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Signs from a Spirit Guide

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by ZooehMcdonald, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. For a while now I've had a hunch that I may be related to a distant family friend. I had no way of physically confirming it without causing family drama though. During the time I developed that hunch I was introduced to my spirit guide by a spiritualist. So I decided to turn to my guide to ask for answers. I began having strange dreams and a awesome experience which I will list below. I'm going to refer to the distant friend as 'E' for privacy reasons.

    These are the dreams I began to receive after I asked my guide for an answer:

    1) I dreamt about an old lady circling the date '9th January' on a calendar. That date is E's birthday.

    2) I dreamt about an old book listed with names but only one name was clear, it was a boys name. It turned out to be E's older brothers name.

    3) I dreamt I was lining up for a rollercoaster with an older male but we were alone, I was leaning against a wall which had names written down and I quickly realised that E's full name was written on the wall.

    I began getting frustrated with the dreams because they were only minor details so I asked for more vivid answers.

    4) I dreamt that I was at a family party but E was sat upstairs away from everyone, the people at the party were from my mothers family only. The dreamt switched up a little and E and I were in a car driving to a big house, she didn't say anything but I felt that we were cousins. I can't explain it but in my dream we were definitely related. We got to a large house but we ran up to a small bedroom where there were two small golden dogs waiting for us and we spent the night watching movies.

    5) I dreamt that I was at my grandmothers house, again with my mums side of the family. E was upstairs and I was with her, she had just come back from being away somewhere, she didn't speak at all but my grandmother called her downstairs because she wanted to know how the trip was. We were sat on the sofa and E said she had brought only me something back from her trip and she handed me a bag of peanuts.

    6) This one is crazy. I dreamt that I was scrolling through my timeline on Facebook and I saw that E had posted a photo of herself in a red dress. I didn't think much of that one until a few later the dream actually came true and I was actually scrolling through my Facebook and she had posted a photo of herself in a red dress very similar to the one in my dream.

    I've had a lot more dreams than those but I feel like those are the most important ones. I either dream about E or her name showing up, what's crazy is that it's very difficult for me to read in my dreams but whenever her name pops up in my dream I can always read it very clearly.

    An experience I had was that I asked my guide to put a specific sign in my path, a pink feather. After I asked I forgot about it for a few days until one morning my mother had handed me a pink feather that had fallen off of my cats toy. I kept the feather in a box.

    I'm not sure what to think of this so I'd love to hear some feedback

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