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time and sequence May 2021

Discussion in 'Carol and Mikey Q&A 'follow-on-discussions'' started by mac, May 7, 2021.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Thank goodness Mikey is pouring cold water on such ideas!

    Put it down to my age or the change but of late I've become increasingly exasperated by New Age nonsense notions such as those asked about. Maybe there's a lot of truth in the old saying "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."? Too much guff is getting too much attention. Stuff with no reliable or authoritative context. Readers may have barely a shred of personal appreciation, understanding or experience and perhaps fantasy appeals to them more than simple reality?

    Folk get conditioned by stuff on the various social media outlets. They watch self-styled gurus on YouTube, individuals perhaps believing they are channeling ascended masters or whatever. Too many details with no way to authenticate them.

    Maybe I've become old and even more cranky? I do know I've become highly reactive towards some of the guff I'm hearing.
  2. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    I'm kind of with you on that, mac. Specifically, I don't believe that our souls are divided into different lives or places at the same time -- that's part of why I don't buy into the whole concept of "your higher self stays in heaven while the rest of your soul is living your life in your body here on earth".
    Last edited: May 8, 2021
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    agreed totally!
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    quote: "So that, for example, an individual's lives as a woman in 1300s China, as a man in 1700s Ireland, and as a woman in 1980s US, were lived separately (not all at the same time), but not necessarily in that order?"

    Does order or sequence make sense in a dimension where earth-time does not apply? Can 'before' or 'after' have meaning and if not does the law of 'cause-and-effect' apply there?
  5. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    I honestly don't know. Assuming that reincarnation does exist, I don't necessarily believe that our lives are not lived in a sequential, chronological order -- I think it's possible that they are. I was just trying to posit an alternative to the idea of "everything is happening all at the same time", which would still allow for things to occur outside of a linear understanding of time, since it seems many people do not view time as a linear construct.

    That said, I think perhaps "before and after", "cause and effect" may still function, in the scenario I provided. Suppose the individual with the lives in China, Ireland, and the US were me, and suppose that those lives were not lived chronologically, in my own personal timeline. Suppose I was first born as a man in 1700s Ireland, lived that life, learned things, loved people, took actions, had experiences, etc. -- the usual things of life. Then at some point I die, maybe spend some time in the afterlife if it does exist. Then suppose I am born as a woman in 1980s US and live that life, then die, then am born as a woman in 1300s China and live that life, then die.

    In that case, if I am able to learn things in each life and am able (in some way, even if I don't realize that it's due to my previous lives) to carry that knowledge into my other lives, then before/after and cause/effect do still exist for me, within my personal timeline, as my earlier experiences and actions contribute to my later experiences and actions -- even though my later experiences and actions may have taken place earlier in the world's chronology, they did not take place earlier in mine. At the same time, the cause and effect of my actions would also still have an effect in the world, but in the world's chronology -- so that anything I did in 1700s Ireland wouldn't affect anything in 1300s China as far as the rest of the world, despite possibly having affected me personally, but might have some small effect on something in 1980s US.

    Essentially, I'm saying that assuming reincarnation exists, I think it's possible that the world exists in a linear chronology, while the individuals who live their lives on the world do not necessarily live their lives following that same linear chronology.
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  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It certainly gets one thinking! In my head the notion of cause-and-effect is a sequence of events hence cause precedes effect. In this world that has to come about in linear time but in a dimension without a similar concept of time where does it take us?

    In your hypothetical incarnations scenario, the impact of a learning/experience in one incarnation would be carried over into a later incarnation i.e. one would bring about change seen in the other and that implies former and latter and I don't know an alternate way to express that position. Even though the passing of those or any events can't be pinned on to clock or calendar time in the etheric dimension they still appear to occur in a linear fashion.

    Am I parroting what you've just 'said'? :(:confused::eek::oops:
    Last edited: May 8, 2021
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    After we've finished discussing this topic I'll move our discussion into a dedicated thread in the follow-on forum. I don't think it would be fair to expect Carol to raise further points with Mikey and I'm not expecting anyone else to contribute.
  8. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    I think the events of a life, or a series of lives, do occur in a linear fashion within an individual's personal timeline -- it's just that each individual's personal timeline does not (or rather, may not) match up chronologically with the world's timeline. So essentially cause and effect does exist, but in two ways -- within an individual's personal timeline, and then separately within the timeline of the world (with things not necessarily occuring in the same order in the world's timeline as they do in one's personal timeline).
  9. mareke

