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When Did You Ever Become Less By Dying? AFTERLIFE: The Evidence

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by DenverGuy, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    I recently spent all of $6.00 U.S. on an FFF webinar hosted by Stafford Betty, PhD concerning a book by the same name as the subject line. It was pretty interesting. He is convinced that life continues and he described the "9 sticks" theory. Let's say you have a good anecdote about something that is not universally accepted, like this subject. It's pretty easy to write it off and "break the stick." But let's say you have 9 of them. Now it's not so easy. In his opinion, he has those nine. BTW, I see that Betty has been interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove, the same guy who did the great one with Joseph Gallenberger, PhD.

    I won't bore you with all of the details, but I would like to touch on them briefly. I apologize if I get some of the details wrong. Feel free to correct me.
    Here are a few:
    - An elderly woman was dying and she, in a moment of terminal lucidity, described a very vivid dream about her sister, who told her to let go. She didn't know this at the time, but her sister had just died two days earlier.
    - The story of Vicki Umipeg, who, blind from birth, described in great detail things that she had seen during two NDEs.
    - He described an imperfect world on the other side that is similar to ours, but without fire departments, landfills, hospitals, jails, etc. He created this picture from conversations from many mediums.
    - Luis Gasparetto, who apparently was able to reproduce paintings of the great masters - sometimes in just minutes or while upside down. Apparently he could draw two at a time - very quickly!
    - George Nugent Merle Tyrrell, most well known as G. N. M. Tyrrell was a British mathematician, physicist, radio engineer and parapsychologist. He supposedly had 130 cases that he had studied that strongly supported that life goes on.
    - He related stories that we have heard about people in hospitals who experienced NDEs and were able to describe objects on the roof and on the street despite being blind since birth.

    A majority of the population believes that there is a lot more to all this. But, oddly, it's hard for it to gain acceptance. And when you think about it, it's really strange because everyone deals with loss. Many scientists are also on our side but are reluctant to come forward because of ridicule.

    He also discussed how it can be difficult for mediums to be able to separate their own subconscious thoughts from discarnate messages.

    I looked him up, and his book "Heaven and Hell: Updates from the World of Spirit" has some scary stuff in it. He describes a void that does sound hellish, but it seems to be a temporary reformative place for people who have done really bad things. Here is a link: Sometimes You Don’t See The Light – The Void: A Place of Nothingness in the Afterlife
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