Some Afterlife Information

Sentient 1

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Including the material universe level there are 11 universe/matrix levels. These afterlife people are at level 2. They have not ascended through all the levels. They only have experience at level 1 (earth) and level 2, the afterlife level they are on. They have not learned about universal realities beyond level 2 so don't take their word to be universal policy. There are only ascended humans at the next level, no angels, no Jesus, and no Trinity, so their knowledge of overall universal policy and function are extremely limited.

Once a person ascends to level 3 there is no more contact. Your psychics can't connect with them. Level 3 is the first universe teaching level.
God and the Trinity are in heaven which is not a universal level. Heaven is non-matrix. Heaven is real and forever and the home of God, the Son, and Spirit. The material universe (level 1) and the other 10 levels is the matrix that is projected by God.

One of the afterlife men stated that he does not agree with capital punishment because those people are messed up in the afterlife. Those people were messed up humans, they were extremely selfish psychopaths, so that's why they are messed up in the afterlife. It's not the capital punishment that messed them up it's their own extreme selfishness.

As for there not being a hell in level 2, the afterlife people are somewhat correct. There is no place of eternal torment where the devil and demons live and souls are burned for all of eternity. BUT, at level 2 you will, at some point, dream a very realistic dream where you experience flashbacks of ALL of the pain and suffering and even disappointment you caused others. You will feel their emotions. It will be intense and very uncomfortable for you. There will be gnashing of teeth. The amount of time you spend in "hell" is determined by the amount of pain and suffering and disappointment you caused. No one experiences "hell" forever but some may be there a very long time, like an eternity.