The Happy Process of Natural Death

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The Happy Process of Natural Death

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Posted by Roberta Grimes • September 14, 2019

Death is a universal part of life, so the level of misinformation and fear that still surrounds it in the twenty-first century is horrifying! So much of what we are told by those we venerate as authorities is scary, silly, and entirely wrong. The scientific community still insists that the death of our bodies will be the death of our minds, while most Christian clergymen assure us that after death we might end up in a fiery hell, in a tortuous purgatory, or sitting around in a boring throne room. When the information about what actually happens at and after death is so abundant now, and when much of it has been readily available to us for more than a century, there is no excuse for all this depressing misinformation and plain nonsense!

We plan for our eventual deaths as part of the life-planning process. All the important events of our lives are planned, and we also plan two or three exit points that our higher consciousness can choose to take if it determines that for what ever reason it is time for us to leave this lifetime. Death at any time other than a planned exit point is possible, but it is rare. Almost never do we know at a conscious level that our greater minds have chosen to take an upcoming exit point, but often after people have died their loved ones will look back and notice that the decedent had spent the months before death wrapping up details, reconciling with people, finishing projects, settling debts, and in general trying to make things a little neater for those left behind.

The day of your death is meant to be the happiest, most beautiful day of your life. It’s the day when you are reunited with loved ones you may have thought you never would see again, the day you get to see and hug the guides who have helped you make the most of this lifetime, and the blessed day when you leave this illusion and return to the joy of your true home. For most people, death is just that wonderful! But I have lately come to accept the fact that our willful cultural ignorance about death still means that far too many people are botching their well-planned deaths and taking temporary detours to nowhere. We’ll be talking about some of their travails next week. First, though, let’s talk about what actually happens in the sort of well-planned death that most of us can look forward to enjoying.

I have written about the death process itself, but now as we talk about the need to help our children better deal with death we ought to say a bit more about it. Not only do we all need to be prepared to help the children in our lives better deal with the possible deaths of loved ones, but also every one of us will before long be making the trip ourselves. And unless we know what to expect, and also how to guard against the many things that might go wrong, it can be hard for even the more knowledgeable among us to transition happily when our time comes. Five years ago I gave you a standard overview of the death process here, and now I will be building on that so I hope you will read that post again before you tackle the rest of this one.

