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Unexpected friendship - Monika's story

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Monika, Aug 23, 2020.

  1. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Thank you mac for reading and for your warmth you share through your answers. I will say this in case they are busy now and missed some parts of our conversation.
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    I'm astonished! I always read Bill Z's posts and was aware he was deeply affected by his wife's death, but neither Monika nor Bill gave any hint that they'd met; all the way from New York City to arctic Sweden! Not being very spiritual, I'm in two minds as to how to take this news of his death. There's a big difference between grieving and being suicidal, and I hadn't read between the lines that he felt this despair, but how wonderful to hear from Monika that he is happy with Susie again. Monika has an amazing sensitivity to the other side and I'll be interested to read of any more messages from Bill, Susie and Michel!
  3. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    I see from a recent post of Bill's that he looked after Susie for six years, which must have laid him extremely low. From Monika's post, it seems he had a very interesting and enjoyable time in the north.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Bill joined us on ALF in October 2017 after his wife, Susie's passing in June that same year. His story begins here: My Experiences

    The past three years have been very tough for him as can be seen in his postings but I think ALF helped him a little to understand what goes on after our passing - as did his Susie.

    Monika and he developed a special and close relationship which I think helped them both. I think it's unique on ALF.
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  5. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Yes, Susies sickenss was extremely hard on Bill. I cant even imagine...We spoke about that with Bill a lot of times. He thought that Michels unexpected passing was harder to accept and live with. And for me it looked so much harder to see your loved one slowly getting weeker and weeker with every day. I guess we agreed we wouldnt change our experiences in life and just live with what we got. But i think Bill had depression for extended time. Probably those 6 years plus the years after Susies passing. Depression became part of his life. It was consuming him. But im happy to say that about 6 months or a bit more i understood that he probably found his way out of it. His voice sounded somehow different. We used to joke and laugh a lot during all times but closer to the end he just sounded i dont know even how to say, maybe lighter. My guess would be deep inside he knew he is soon going home. Maybe that feeling was coming from deep inside, brain would catch such thought but body would relax, release the pressure. It feels that brain is a third weel in human system and gets everything at the latest and reacts latest.
  6. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Yes, this forrum was very important for him as it is for me. It is a safe place for grieving people who search for answers and also a great place for learning. Great community who finds ways out even if some dissagreement occurs. I feel safe here to say all. Its fine that we all see some things differently and will say our views and so but at least i every time know for sure that i wont be banned, kicked out or mixed with dirt just because of different opinions.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's desperately sad how many people suffer with clinical depression. Over my years I've seen quite a number of individuals - especially and understandably those recently bereaved - arrive on this website exhibiting signs of depression. More than on other sites, I think, and I've been on perhaps a dozen other sites over several years.

    I'm not qualified to diagnose but as a layman it's what I understand as clinical depression. Some unfortunate individuals seem to suffer it for years but bereavement can leave them unable to deal with their chronic, debilitating condition.

    It's heartening to hear you tell us how being with you helped Bill escape the worst of his depression. I'm sure you were accurately observing the changes and also noticing the more subtle change that when looking back you saw before his eventual return to spirit arrived. I think you're very likely to be right that emotional relaxation came from deep inside his psyche, at a level not consciously experienced.

    Maybe he'll tell you more about how it was for him when he has had enough time to adjust to his situation and, of course, if he's interested. There will be so much for him now that all this death and afterlife stuff may now be unimportant.

    I've enjoyed hearing your thoughts, Monika. :)
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I'm glad to hear you saying those words about ALF. :) I really do hope other bereaved people find information and other members to help them.

    There are bound to be topics over which some of us will disagree and that's to be expected - it's the way of life for many other topics so why not on the subject of survival? On other issues where spirit guidance is missing or sketchy we may hold personal views we want to express and that's totally fine as long as challenge is expected. One problem that sometimes arises, sadly, is when disagreement is seen as disrespect by individuals unhappy at having their position questioned. I think I can confidently declare, though, that doesn't happen often.
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  9. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Thanks mac♡ im like ever surprised how good you understand what im trying to say everytime! You said: "...emotional relaxation came from deep inside his psyche, at a level not consciously experienced." That is exactly what i was trying to say but couldnt find words to express this so well. Maybe your work with kids really helps you to understand the meaning from some nonsence :D

    This week is quite difficult for me and i also was thinking that i shall let Bill now to enjoy and get greeted by everyone there. First days i was completely bumped out by tbe news and so i could feel him extremely strong beside. We had an agreement that whoever goes there first will come and help another in realization of many things about afterlife. As much as Michel is my protector and companion and my lover so Bill is my biggest support and "ass kicker" into going through this life in as straight path as possible. Plus he is a showman / stageman so im am completely convinced he will contact me in most unexpected and hilarious ways. And ill share all here :)
    As for now i say him have fun and when i will stand back on my feet (at least on one) and when he will be ready we shall continue our journey.

    He used to help me a lot actually. Not just by being friend and good listener. Lately i had a lot of outwords stress. Little everyday things came together and pushed me down. I used to say for him i have troubles feeling Michel and no concentration in reading, searching for answers or even thinking. Lately i noticed that he started to share with me a lot what he was reading, he would make summaries of books for me, look interesting videos and just let me know most important things he heard and so on That really helped. When i had no energy so he did that for me. Thats why i miss our calls so much. But i know he will help me to start doing that by myself again.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2020
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Thank you for your kindness, Monika - I'm glad I could help with the thoughts you expressed. English is not your first language but still you write it very well indeed. :)

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down at the moment and you must really be missing the practical help that Bill used to provide. I've often said that no matter how much we understand that loved ones passed over are never far away it doesn't stop us missing their presence. I expect Bill will be back to spend some time with you - and Michel - when all the excitement has calmed down a little.

    Anyone who doesn't understand might think we're crazy talking about the subjects we do in the way that we do! We talk about 'dead' people as if they're alive but they ARE! :D You know Michel is around, I know Michel is with you and now you know Bill will be also. And 'mac' knows all that too so maybe we're both crazy!
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