Signs And Messages 'from The Other Side'


I use a tablet. The Search for the blog will be easier than the search for Life After Death. Sorry! (I will have to use exclamation marks now I've observed that my emojies don't print). Thanks for the offer, but I won't trouble you, I'll ask my son sometime.
What she has posted is an expanded answer to someone who has posted a query on her After Death Communications thread.
I find tablets and phones too fiddly by far. They're OK if you're just reading but fiddly when you're interacting unless you use them regularly that way - I'm guessing that's the case because I haven't tried! I'll perhaps take a look later at what Jenn has written.


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A bit of a surprise last night... I was on a Zoom presentation by the wonderful Professor Gary Schwarz of Arizona University listening to his mind-boggling research. I didn't know what to make of it, and Professor Schwarz said he felt sympathy for us and apologised for boggling our brains, which was very charming of him! Anyway, I had posted earlier in the day on this forum. My husband set me up with the streaming as he was hogging the computer just prior to the show, and said he couldn't get the running transcript to go from the screen. I didn't mind, especially when it printed my name, Ruby, twice. Is that a sign or not, on a lecture about this subject? Well, I will accept it gladly!