Three person Afterlife case study: Comments?

Person #1:

An academic with three PhD’s, and at the rip old age of eighty-six

developed a severe case of dementia which totally destroyed his mind;

consequently, he couldn't remember his name and at the end couldn’t



Person #2:

Born retarded due to oxygen starvation during birth and never learned

how to speak, and had an IQ of around 25.


Person #3:

I violent person who inflicted so much pain and suffering on others, he

was given the nickname of “The Devi’s Assistant.”


Each of these fictitious people are dead, and I would like to get some feedback

on as to what these people might be like in the Afterlife. Example, will the

PhD person suddenly get his mind back? How about the retarded person, will

he have a normal IQ, or become a genius? The violent person, will he mellow

out and become a preacher? Please comment.


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Well it's all a matter of opinion, but since you've asked, I'll provide mine -- bearing in mind that I'm not sure there is an afterlife at all, but if there is, here are my opinions on what your three fictional people would be in the afterlife:

The first person (PhD holder with dementia) would be back to himself in the afterlife, as all illness, disease, injury, etc., incurred in this life no longer exist in the afterlife, because they all affect the physical body, and one no longer has a physical body in the afterlife.

The second person (born disabled due to oxygen starvation at birth) would, in the afterlife, be the individual s/he was meant to be in life -- that is, s/he would be able to fully express her/himself, have full access to the intelligence inherent to her/his spirit, etc. Again, because all physical injuries cease to exist in the afterlife.

Now the third person is a thornier example....if there is an afterlife, then I think that every person undergoes a sort of "life review" in the afterlife, in which s/he sees everything s/he did in life, or at least all of the events, actions, and inactions which had any effect on others. I don't think this life review is conducted by "god" or any other being, I think that each individual does this for her/himself, in order to see what s/he did right in life, and when s/he did things which hurt others (via action or inaction) or her/himself. I think that each of us actually feels the effects of what we did in life -- so, for example, if someone had been a child abuser, then in the afterlife s/he would feel what that felt like for the child(ren) s/he abused (not physically, but emotionally -- the effects that the abuse had on the child(ren), both immediately and throughout life, and which rippled out into the world to affect others). On the other hand, if someone had been a social worker who did her/his best to help everyone in her/his care, then s/he would feel the good effects of that care which had affected those s/he cared for, and rippled out into the world. The purpose of all of this, in my opinion, is to learn -- about life, and about how to be a better/good soul.

SO -- I don't think that life review would be a pleasant experience for your "Devil's Assistant" person, to say the least, as he would feel the effects of everything he had done to everyone else during his life. Hopefully he would be able to learn from the experience; if so, then eventually he would recover from it, and would make amends to those he had harmed in life (again, this is my opinion). If he didn't learn and repent (though I think this is highly unlikely), then I suppose he would just remain an evil soul and would languish in that in the afterlife. I don't believe in "hell", I think if there is an afterlife then it's just one "place" to which we all go, but I do think people can essentially create their own hell, and if that soul remained evil then that is exactly what he would be doing. If he did learn and repent, but was unable to forgive himself for all the pain and anguish he had inflicted on others during his life, then I think that other souls (other people, plus angels if they exist) would help him to heal and to arrive at self-forgiveness.

That's my view, for what it's worth.
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I agree with bluebird. I am not sure of an afterlife.
Before I ever came upon this forum i was unaware of Siver Birch, Seth books ,and
Mikey. So, if you believe we reincarnate that will make a difference.
The person with dementia. I agree with
blue bird. What I am not sure of is beyond his intelligence. Was he a good person?
Do you think dementia is suffering?
The second with disability due to anoxia at birth. Again I agree with bluebird. I also think he / she is incapable of consciously doing something evil, I have a sister in law like this. So , would she have the option want to reincarnate or be at an advanced level?
The third person . Again bluebird has it nailed. You can have help if you choose to accept what you have done wrong. Or you can resist. Alway having the option to repent. Cannot think of a better word.You asked would he be a preacher? IMO if there is an afterlife. There are teachers not preachers.
I am not sure what happens . How will be judged. It is a hard pill to swallow to think that we are on this earth for nothing . I do hope there is an afterlife. It is also hard to view each person’s suffering .