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Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Bill Z, May 12, 2018.

  1. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    I thank everyone for this forum.

    I went to a Karen Noe seminar with Saje Dyer one of Dr. Wayne Dyer's daughters today and needed to share this. Soon after Dr. Dyer transitioned he made contact with Karen. His family embraced her after they realized she was indeed in contact with him.

    One of the first things Saje said was about white feathers her father sent her shortly after his transition. That was the first thing the love of my life, and probably my mom I'm just beginning to learn, sent me as a sign. My mom and my fiance were very close and still are.

    I spoke to a beautiful lady sitting next to me. She practiced a form of West African divination and was a Spiritualist. Her name........of course: feather, for reasons of privacy and respect I won't say her whole name.
    She gave me some insights from her tradition and I learned a great deal from Karen, Saje and Feather.

    We are all one!!! There is no death! I still cry and weep many times every day and probably will until we are reunited but it is my frequency being at a lower level because of my grief that prevents me from more direct communication. But THEY ARE HERE, I/We just need to learn to use this telephone.

    Thanks again, everyone & Peace
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  2. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    It is amazing and terrific how Disincarnates stay in touch with us Incarnates regardless of our ability or willingness to a acknowledge them. Us Incarnates are the dead ones - not those over in Heaven. LOL, actually nothing and no one is "dead". It's just an illusion in the play of life. Life alone is.
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  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    We can play silly word-games - asserting that we don't die, that there is no death etc. - but I'd hope folk here wouldn't keep going on in that way.

    We 'composite individuals' consist of body-and-soul or whatever word you want to use for the non-physical component of our being. Plainly it's daft to say 'we' are eternal without defining which bit lives on; quite obviously our physical bodies don't live on. They die just as other physical living things die. Equally plainly the physical being - the one we have our relationship with - DOES die. I'm sure it's not necessary for me to say this for many but maybe it still is for less-experienced individuals in the house.

    Those very-privileged individuals who maintain some form of communication with their loved ones appear to be very much the exception to the general rule. Most of us - folk like me - do not have any communication with loved ones passed. It's far from obvious that there is any trans-dimensional phone to be found, far from obvious that loved ones are around and eager to 'speak' to us.

    It's not fair on seekers to imply they should be getting something they're not. Life here is intended to include the unique experience of the death of loved ones. Life here is not intended to provide continuing communication with their eternal components, their spirits. If it were then it would be happening generally and not exceptionally.
  4. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Im so happy for you Bill that you happened to attend this meeting and got some beautiful insights from others and also hopefully some precious comfirmations for yourself. I believe that sometimes it happens that someone share some thoughts and this was the last piece of puzzle what we keep missing in our thoughts to make full picture of answer to one or another question. You sound very positive so maybe some peace visited your mind after some questions were anwered or were confirmed by someone else with similar situation.
    Keep going Bill. Hug
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  5. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    Thanks Monika, hugs to you also.
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  6. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    Silly word games? Maybe in your world Mac but in my world There is no death!

    Why is it that countless descriptions of the afterlife both by incarnates as well as disincarnated beings tell us that there is transition but no death? I guess AREI and other similar organizations are nonsense? R. Craig Hogan, the Guggenheims, William and Estelle Stead, Colin Wilson, Sonia Rinaldi, Sonia Chouquette and countless others are exaggerating or misinformed?

    Mac you state "one we have our relationship with - DOES die. " Than please explain my ongoing communication with the love of my life as well as my Mom sometimes and others. Explain how mediums relay messages that they should have no knowledge of. Explain how in my bereavement group of 8 people every one of them has seen, smelled, heard or in some way felt the presence of their deceased loved one? Explain so many posts here of the continuation of life beyond the physical passing. Explain multiple accounts of electrical disturbances, etc, etc.

    You state "It's not fair on seekers to imply they should be getting something they're not. " I would in no way do anything other than try to offer hope and possibly help to those grieving by relating my experiences and the experiences of others that I speak to. I take offense to that statement. I am in no way trying to be unfair but rather to again offer hope to others experiencing the unending grief that I experience. I grieve for Her physical loss because in this world I am a physical being and I grapple with that every day even though She and others are here with me right now and that is not the gift to the "privileged" it is a gift for all of us.

    You state "Life here is not intended to provide continuing communication with their eternal components, their spirits. If it were then it would be happening generally and not exceptionally." Do you have any evidence of that statement Mac?

    I am not privileged, I am blessed and loved by the woman I consider my soulmate and our deep love for each other has shown me that life transcends the physical loss. God is Love and Love is eternal. All we are here for is to Love. I am so sorry Mac for the loss you suffered and I love you and everyone and everything. But my friend you are wrong. THERE IS NO DEATH!
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  7. Maria

    Maria New Member

    Is it not time that “the veil” was lifted a bit?. There may be “rules” and "reasons" whether it is to sustain the great mystery of the afterlife, or to have to suffer life’s “lesson” by bravely enduring being separated from our loved ones with a blind faith that there is no death. I remember reading two justifications for “the veil”. One is that when we are reincarnated a metaphorical curtain falls over our soul which erases our memory of time spent the in spirit world as well as past lives. The second reason is that the veil acts as a type of firewall to prevent easy access for evil spirits spilling through. While both may serve a purpose I personally feel it is very cruel that this barrier prevents us from unconstrained communication with the deceased especially those who are bereaved and yearn for contact with the person they have lost. It also seems unfair that some are granted the gift of being mediums but the majority of us have to rely on them to link with our loved ones.
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  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Yes they are silly games when we both know what ordinary human beings mean when they speak of death. I would be even more silly if I were to explain yet again what I've said.

