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Video of Carol & Mikey Communicating

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Andrew, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi everyone! Carol has asked me to post this video of her and Mikey and communicating through the use of a pendulum. We would like to thank Carol (and Mikey!) for taking the time to demonstrate their communications, as well as Angabange, for helping Carol to create the video! Enjoy!

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  2. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Wooowww +_+ .................................................................................................................
  3. Thank you. Very interesting. Must give you lots of peace.
  4. Thank you so much for going to the trouble of posting this for us!
  5. Thank you Carol for sharing this video with us!
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    That was a great demonstration, Carol, of how you and Mikey communicate. :)

    What we saw and heard makes it seem that you and he communicate mostly through telepathy. The pendulum seems unnecessary unless it's to reassure you that you're hearing a word correctly.

    Do you often communicate without using the pendulum?
  7. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    This is wonderful, dear Carol - thank you!!

    Dear friends, I should add that the first time I saw them do this, a year ago this past April, I was a complete skeptic. She had to be moving that thing! I stood right behind her, got down on each side and studied the whole process from every possible angle, watched her hand, watched her face - she was patient with me! - and I had to conclude that, no, she wasn't doing this herself. That pendulum was swinging wildly around, answering bereaved mothers' questions one by one, and one by one they acknowledged what he said and broke into tears. It was impossible, but yet there it was! Of course, at this point Mikey has proven himself to me in a more effective way by answering questions on these forums as only a very advanced being could answer questions. But even on that first afternoon, I could see that this was real. When you chat with Mikey through Carol, he will crack a joke and then laugh at himself and he will tease Carol and generally act like the good-natured kid that he was when he was here. It lifts your heart!
  8. I've gone ahead and watched this video again. I've also compared it to pendulum dowsing videos on youtube and remembering my own dowsing experiments I tried months ago.

    I'm sure the skeptics who watch this video will claim that there is too much hand movement by Carol, despite using the other hand to try and stabilize the pendulum.

    That being said, the movement of the pendulum is too swift from "yes" to "no" to pointing to the letters and numbers. I don't see how the ideomotor effect is applicable to this video.

    So for all the skeptics watching, this communication must be genuine.

    Thank you Carol for creating this video and posting it.
  9. I have had more time to look at this carefully, and see that there is quite a lot of vigorous movement, while Carol's hand is steady. Again, I am always amazed at your generosity, Carol. This took so much time and preparation, and it is truly uplifting for all of us. Thank you again.
  10. LachlanMac

    LachlanMac New Member

    Ah Carol, don't think I've ever expressed how much your being on these forums means to me. Thanks for this! I wish I could have a talk with Mikey.

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