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Signs from electronic devices

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Zac, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    Zac, I just replied to your reply in my topic; but regarding your experiment, of which I've read the whole thread with interest, how have been the results so far? I noticed this was started some time ago. How many state changes? Did they come from different flip-flops or always the same? How often do you check? Do you write down when any kind of heavy atmospheric events occur, like thunderstorms with lightning and so on, I mean, I'm not sure if this is just in my imagination, but couldn't the state change of the flip-flops be caused by strong fields of radiation/EMF, I don't know, anything like this? I'm not trying to doubt anything here, just trying to eliminate any possible cause of normal physical interference.
    Another idea, for possible communication: you could associate to each of the flip-flops a question you want to ask someone on the "other side"; it has to be "yes-or-no"-kind, as the answer will be 1 or 0. It could either be in form of a piece of paper attached to the circuit, or, if possible, like you said, asking a medium to establish the bridge.
  2. Zac

    Zac New Member

    With the 2 digital dice devices (which I posted a schematic for), I have observed a total of 7 state changes (5 in 2014, 1 in 2015, and 1 in 2016). With my testbed device assembled in early 2015 with 10 flip-flops, I have observed 3 transitions in 2015, 21 transitions in 2016, and 2 transitions in 2018. Most of the transitions observed in 2016 occurred within a few days of a significant personal problem. About half of 10 flip-flops changed state inexplicably within the past 4 years while the others have not so far. In most of the cases, only a single flip-flop changed state while 2 flip-flops changed state at the same time in the remaining few cases. There was no electrical storm or other anomalous behavior observed with other electronic devices during the observed state transitions.

    I have an audible alert device built into my testbed that sounds if any of the flip flops change state. I usually check my digital dice devices several times a day when I happen to be walking by.
  3. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    This is really intriguing, thanks for detailled info. Especially that most transitions occurred when something was affecting you personally. I will certainly build one of these and try some things.
  4. Zac

    Zac New Member

    Video of 2 battery power motion sensor lights in my entryway being triggered:
    (trigger at 1:37:54)


    Video of the same area from behind the motion sensor lights:
    (trigger at 1:37:50--the clock in this camera are a few seconds offset from the other one)


    It is interesting that both motion sensor lights turned on within 1/3o of a second of each other (frame rate of the video being approximately 30 frames/second). Other motion sensor lights lining the stairs were not triggered.

    The motion sensor lights are this model:

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  5. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    This is amazing stuff.
  6. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    Well, I finally found some time to build one of these flipflop testbeds (one IC - 2 flipflops). It works fine (image attached), but no spontaneous transitions so far. I managed to make it transition by touching the D and/or CLK inputs erratically for a long time with my fingers while holding the other end of the finger to V+. But it's very hard to make it transition, so I definitively believe that no electrical storm or static electricity or EM or whateve can make this transition, as far as I can understand.
    I made a slight change to the circuit, for the sake of uniformness: I also attached 1M-pull-up-resistors to the D and CLK inputs of the other half. In your schematic, they were left open.

    I'll post here if in future some transition occurs.
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  7. Zac

    Zac New Member

    You may have to be very patient. I have had 2 triggers on my flip flop device in November 2018, but nothing else since August 2016 which was also around the same time when the last digital dice (multiple flip-flop) state changes occurred. The multiple triggers occurred from late May to early August 2016 which were likely associated with some very emotionally charged events that occurred during that time. My elderly mother was having health problems and hospitalization in November 2018. I have also had some other unusual things happen with electronic devices since then including a battery powered window shade closing without apparent cause, the LED on a temperature transmitter LED begin stuck on but working normally after power cycling, a TV turning off apparently by itself--was playing Catastrophe series about formation of earth, cd changer in my car changing cd's even though it wasn't in use, a electronic dog toy illuminating without apparent cause, and my cell phone freezing while listening to a recording of a sitting with a medium.
  8. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    Sure, I'll be patient. What you're reporting from that time is really strong evidence of abnormal behaviour of electronic devices, I definitely share your opinion that this isn't natural and had to be caused by some entity/energy/spirit from other dimension/plane or whatever, or, alternatively, by strong psychokinetic energy from a being on the same plane (which in this case would have been released in an unconscious way).

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