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Visitation dream?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Emma holmes, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Hi I’m new at all this so here it goes, my mum died 7 years ago and last night 11/11 I had a dream about her we was in Spain she had a villa in Spain and retired there and me my husband and our 4 children were all there on the beach and me and my husband and then my older brother came in and we went into the sea her ashes were scattered in the sea and I came back out and just watched with my mum of them in the sea. And then it went to a football match of me and my dad they split up when I was 9 and he was the love of her life. Me and him were sitting there watching football and there was a woman on a hen do there, my best friend has just got engaged so I thought maybe that was her. And then it went back to Spain and we were packing our suitcases and I remember feeling sad because we was at a villa and I knew mum wasn’t alive even tho she was where randomly I bought a handbag and this bit gets weird on the bag it had a light and if you buy another bag to go with it if it’s meant to be together the light goes black. The bag I bought it diddnt go black but then my mum came and put a bag inside it and it went black and we looked at each other and hugged, cried telling each other how we miss each other my kids my brother my husband was there the woman from the hen do my dad and me and my mum fell to floor crying because we diddnt want to let each other go and I woke up hysterically crying and not been able to calm down all day it’s vedy bittersweet, then I looked into the whole 11:11 and I just feel like my mum was coming through and she showed me my dad because she is looking out for him and my brother and my children who she never got to meet my husband, with the bag light thing I feel like she was trying to tell me that I have the perfect match with my husband I don’t need anything new I have him and we’re good together
    Any thoughts or am I going crazy
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    It's impossible to say for certain whether this was a visitation, but here is what I consider to be standard advice. A dream is a genuine visitation if:

    1) It involves normal physics and feels more "real" than the usual dream. Not all the physics needs to be normal - for example, I flew in one visitation dream - but in general it does feel more real.

    2) It remains vivid and detailed in your mind, even years later.

    3) It seems to convey a message or two, and nearly always these are positive messages.

    Does this help?? And even if technically your dream doesn't seem to fit, still it could be a visitation; the only part that is important really is the love!

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