You will need to keep an open mind! If you can approach your death knowing just in general terms that the process is going to be easy and happy, and that you will at every moment be cared for and supported by loved ones – if that is all that fills your mind at your death – then you will manage it just fine. You may be one of the fortunate ones who simply fall asleep here and wake up there, but most of us are awake during at least some part of the death process. And some of what happens during your death is likely to feel odd or confusing to you and to your survivors, so it can help if you know what to expect:
  • You will begin the process of separating from your body sometime in the hours before your death. We don’t know exactly when this begins, and it may be variable and personal to you, but for many, the first sign of this separation will be what seems to be a partial recovery. People who had been in comas might wake up, and perhaps even sit up and speak normally. Those with dementia who might not have been coherent for years might converse with those around them. From your perspective as the person who is dying, it seems that in general both pain and fear are almost or altogether gone, and you feel much better and pretty much matter-of-fact about your dying now. The cause of all these changes is apparently the partial separation of your energy body – or your “soul,” if you prefer – from the physical body that is about to die.
  • In the hours before death there will be deathbed visitors. The timing of this is variable. One or two of these people that we used to think were dead will sometime appear to the dying person as much as a couple of weeks before the death; but more commonly, these visitors will first begin to appear in the last day or two. From your perspective as the dying person, this is an astonishing experience! You are in the midst of actively dying, not uncomfortable and not really worried but still unsure about what comes next; and then suddenly, Dad appears in an upper corner of the room, looking solid and in the prime of life. He starts speaking with you in your mind, and you respond to him mentally. He might come down into the room, or he might stay partially visible in an upper corner; he might be joined by other dead loved ones, all looking great, or even by dead pets. For nearly everyone, this sudden appearance of happy loved ones long after their own deaths is so thrilling that we will mostly stop interacting with our living visitors. On occasion, too, some of those in the room will also see these deathbed visitors, and they even might accompany the dying person at the start of the post-death journey. Dr. Raymond Moody’s Glimpses of Eternity details this interesting phenomenon of shared-death experiences.
  • Actively dying is a gradual process. From the moment when you see your first deathbed visitor, you know that you are going to be fine, so what happens next can be a lot of fun for those who are awake throughout. You might think of your earth-body as something like nested dolls. The outer layer or two will be dying now – the one composed of matter, and also perhaps the energy aura that defended you against negative entities while you were alive (we aren’t sure about that). But the internal energy body or bodies that hold your earth-mind will survive, so your nested bodies must separate. People who have been awake while this was happening have said it begins in the fingers and toes and progresses toward the torso, and it feels as if lots of tiny threads are breaking inside your body. I think of it as un-velcroing! The energy part of you that is leaving is un-velcroing from your physical body, and it gathers in your chest. It then leaves through the chest wall or through the top of the head, and it rises in the air above your body. People at the bedside can sometimes see it as a vague gray mist. Now that it is free of matter, its vibratory rate rises rapidly, so very soon the living can no longer see it. That mist is you! It contains your awareness and your perspective, and by some accounts, just that process of leaving the body feels intensely pleasurable. In the air above your body, beyond the view of nearly everyone living, you re-form into a solid-seeming person still attached to your body by a glowing umbilicus called a silver cord. You happily hug your deathbed visitors. All of you are solid, young, and beautiful.
  • Your actual death moment is the breaking of the silver cord. It is that attachment to your energy-self that has kept the material body living, so as soon as it breaks, your body’s heart stops. And you feel terrific, young and vigorous and thrilled to be free of that old boat-anchor of a body; but people you love may be around your bed and very aware that your body has died. This is the single most dangerous moment of your entire existence! What you do now is going to be critical, as you will better understand next week.
  • It is essential that you follow your deathbed visitors. We are as clueless when we emerge from our dying bodies as we were when we emerged from the birth-canal, and this seems to be the reason why our planned deaths include deathbed visitors. Our visitors try to keep our attention, and they coax us to accompany them right away, since for us to remain with our mourners for long puts us at risk of becoming earthbound.

The next stage exists right where we are now, but just at a higher vibration. If you will think of your mind as a television set, and your death as simply changing channels, this will make a lot more sense to you. After your silver cord has broken, it will feel as if you are physically moving, but in reality you and those who accompany you are raising your personal vibrations and moving from what we might call the physical channel to the slightly higher afterlife channel. This process does not involve a tunnel and a light! That commonplace from near-death experiences seems instead to be just a rescue device for people unexpectedly out of their bodies.

The way most people experience the transition is as something like entering a brief fog. The formerly solid room where you died becomes vague and vapory and then disappears, while in front of you the fog is lifting to reveal a gorgeous and intensely colored but solid and amazingly earthlike new world. There are a few afterlife channels below it, and many more above it, all existing pretty much where we are now; and the Summerland where our families congregate to welcome us back home is gorgeous and enormous beyond our ability to adequately imagine or describe it. From your perspective, having just dropped your body and been reunited with loved ones you thought you had lost, you now find yourself suddenly young and beautiful and standing on solid ground in earth-like surroundings more gorgeous by far than anything that exists on earth. What may be most surprising is the fact that there is nothing but love and joy in the very air you breathe! And the pure white light that illumines this place so completely that there are no shadows cast feels like love beyond your ability even to adequately encompass it. You truly are in heaven now! And for most new arrivals, the shock of joy that comes with this realization can make us need to simply sit down for awhile and look around as we take it all in.