    Do you think, perhaps, that I don't understand the point you're trying to make? With well over three decades of being 'in the spooks', a Modern Spiritualist who's been writing online about all these issues for donkey's years....Do you think I don't understand the notion of eternal, discarnate life?
    So when I ask you the question "If I were to stop a dozen individuals in the street I wonder what they would say when I asked them what death means to them?" do you get the point that death - as I've referred to that notion repeatedly - is likely to mean something very different to them? For them all the sources you might want to bring in will mean diddly squat because you're using a different context. Would they (do you think) talk about a return from incarnate to eternal, disincarnate life in the etheric realms? Or might they say simply that death marks the end of their relationship with the person they'd always known?

    They aren't misinformed, they're not exaggerating and what they say is not nonsense but it's not what ORDINARY folk understand when you say 'death'.

    Have I ever said that trans-dimensional communication DOESN'T exist? Whether that be your exceptional relationship or any other form. But their physical bodies, the bodies in which they were once incarnate, are dead and gone. The body dies, the non-physical element of our composite-individualities is eternal. Must I keep repeating this?

    Rather than my wasting effort on something we BOTH know isn't the point I was making might I just say that NONE of what you've asked about has anything to do with the physical bodies that perish and disappear.

    No offence was intended. However I am left concerned that those who have lost their loved ones yet get little or no meaningful communication with their spirit selves may feel they are losing out, missing out or failing. I'd like to hear from those in such situations whether any hopes raised are actually fulfilled. If they are, to any meaningful degree, then my concerns will be unfounded and I can live with that.

    On that final point we'll have to disagree.

    I don't have evidence but in asserting what I do I am guided by the words of teachers often seen as spiritually-advanced and by my experiences and observation of this incarnate life.

    You are enjoying a privilege few of us ordinary individuals enjoy but you seem unable to see the wood for the trees. Take that, please, from someone who IS ordinary, someone who does not share your privilege....

    Those issues are all entirely personal to you and you are privileged to be enjoying such blessings! Anyone unable to see what a privilege that is would do well to stand in the shoes of someone who isn't similarly blessed. I appreciate your thoughts for my loss but please, there really is no need for your concern. I know exactly where my loved ones are even though they aren't with me in the way your beloved wife accompanies you.

    And there really is no point in my responding any further. ;)
    Last edited: May 13, 2018
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  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Time to lift the veil? Who ya gonna call, Ghost Busters? :D Seriously now though, if transcending the 'veil' was intended, if it IS intended, then it will happen.

    There are no 'rules' about this stuff. How it is is how it is and for whatever reasons it is. There's no cruelty in what happens even though we may feel hard done by because we don't understand and can't control 'stuff'.

    Your point about mediums and their gifts may be disputed by the individuals themselves - at least some of them I have heard from dispute it. Mediumship isn't a hotline to the etheric world, something granted as a personal privilege. But that's a topic for another, potentially long-running thread and to get the most out of such a thread we'd need the input of at least one medium!
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  10. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    What I wrote was from my heart and in sincere hope of helping others who follow this site, many here who have helped me and I acknowledge and continue to thank and acknowledge and learn from. I'm new at this stuff it's been a little less than a year since the love of my life transitioned and has in Her sweet, deep and powerful love been reaching out to me and in my childlike grief and fragile flesh existence have been trying to receive. I was only trying to as they say "pay it forward". Your referring to my words as "silly word games" is somewhat offensive to me. I would never say that to anyone. I'm sorry that my words are "diddly squat" to you. I guess in my "silly" mind I try to understand rather than just gut react to others.
    You "know" what "people in the street" would say. You know what "ORDINARY folk understand". You know "what we BOTH know", wow, you must be far more astute than me. My friend it hurts being considered "silly" and bringing in "diddly squat" when I speak from my heart.
    I spent yesterday afternoon with about 60 "ordinary folk " who had wonderful stories to tell and it was a very loving, caring experience. People spoke of OBE's, NDE's, visitations, their conception of the afterlife, a lot perhaps could be perceived as weird but none referred to as "silly words".
    In my bereavement group my main concern is again to "pay it forward". Many/most there doubt the experiences they've had of seeing, hearing, smelling, etc their loved ones. Yet their experiences have in many cases been light years beyond mine. I think that my purpose right now is only to reassure them that there is a continuity of life beyond the grave.
    Something I am very proud of in my "diddly squat silly" way is that I made the group laugh. I think we went through a few boxes of tissues in 1.5 hours. We were huddled in a small corner of a large conference room with 20 or so empty chairs at the other end of the room. After several beautiful people spoke about "am I hallucinating?" "did I really see/hear/feel that?" "am I going crazy?" I pointed at the empty chairs and said (or maybe Susie said it to me or one of my Guides) we're sitting here because your freaking friends are taking up all the god damned chairs! I got a weeks worth of laughs and hugs for those "silly" words about "diddly squat".
    You said "there really is no need for your concern". Sorry my friend I'm concerned for everyone. I am concerned about you as well as all others. I wish you Peace and Love.I will comment no further unless you wish to continue. I respect and appreciate your work and effort here but why bother answering a "silly" person who brings "diddly squat" to the site.

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