    mareke New Member

    Seth the highly advanced soul channelled through Jane Roberts explains how it works in his two books ‘Unknown Reality’ Volumes 1 & 2. It’s highly complex and I don’t pretend to understand all of it but when I listen to an audio version of ‘Unknown Reality’ Volume 1 (split into 29 parts) that I downloaded free from YouTube I’m sometimes awestruck. You should be able to download audio of Unknown Reality Volume 1 like I did for free on YouTube. I could upload it in either mp3 or mp4 format to my Google drive in the cloud zipped up with a link so you could download it but I don’t know whether this would be allowed. I renumbered the parts and slightly abbreviated the file names so they play in correct order on an mp3/mp4 player. I prefer the audio format but I also have Unknown Reality Volumes 1 and 2 in PDF format.

    My understanding is that despite the vast number of different life forms that apparently exist there is only one life form that actually exists namely God or ‘All That Is’ as Seth calls God. Everything is energy and everything is God. God is immanent in form which includes all animate and inanimate form and even inanimate objects have an intelligence according to Seth. God is literally all that is (unless there is something outside of God which God isn’t aware of).

    We are ‘ideas’ in the mind of God so to speak given expression and we have a certain degree of autonomy so that we can do what God wouldn’t do e.g. rape, murder etc. When we act badly hurting others we move further away from the source which is pure unconditional love. As well as those we hurt when we act badly we also suffer and this is supposed to result in us returning to being loving quicker. As we evolve spiritually we grow towards the source and see a bigger perspective and we share God’s powers.

    As weird as it seems to us our lives are being lived simultaneously because all possible permutations and combinations of all possible actions & events already exist in a kind of field of probable and possible events. We aren’t ready for true reality and the lineal view we have of time is an aid to help us make sense of things at our present state of spiritual evolution.

    As we negotiate our way through the field we see things in what Seth calls the ‘moment point’ as does Mikey in his level where everything is seen as the now. Our current moment point is where we are in our current life in the physical dimension. We are multidimensional beings but we are unaware of the other portions of ourselves because we are intensely focused on our current life in the physical dimension where we are learning to subjugate our egos. Our egos differentiate us from others but behind our egos we are all one because we are all God. The only part of the field that is changing is at the absolute limit of God’s creative imagination where God is still experimenting.

    Jane Roberts channelled Seth in the past and Gina Lake currently channels Jesus. Based on the audio which I’ve listened to that Gina Lake has made available for free or at a modest cost I believe that she really is channelling Jesus. I believe that Seth and Jesus are at similar levels in the system yet Seth says there are others with even greater awareness.

    The Jesus that Gina Lake channels says that he was crucified but that ‘it wasn’t too bad’ and he says that he appeared before his disciples after his death. What Seth says about Jesus channelled through Jane Roberts however contradicts what Jesus says channelled through Gina Lake. My explanation for the contradiction is that white lies are being told by Gina Lake’s Jesus. This is so that Christians heavily invested in the traditional bible view of Jesus aren’t alienated and Gina Lake isn’t attacked for being the devil’s disciple and her Jesus as being the devil which is what happened with Jane Roberts. I see nothing wrong with this because the important thing is what Jesus channelled through Gina Lake says about how we should strive to live our lives.

    It might be time for Mac to move this discussion to a dedicated thread in the follow-on forum.
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  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    That's a generous offer, mareke, and it's perfectly in order to post a link to your Google drive account so readers can download a copy. I suggest you upload the .mp3 file format because some app players can't process .mp4 files, one being my personal Android favorite, ad free 'Musicolet'. [Available from the Google store. I'm not promoting the app but it's one that allows separate channel volume adjustment. That's very important to me as I have a tumor that has greatly impaired hearing in my left ear. Using Musicolet I can boost the volume on that side and get a good left-right balance.]

    That's similar to what is in 'Soul Trek' by Julie Gale, a channeled book that greatly influenced my perception.

    None of that appeals to my reason.

    I'm not confident I can follow this let alone accept it.

    I've yet to be persuaded that anyone can provide credible evidence they're receiving communications from the guy we know as Jesus. As with all trans-dimensional communications clear evidence of identity should be provided. It's needed for reassurance just as much concerning a family member as from a well known spiritually-elevated teacher/ guide.

    I don't know Gina Lake but what you're telling us doesn't reassure me.

    It will be there when you next visit. ;)

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