back on & off by itself within a 10 second to 5 minute time frame. I ask her who she thinks THAT can be:)! I point stuff out all the time. She doesn't buy it:). So funny. I'll get her to 100% someday:)!

    We actually have an appointment with a medium who studied under Janet in a couple of months...
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's even more puzzling given my wife had her 'dead' grandma appear to her! She only told me that AFTER I learned about survival in a totally different way. Life's odd at times!

    Hope you get what you're hoping for from your upcoming visit with the medium.

    When we hear noises and/or odd things happen I always say "It's the spooks!" but I don't really know if I'm funning or being serious. It doesn't much matter to me and as we both have hearing problems noises could always be down to those issues anyway.

    As for electric/electronic oddities, well I'm an ex-electronics engineer so I can often suggest reasons for possible malfunctions. ;) I'd have to have some really inexplicable happenings to conclude it's down to the spooks! :D

    STEVEN LEVEE New Member

    LOL...They DO crazy things with electricity...seems to be a regular means of them communicating. As per our own Mikey...Just started reading the book yesterday...love the way it's done...will pass it on to Wifey next:)!

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