Your death was planned before you were born to be an easy and joyous return to your genuine eternal life.
Knowing this makes more tragic the fact that because our culture is so ignorant and fearful, dying today carries many risks of which you will need to be aware so you can better guard against them. Stay tuned….
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What Can Go Wrong? (The Happy Process of Natural Death)

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Posted by Roberta Grimes • September 21, 2019 •

It has been almost half a century since I first began to read old communications received through physical mediums from people we used to think were dead. Soon after I began reading what was a rich trove of detailed accounts that have by now been almost forgotten, I was noticing an account or two, just here and there, of someone who had gone off-track at death. As enchanted as I was by the beautiful system that was then revealing itself to me, I flat-out could not believe this gentle process of returning home could have flaws that might let us complicate our trip! So for decades I tried to ignore all the evidence I found of dead folks going off-track, even though I was seeing more and more of it. By the time I wrote The Fun of Dying – Find Out What Really Happens Next, I knew enough to warn people there about some of the things that might go wrong. Still, I thought these problems were rare.

But then, soon after The Fun of Dying was first published, I met Carol and Mikey Morgan. Their book, Flying High in Spirit – A Young Snowboarder’s Account of His Ride Through Heaven, is a must-read! Mikey has been answering afterlife questions through his mother on, and recently he was asked what percentage of the newly-dead might be said to go off-track at death. He told us, incredibly, that those who go off-track, even briefly, approach 25% of the newly-dead. That was when I realized it was time to talk frankly about this problem! So I have of late gained a better sense of what might possibly go wrong, and I furthermore begin to see that this problem may not be a bug in the system. It might instead be a feature, since in learning how to solve the problems that can cause people to go off-track at death, and in learning how to reach and rescue these stragglers, we will powerfully raise our own consciousness vibrations. And that, of course, is the entire point of our even entering earth-lives at all!

Most religions foster beliefs about what happens at and after death, and from what I have seen, all traditional religions get the process and the facts all wrong. Christianity, in particular, teaches nonsense that has nothing to do with the words of Jesus or with what researchers learn from studying the evidence, and most of what it teaches is scary. Even worse, there are now some forty thousand versions of Christianity, and many of them claim to be the only true version. So not only are Christians confronted by a confusing plethora of possible ways to practice their religion, but they also are told that they risk hellfire if their hopeful guess at what might be the right version of Christianity turns out to be wrong!

What may be Christians’ most intractable problem is the fact that many versions of Christianity claim that the entire Bible is the Inspired Word of God, but yet nearly all modern Christians reject what the Bible says about the afterlife. Believe it or not, if you are a Christian who insists the entire Bible is God’s Inspired, Inerrant Word, then God is telling you flat-out that when you die you will lose consciousness and go into hibernation in Sheol/Hades until some eventual group resurrection. And if there is a scarier thought than being sent to sleep in hell for the next thousand years, I have trouble imagining it!

Fortunately, the evidence of what actually is going on is so abundant and so consistent that we can now say with certainty that everything Christians believe about death and the afterlife is wrong. No worries! But for Westerners, the errors of Christianity cast a long shadow. A significant number of those who now go off-track at death will do so because of Christianity’s false teachings. We are going to look here at all the reasons of which I am aware that some people lose their way at death, and then we’ll look at how people who are approaching death can best guard against these delays.

People generally go off-track at death for one or more of these reasons:

