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time and sequence May 2021

Discussion in 'Carol and Mikey Q&A 'follow-on-discussions'' started by mac, May 7, 2021.

  1. mareke

    mareke New Member

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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    In this dimension we each have personal perception of the passing of time as well sharing general awareness of the scale along which it's registered - we use the same forms of timepieces and calendars and know history.

    In that regard we know about memorable dates that link the world as a whole and ourselves as individuals. And we know about memorable dates and the passing of time that apply primarily - perhaps almost exclusively - to ourselves and our families. Time impacts us every moment of our life. Then when we die we are free from time other than (perhaps) remaining aware - maybe wanting to remain aware - of certain important points in earth time. I often wonder how that awareness comes about and stays with at least some individuals.

    When mediums link with those in the world of the spirit it's often to show individuals here on earth that their loved ones passed over are not gone from them forever, the way it can often feel to the bereaved and grieving. Spirit communicators are encouraged to provide information that their loved ones can identify. Significant dates are often provided, especially birthdays. The overall impression I've gained from listening in to sittings is that dates remain in the psyches of those departed even though they see no calendars or clocks in their world. How long they retain their awareness of significant dates or whether most have much awareness of time passing in this physical world I'm unsure about.

    It's clear that certain spirits maintain a closeness to this world - at least in the short term. Mikey and Carol are one obvious example. I am aware of others from interchanges between spirit communicators and loved ones during seances/sittings/readings. Such interchanges show how they experience awareness of everyday happenings in their loved ones' world. Presumably they also experience some level of awareness of our time and its passing but I have not a single clue how it feels to them. My guess is that it's mostly unimportant unless it's something really significant like the approaching time of passing over of a loved one. Even then I have not a clue about how they 'see' that time approaching, whether they have any detailed awareness of when it will happen.

    It's all 'interesting stuff' and it's stuff I've considered many times before to try to get a handle on it. Now I feel little desire to know any more than the scraps I've picked up. Beyond occasionally trying to help someone bereaved my interest in most afterlife issues is slipping away. Our website's founder reached that point some time ago and I'm understanding that better. I also understand why founders on other websites where I've been a regular also rarely take part in discussions. Similarly with members, members I've sometimes known for years.

    We've looked at and we've considered 'all that good stuff' in the past and we've gotten as far along as we can with understanding it.
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  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I've just grabbed it - thanks. It's a largish file but quickly downloaded on my Sky broadband.

    With a caravan holiday coming up this week - and a 5 day forecast of rain, uggh! - I'll transfer the file to my phone in readiness to listen to via Musicolet. I've also recently bought a Kindle version of the book about an old friend who's a healer/medium.

    That way I should have something to do when we're stuck in the van with the rain pouring down on us! :D God how I hate the UK's crappy climate!:mad:
  4. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    While it's true that there is no certainty that life would develop spontaneously anywhere in the universe, we know that it did do so because we are here, we are proof. Since it did occur here, and since the circumstances which allowed our carbon-based lifeforms to come into existence here (distance from an appropriate sun, balance of chemicals, oxygenated atmosphere, etc.) are sure to exist on at least a few thousand other planets (probably many more), then life must have arisen on at least some of those planets as well. And beyond that, it's quite possible that many other different types of life have arisen on other planets with different circumstances (silicon-based, etc.). All of which is possible whether or not there is or ever was a god/creator being.

    You and I do approach this slighty differently, though -- you come at it with the view that our lives (and, presumably, the lives of any other sentient beings on any other planets) happen for the purpose of our souls learning things; whereas while I concede that may be the case, at least partly, I also think it's possible that there is no afterlife and that life exist simply because nature abhors a vacuum and life & evolution simply came into being (without the need for a god/creator).

    Even when we don't agree, I do like having these discussions with you. :)

    STEVEN LEVEE New Member

    There is also alot of recently released information and video
    regarding UFO's by the government that came out recently.
    Presents a good case for "other intelligent life."
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    This is not what was under discussion but Mikey has anyway addressed the nature of extra-terrestrials in the past.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    "Even when we don't agree, I do like having these discussions with you." That goes for me similarly, bb. We know we'll often disagree but you always offer a fullsome, detailed, considered response to what I write.
  8. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    Right back atcha! ;):)
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Those who reject the notion of God or a creator energy will presumably see things similarly to you, bb.

    If life did spontaneously evolve from the many chance conditions in place here then it can be argued that the probability is high that other locations would also have similar-enough conditions for life to appear spontaneously. But it's also arguable that just because identical situations may occur elswhere it doesn't automatically mean life will appear in them also.

    The mechanism of life - what becoming alive actually involves - isn't understood at all and for me it would be illogical to suppose even apparently identical conditions would cause it to arise everywhere those conditions exist. But even if I'm wrong in my logic, even if fundamental forms of life would arise, we have no way of proving they emerged without there being a creative energy that provided whatever is meant by 'life' in the first place.
    Last edited: May 12, 2021
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I'm persuaded, bb, that life incarnate was chosen by us all - I know others reject that - and the way we deal with what we experience here in human form, planned and unplanned alike, has a bearing on our spiritual progress. I'm persuaded it's similar for the animating spirits of other life-forms.

    Only the level of spiritual progression of each animating spirit is different - the actual spirits are the same essence as one another. An admittedly crude analogy would be that of electricity where the devices it can energise range from the most basic of equipment though to the most complex and cutting-edge electronic ones. The animating energy - electricity - is always identical whatever it animates. Where the anology differs is that the energy that's electricity is inanimate, does not change, does not progress - maybe not that good an analogy?

    I'm also persuaded - as I know you know - that life continues beyond corporeal death. I quickly grew to acknowledge that partly by limited personal experience but equally by those reported by my fellow human beings. I had long since set aside any need for additional, personal reassurance although somewhat unexpectedly I recently did get it!

    I always say in response to questioning over why I feel so sure about things is that once you know you can't ever un-know it. I also say I know the difference between belief and knowing because I've experienced both. Other can call it my belief but I know how it feels and they don't and I have belief about odd issues but this is not one.

    God and all that good stuff really doesn't matter to me save for it being an interesting issue to ponder. Religions, Jesus and all that have not a scrap of importance to me. I spent this morning wandering the ancient city of Cirencester with its equally ancient abbey. I went in the abbey and saw with a total disconnect all the stuff that religions employ to venerate God. The history, the architecture, the ancient stained glass and everything associated with the worship of a saviour god was fabulous but I found the religious aspects and the churchianity a complete crock.

    How blessed I am to be free to feel that way!
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