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The role of our spirit guides

Discussion in 'Carol and Mikey Q&A 'follow-on-discussions'' started by mareke, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. mareke

    mareke New Member

    I recently asked Mikey the following question:
    Mikey's answer:
    I’d always assumed that spirit guides were highly advanced souls who no longer needed to incarnate and were not members of soul groups. After reading Flying High in Spirit I was surprised to find that our guides are often members of our soul group who are slightly ahead of us and agree to stay back in the spirit world to act as our guide. This only made sense to me if the members of the soul group were advanced hence the question I asked of Mikey.

    Carol Morgan probably hadn’t read any of Michael Newton’s books and may not have conveyed what I meant when I asked my question of Mikey. I was aware that everyone has a spirit guide and that members of soul groups help each other in the spirit world but the idea that a member of a soul group who is slightly ahead of another member agreeing to stay behind in the spirit world and act as a guide was new to me. It makes sense provided the group consists of advanced souls. Beginner souls however staying behind in the spirit world and acting as a guide for another soul group member makes no sense to me. Michael Newton found that guides helped with life reviews, choosing the lessons to be learned in the next life, choice of body for the next incarnation and so on but guides were not part of the soul group when the group consisted of beginner souls.
    When I started my first job at the age of 22 I met a man who in retrospect was an advanced soul very close to not needing to incarnate anymore. One of many things said to me was, ‘you would be horrified by some of the things I see in them’ referring to my work colleagues. I learnt from experience what he meant.

    For 35 years I lived in an apartment complex before moving to the house I currently live in. I moved to my house because I started to become very ill and my neighbours were like tomcats constantly fighting and the atmosphere was unbearable for me in my sick vulnerable state. I wouldn’t want any of my neighbours in the complex to stay behind and act as a guide for me! This includes a neighbour who had the persona of being a nice guy during the 20 plus years that I’d superficially known him who was down on his luck and I invited to live in my house rent free. One night when I met him at the common letter boxes of the apartment complex and I confessed to him that I feared I might have liver cirrhosis & that I’d rather commit suicide than die slowly and horribly from liver failure his face broke into an evil smirk and he offered to lend me his nail gun to shoot myself in the head with!

    Because of the persona he’d projected over the years I’d known him of being a nice person I naïvely assumed that the man was joking however after he moved into my house I gradually learned that the evil side he showed me that night was his true character. The man turned out to be a nasty, cruel, narcissistic person who lied repeatedly to me and stole money from a woman with dementia in the apartment complex and covered it up. Had I died his first act would have been to clean out my wallet of any money in it. Most other people in the complex weren’t much better than him. On realising what his true character was like I told him to leave.

    I believe that Michael Newton was right when he concluded that most people on earth are beginner souls. Such people aren’t in a position to act as a guide for another soul group member. We probably start to act as guides for each other in soul groups once the group has reached at least level III and more likely level IV or V in Michael Newton’s classification. Mikey had been incarnating for so long that he may have forgotten what being a beginner soul was like when he answered my question.

    How do guides help us?
    Guides aren’t there to solve problems for us. Over my life I’ve received help from my guide that has mostly consisted of subtle hints to try something when I was stuck. Based on my experience guides can put ideas into our heads that seem like ours but are really coming from our guide however it’s up to us to act on them. They can also nudge us mentally to do something like open a book to a particular page where we’ll find an answer to a dilemma we find ourselves in. Over the last few years I’ve received more direct help which I posted about in another thread in the forum. This has consisted of warnings to be careful because of the precarious state of my health.

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