  • Religious terror. Many hospice workers tell us that the people most fearful at death are ardent Christians. These poor folks will tell those attending them that they haven’t been good enough to make it to heaven and they are terrified of going to hell. Steeped in fear as they are, some who find themselves alive after death will decide it seems safer to just stay put.
  • Having been taught to fear the normal death process. Some fundamentalist Christian preachers teach their flocks to fear and avoid at death anything that doesn’t comport with what their own religion teaches. When the concept of deathbed visitors first became prominent in the early part of the last century, some of these preachers began to tell their congregations that what might seem to be dead relatives are actually demons sent to lure them to hell. Dying people steeped in fears like these will refuse all contact with their dead loved ones, so many of them will end up earthbound.
  • Being too certain about what comes after death. There are thought-form places to which the most closed-minded people gravitate before they can complete their transitions, the most common of which are clouds with St. Peter’s Gates and a village surrounding a steepled church. The great astral traveler, Bob Monroe, called these places “hollow heavens.” They are bo-o-oring, so those led astray by them are generally happy to be rescued.
  • Believing we are evil enough to go straight to hell. There is a thought-form hell into which some people’s fears might put them before they manage to make it home. It’s a “hollow hell,” if you will. Those whose anxieties put them there generally call for help, and at once they are out of that illusion and safe with upper-level beings who can help them to finish their journey.
  • Being certain that death is extinction. Some people expect to blink out like a light. They are sure they will experience nothing after death, so nothing is just what they get! They might wander alone in a fog of nothing for eons.
  • Being begged by loved ones not to die. A medium visiting an old hospital was drawn to a section of it that was being rehabilitated, and there she found a forlorn little boy still lying in his hospital bed. He had died perhaps a century before. The last thing his distraught mother had said to him was, “Don’t go until I get back! Wait for me!” And there he was, still waiting. The kindest thing we can do for the dying is to give them permission to let go!
  • Being distracted by the pain of their mourners. Newly-dead people are as clueless about what to do next as are infants fresh from the birth canal. Especially when they died young or unexpectedly, they can be so alarmed to see the distress of their loved ones that they will try to comfort them. This is pointless, since no one can see or hear them now, and these efforts can lower the personal vibrations of the newly-dead to the point where they can no longer see and follow their deathbed visitors. Thereupon they can become stuck in place and outside of time until eventually someone rescues them.
  • Being addicted to anything. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, sex, or something else, being addicted to anything is a terrible idea! Many addicts will refuse to transition. No one can see them now, so this is their big chance to finally get their fill. It’s playtime! All they need is a body. So they will hang around bars and try to possess living drunks, or in alleys and try to possess living addicts. Reportedly there are great pig-piles of naked discarnates all desperately trying to have sex with one another, but never successfully managing it.
  • Being killed in battle. They are in the thick of it, perhaps running across a battlefield, when a bullet kills their body. And they keep on running! During the two World Wars, some British mediums were singled out by discarnate rescuers as being best able to help these deluded beings to realize that they had died, and to help them then to spot the dead loved ones who had been trying to get their attention so they could take them home.
  • Being executed. I am adamantly against capital punishment. It’s the worst kind of pollution there is! Someone is killed at what is not a planned exit point, and at the height of the worst possible negative emotions, including rage and fear, so he is extremely likely to range free as a deeply negative earthbound being bent on terrible mischief. Penal executions are the spiritual equivalent of pouring arsenic into our drinking water! Although efforts will be made to rescue these people, some will remain earthbound and dangerous for a very long time. I think it likely that many of the deeply evil and therefore weak but nevertheless troublesome Shadow Men that lurk in dark places trying to scare people are in fact the shades of executed criminals.
  • Preferring to be here rather than there. Mikey Morgan considers this to be a problem, and it is for him that I include it. The death process at our chosen exit points includes making our earth-bodies decrepit, after which our beloved dead appear to us in healthy new bodies. Of course nearly all of us want to join them! I have never heard of anyone actually refusing to go with deathbed visitors because she preferred to stick around here except for my own mother, who eventually was taken in her sleep. Problem solved!
With the world now steeped in such ignorance that nearly a quarter of those who die will go off-track, it is imperative that everyone on earth become very well informed about the whole death process. Learning and teaching the truth is the most important work that we can do!

Avoiding going off-track is easy! Simply put, you will be fine if you will:

  • Raise your personal consciousness vibration. The more loving and less fearful we are, the easier and safer our death process will be. And following the teachings of Jesus is the most effective way to make rapid spiritual progress.
  • Learn the truth. Death is less scary when we know in general terms what to expect, but it is important that we not become so fixed on details of what the evidence tells us that we might inadvertently create a Summerland hollow-heaven illusion of our own.
  • Remain open-minded. The best way to approach our deaths is with nothing more than the certainty that we are about to enjoy an easy and happy homecoming. Then let it unfold!
  • Ignore your living mourners until after you have completed your transition. Once you have returned home, there will be many things you can do to help and comfort them.
  • Trust and follow your death-bed visitors. The natural death process is a passage back from this illusion to the greater reality that is our eternal home. And the trip will be quick and easy if we will just relax, trust, love, and let it happen!
If you and I will work to spread the truth, then very soon the tragedy of people going off-track at death will be no more than a distant memory. And that’s good, because what awaits us at death is more wonderful than all our fondest hopes!
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