University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies - John Cleese


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Thanks for posting that video, DenverGuy. I'm not familiar with Ed Kelly, but have always liked John Cleese -- he, like all of the Monty Python guys, is quite intelligent and educated, and apparently inquisitive, which made for an interesting (albeit brief) conversation in the video.


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You're very welcome, Bluebird. Surprisingly I am not familiar with John Cleese's, but I agree with what you said. YouTube has a lot more of him and the university.


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The Pythons were all posh-university educated and most (if not all) were at the same establishment where they met as students, hence the intelligence level. I think they've all gone on to distinguish themselves in various way.


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I think I watched the video some time back but haven't looked at it since. It's heartening that there are such studies but I still wonder whether academia and research will be able to 'prove' what's never been able to be proven in the past....

Even with all the the NDE and OoBE accounts to draw on, all the pst-life therapies etc. - and there must be many thousands of all those - actual proof remains elusive. Maybe by the time I make my way here again things will be different - not that I'll be able to compare then with now, of course, because I won't remember!