Signs And Messages 'from The Other Side'


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I don't know how to explain this, and there is most likely a normal explanation bearing in mind it concerns mobile phones and I'm useless with them as I don't use mine to make calls, rather I just text, so when the phone rings I'm all fingers and thumbs. We were discussing buying something from John Lewis the department store on Friday when the mobile rang. It's hardly ever even switched on but it was charging on the kitchen unit. It was Joan Lewis. My husband is about as bad as me and failed to answer it. I texted her back and tried a few times but it failed to send. Today I got a text from her son, from his own phone presumably, telling me that my friend Joan died on 26th August. I'm shocked and can't believe it. I remembered about the call on Friday and checked the call logs but there's no trace of a call from Joan's phone.