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Signs And Messages 'from The Other Side'

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Jim, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    It's reassuring. I've just found a butterfly in our sun room which has hardly ever happened in seventeen years. The door was open by less than two and a half inches (I've just taken an inchtape and measured it) yet it found its way in, and we identified it as a speckled wood which is not common. How strange that I was reading the long report featuring a lot of butterflies from mareke earlier. Maybe I'll accept it as a sign. It does no harm Thanks mareke! Hope you're doing okay.
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I would say it's definitely a sign someone is around and wanting to make their near-presence known to you, Ruby. It would be a helluva coincidence if not, especially with so few insects around of any kind let alone a butterfly. :) And at one time I WOULD have put such occasions down to randomness, coincidences.....
  3. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    Thanks mac!
  4. mareke

    mareke New Member

    Thanks I’m doing okay. Your post made my day bringing a smile to my face. I believe that your guide on seeing that you were reassured by my butterfly story used the opportunity to remind you that you too have a caring guide by sending you a butterfly. Had you not read my story there would have been no point in sending you the butterfly because you would have seen it as a natural event. It was a reminder that we are all interconnected and part of a vast spiritual community.
    Not everyone agrees with you Mac. Mikey confirms that everything is energy. I believe that souls are a form of intelligent energy each with a unique signature. It’s not unreasonable to extrapolate that the creator is a vastly superior form of intelligent energy comprising all that is rather than as you believe separate from its creation.
    I don’t believe that guides are as mysterious as you make out Mac. According to Mikey guides are members of our soul group who are a little ahead of us in terms of spiritual growth and agree to stay behind and act as our guide during our latest physical incarnation. This would be the case when the soul group is advanced but probably not when the group is comprised of beginner souls. Guides can see how our lives are progressing in the overall setting we are in and know when we are in trouble or stuck & attempt to help us without solving the problem for us because then we would learn nothing.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I agree totally concerning your last point but let's not forget that although interconnected as you suggest, we don't have relationships with every other soul we're distantly linked to. The soul-cell / soul-group to which we belong, the group of souls we're traveling home with will likely be large for most of us and it's this group with whom we have our most relevant relationships. And it's important to note that there's no saying it was Ruby's spirit guide who sent the butterfly. It could just as easily - perhaps more likely - have been one of her closest family. Mikey has explained the nature of this mechanism a number of times.

    I'd go further - few agree with mac! lol
    That's evident to anyone who understands the spiritual nature of life but energy doesn't automatically equal life. I wrote earlier "The physical, inanimate universe has no consciousness but those who devised it are very much conscious of everything in it and everything involved in its operation. NONE of it came about other than by design and creation and then cause-and-effect after processes were set in motion." None of that is specifically about energy - it's all about the simplicity of the principle.

    Belief is all well and good about some topics but there's no need to have belief in connection with our souls. I prefer the guidance of (apparently) spiritually-evolved teachers rather than a personal belief. Of course one can see a soul as a form of intelligent energy. As I've mentioned before, Soul Trek explains that we're identically similar to the creative energy that I refer to as 'source'. You appear to have misunderstood what I have written about on various occasions in the past. Let me say it again. Spirit is all, is in everything, is everything. The creative energy that is the source of all things and of all life - whatever that creative energy may be, something we don't have a snowball-in-Hell's chance of comprehending - is not separate from anything it created or set-in-motion the process of creating. What I wrote is: ".....those who devised it are very much conscious of everything in it and everything involved in its operation. NONE of it came about other than by design and creation and then cause-and-effect after processes were set in motion."

    I didn't imply they're mysterious. I said: "The role of guides is perpetually misunderstood if it's understood at all....." The attribution of a butterfly's appearance being down to one's spirit guide rather than the involvement of one's helpers is just one example. Oh yes it might have been Ruby's spirit guide who sent the butterfly as evidence of whatever but just as easily it could have been a close loved one who sensed her reading about butterflies and took action to reassure her that her loved ones are never far away.

    Fair comment but that's not what I understand to be one's spirit guide. I see such an individual as a helper and it's why I don't talk about spirit guides the way others sometimes do.

    In this specific situation then a spirit guide may indeed be one of the (quote) "advanced" members of the soul-cell. But that's a specific situation and may not be the case for other soul-groups. It's undoubtedly the case - I suggest to you - that our relatives, friends, soul group companions can be our helpers, in which role they can get involved spontaneously when the situation lends itself to such interventions. Their casual, spontaneous involvement - I suggest to you - is very different from that of a so-called spirit guide.

    If you don't see it that way then we should agree to differ over our perceptions. :)
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member


    Personal belief isn't needed about the general role of guides and - I suggest - theirs is to guide on important issues. How they do that - purely in my view - might be to tacitly send their approval when one considers the better decision and maybe to inspire us to take an approach different from one we might be considering but which wouldn't be the better or best one.

    That wouldn't be interference so much as their guiding us towards goals we'd set for ourselves prior to incarnating, parts of our so-called life plans.

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