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Signs from my wife

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by BobJ333, Apr 29, 2021.

  1. My wife of 34 years passed in December 2020. I miss her terribly. During the four months or so that she has been gone I've received numerous signs that I believe are from her. Lately my grief has been more intense, and I just feel that sharing these with others here may help me feel a little better. This will be the first of several posts as I don't think I'll have time to detail all of them at once.

    It was in the morning, just hours after she passed. My daughter who had come to our house had left briefly to go to Dunkin Donuts to bring back some breakfast. I was alone in the house except for the animals... 2 cats & 2 dogs. The dogs were outside, and I was waiting by the back door to let them back in as it was only 8 degrees outside. I was looking through the door window at the outside, staring at the ground in a daze. I remember thinking, how am I going to tell Maryann, her best friend, as she really didn't know how sick my wife had been. (My wife had been downplaying everything to most everyone.) As I was thinking that I looked up and across the patio in the forsythia bushes, there was the most beautiful Cardinal I'd ever seen. It was huge, lit by the sun and in my eyes appeared to be almost glowing (although I'm sure it wasn't). I knew immediately it was her, telling me she was ok. You see, whenever my wife would see a cardinal, she would always say, 'Oh there's Auntie Mug', or 'There's my mother.' To her, cardinals were a sign from the afterlife. So I just knew that this cardinal was her. That was the first one I had seen in our yard in a while.

    The next day, I woke up very early. Maybe 4 or 5 AM and it was still dark out. Following my usual routine, I went to sit in the sunroom. I would always sit there with the lights off in the morning when I first got up. The day before I had put a photo of my wife from our daughter's wedding as the lock screen of my phone. So when you turned the phone on, that's what you saw first... her beautiful smile. I had put my phone down face up on the table next to me. Nothing was near it and no one touched it. I started talking to her out loud. I told her how sorry I was that I wasn't awake when she passed. That I hoped she wasn't scared. I told her how much I loved her and how much I missed her. All of a sudden, my phone screen lit up with her picture smiling at me in the dark. I had received no text, no e-mail, no notification of any sort that would have caused the phone to light up like that. That was her again. I just know it.

    Maybe a half hour later, I'm still sitting there in the dark. The day before, my wife received a Christmas card in the mail from a close friend. This friend knew how sick she was and had mailed a card with a long personal note. Sadly my wife died before she had a chance to read it... by only a single day. So I thought I'd read it to her. What did I have to lose? Either she would hear me, or I'd just be talking to myself in the dark like a lunatic. So I turned on the flashlight in my phone and read my wife the note from her friend. It was a long personal message about friendship. At the very instant I finished reading the message, my phone buzzed twice. I know that was my wife thanking me for reading the card to her.

    Thanks for letting me share these signs. There are others and I will post later on this thread.
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    welcome to ALF

    Losing a loved one is desperately sad but the signs you've had have reassured you of her survival and that's really lovely even though you still miss her greatly. I'm pleased for you that you recognise these signs and understand what they signify.
  3. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor


    I am sorry for your loss, but those sound like lovely signs.
  4. Here is another sign. It was a couple weeks after she passed back at the end of December. I had been thinking back a number of months to the day she asked me, "Why are you doing this?" She was referring to everything I was doing to care for her. It was out of love of course but I answered, 'Because you would do it for me'.
    And that made me start thinking about how she took care of me over the years. Just mundane every day things. Doing laundry, cleaning the house, shopping, cooking delicious meals, caring for me when I had a cold. Now that she was gone, I felt guilt that I hadn't shown enough appreciation for what she did and how much effort was involved. I fully understood the amount of effort she put in as I had been taking on all those tasks plus the additional chores of direct care giving.

    So these thoughts had been running around in my head during the day. It was later in the day and I decided to watch a movie. We have quite an extensive movie library thanks to my wife. I was in a very down, sad mood so a movie about death seemed perfect. I selected "Meet Joe Black". So I'm watching the movie and anyone who has seen it will remember the coffee shop scene. Where Claire Forloni and Brad Pitt are flirting with each other. Brad Pitt is talking about how he only wants one woman. He would take care of her. Claire questions him on it and he replies, "I'm talking about taking care of each other as best you can. What's wrong with taking care of a woman? She takes care of you." At the exact instant that line was delivered I received a text which caused my phone to light up with a ding and the picture of my wife smiling at me. Those movie lines were exactly what I was thinking earlier in the day about how we took care of one another, and here was my lovely wife validating it from the afterlife. Thanking me for taking care of her. Just a short time later I had to pause the movie to let the dogs out and as I turned the corner in the house to walk toward the back door, there was that beautiful cardinal sitting on the back fence perfectly framed in the center of the back door window. Amazing!
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  5. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    These signs are very interesting and thanks for posting them.
  6. Back in January she had been gone just short of 4 weeks. I got into the car to go to the store and the first song on the radio is 'Babe' by Styx. Please google the lyrics or listen to the song. It's too much to reproduce here. I have a special memory of this song that I don't think I ever told my wife about. When I was a teenager I listened to American Top 40 with Casey Kasem. Every so often he would do a long distance dedication. One show someone wrote in about their friend who was either dying or had died and that this song spoke to them and they asked it to be dedicated to their friend. The song was written by lead singer Dennis DeYoung for his wife, and it refers to him having to leave her frequently to go on long road trips. This new interpretation touched me way back then, and I never forgot about it. Now, all those years later I guess I got a long distance dedication from my wife.

    After this sign I said to my wife, if you ever want to play a song for me it has to be the first on that comes on the radio when I start the car. I felt this was important as otherwise it's just me noticing any song that fits my thinking at the moment. So a few days later I get "Spirit in the Sky" and then "You've got a Friend". But this next one is special to me.

    So it was late January and I managed to get an appointment for a covid vax when only health workers & people over 75 or so could get them. The state I live in was going to open up eligibility to those older than 60 the following week. I was encouraged to see if I could sign up online. It took me several tries but I eventually got an appointment. Then there was the vax shortage and my state did not open up to everyone in the new age group. So I was concerned that I would be turned away because I was not a health worker. So I spoke to my wife and asked her to go with me to make sure everything went smoothly. I asked her many, many times. The day of my appointment, I got in the car to go and as I backed out of the garage "Summer Rain" by Johnny Rivers came on the radio. The lyrics begin like this:

    Summer rain taps at my window
    West wind soft as a sweet dream
    My love, warm as the sunshine
    Sitting here by me,
    She's here by me

    She stepped out of a rainbow
    Golden hair shining like moonglow
    Warm lips, soft as her soul
    Sitting here by me, now
    She's here by me

    I could not believe it! She was right there. She went to the appointment with me and there were no issues at all.
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