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Signs And Messages 'from The Other Side'

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Jim, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. mareke

    mareke New Member

    Below is part of a post I composed today on another forum. I’ve only included the part outlining signs that I believe came from my spirit guide over the last year. Two of the signs in my mind confirm an answer that Mikey Morgan gave to a question about being able to manipulate electronic equipment.

    Help from my guide or random events? I know which alternative I believe!

    The following two incidents occurred after I read the answer to the question below that Mikey gave:

    Part 2 closed C&M Q&A

    As I was driving my car thinking about my health problems I wondered whether my severe hypertension could be caused by a tiny growth found on one of my kidneys when an MRI was done. At the exact moment this thought occurred to me the electrically operated passenger side rear window of my car lowered all the way down of its own accord! I did nothing to initiate the window coming down! To lower the window I have to keep pressing a button on a console on the door next to me until the window is all the way down. My hands were on the steering wheel as the window came down.

    Months later I was driving home upset because a problem that had dogged me for years had suddenly reared its ugly head again. As I was pulling into the driveway of my house and mentally wrestling with the issue the electrically operated driver's side rear window of my car (the window opposite the one that went down previously) went all the way down of its own accord! Like the previous time I did absolutely nothing to initiate the window coming down!

    My interpretation:
    my guide was again advising me to let the problem go 'out the window'. I did this and the issue ceased to continue to bother me.

    Another incident occurred when a neurologist I saw as part of the investigative process to determine what was wrong with me required me to go 24 hours without sleep. I knew this to be potentially dangerous because sleep settled my blood pressure. I’d had two strokes before discovering that I had a condition called malignant hypertension (blood pressure that silently kept on rising to the point of being dangerous) and I started taking medication to control it as well as monitoring my blood pressure regularly and resting when it rose too high.

    Prior to beginning the 24 hours without sleep while I was in the lounge room of my house a loud noise that sounded like a bomb going off came from my bedroom! After checking my bedroom and finding nothing to explain the noise I went outside to check if it might have come from the gas hot water system and on opening the inspection door I found the pilot flame still on and the heater running normally. I then got up into the roof cavity of my house to check above my bedroom and I found nothing. I also went under the house to see if I could find a reason for the noise and again I found nothing to explain it.

    My interpretation: my spirit guide was warning me to be careful when going 24 hours without sleep. I took a little extra medication to control my blood pressure before staying awake for 24 hours and I drove to the appointment making sure to keep a good distance between my car and other cars and after the appointment I drove home carefully and went to bed.

    Another incident occurred when I was having trouble with a company that mistakenly made a barn door for the entrance to my kitchen 11 cm narrower than it was supposed to be. The company was trying to weasel its way out of having to remake the door to the correct size. Attempts by the company to persuade me to accept a dodgy fix resulted in me becoming very stressed while dealing with the company by phone and email. As a result my blood pressure rose very high and I had an irregular heartbeat.

    While I was in my bedroom composing an email to the company and stressing about the issue I heard a noise at the other end of the house. On investigating I discovered that the venetian blind covering the laundry window had fallen to the floor. A clip holding the blind in its brackets had popped out together with the blind. Even without the clip the blind should have stayed in place. For the blind to fall it had to have moved horizontally several centimetres out of its brackets before falling to the floor!

    My interpretation: my spirit guide knew that my blood pressure was very high and that my heart was beating erratically and pushed the blind out as a warning for me to 'look out' symbolised by the view out the window no longer being obstructed by the blind. I heeded the warning and rested to give my blood pressure and irregular heartbeat a chance to settle down.

    Could the blind dropping the way it did have been a natural event which I mistakenly interpreted as a sign from my guide to fit my belief system? Yes that's a possibility but after events like the windows of my car lowering of their own accord as well as other things happening that I could find no ordinary explanation for I believe it was my spirit guide warning me that my high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat needed to be addressed by resting which I did.

    I never dreamed that I'd get the sort of signs and help I have from the spirit world. I've thanked my spirit guide many times for this. Am I certain that the events I have interpreted as signs from the spirit world were signs rather than random events with plausible explanations? You can't be 100% certain of anything. Why have I received the many signs from my spirit guide that I've described when most people don’t? Presumably because most people wouldn’t understand such signs or interpret them as spooky and possibly malevolent rather than helpful.

    The two instances of an electrically controlled window in my car coming down of its own accord happened after I read Mikey’s reply on the Afterlife forum that manipulating electronic equipment was easy for him and other advanced beings from the spirit world. Our spirit guides know what signs we will recognise and understand!

    My full post (Post #94) can be found in the following link:

    link to external website removed by administrator

    Scroll down to the following heading:

    ANOTHER POSTSCRIPT (September 2020)
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I agree with how you've interpreted those occurrences. I haven't yet followed the link you've posted above but why not post here what you've posted there?

    update 1 hour later: Ah, OK, now after reading the content of the old thread I have removed the link to it.
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  3. mareke

    mareke New Member

    Thanks for that Mac. I didn't post everything that I posted in the other forum I gave a link to because this topic was mainly about signs from spirit so I quoted the parts outlining recent signs I've received. I never feel totally comfortable posting about such matters because I'm making educated guesses about things that sceptical people would claim were random events which I was interpreting in a way that confirmed my pre-existing belief in a spirit world; a concept termed 'confirmation bias' which I've elaborated on in the other forum.

    The signs from spirit I listed in my previous post are part of a pattern of assistance that I believe I've received over the last few years from my spirit guide while dealing with an illness which I believe to be amyloidosis that has damaged my autonomic system resulting in bouts of very high blood pressure (malignant hypertension) and consequent mental confusion (hypertensive encephalopathy). Very high blood pressure results in not being able to think clearly so I don't post much on forums in case I suffer from an unexpected bout of mental confusion and struggle as a result to be able to express myself coherently. I sold a townhouse while not being able to think clearly due to my illness and two real estate salesmen sensing my vulnerable state conned me into selling my property well below market value to friends of theirs.

    My full post at the other site includes an experience I had with a man who'd had a breakdown that I invited to live with me. He taught me lessons to do with the difference between persona (the way that you present yourself to the world) and character (who you really are) which I didn't think belonged in this topic. The lessons the man taught me led me to write the following in the other forum:

    Emanuel Swedenborg in his book 'Heaven and Hell' reveals that in the spirit world our true character is visible for all to see. After arriving back in the spirit world we examine our most recent life in detail during our life review with the help of our spirit guide without being able to hide our true character and motives. While undertaking our life review we are our harshest critic. The purpose of the life review isn't punitive but rather spiritual growth through learning from our experiences with reincarnation (which Swedenborg didn't see in his visions) being the learning method. Eventually we no longer need to come here unless perhaps we decide that we want to return to help others. An example is Mikey Morgan who returned for one more brief life despite not needing to and is now helping people (I've been helped in a couple of ways) through his mother on Roberta Grime's forum.

    I've yet to see a satisfactory explanation of precisely how whether or not we need to return here for more learning experiences is determined. One way of looking at it is that with 7 billion people in the world and each having a spirit guide there must be billions of spirit guides so it couldn't be impossibly difficult to reach a point of not needing to come back here. Playing devil's advocate Mikey the spirit coming through his mother on Roberta Grime's forum lived hundreds of lives before no longer needing to return here. Also Seth channeled through Jane Roberts revealed that he'd lived a great many lives on earth before not needing to return here. One of the case studies that Michael Newton recounts in 'Journey of Souls' was of a woman who had been reincarnating for 70,000 to 130,000 years and was looking forward to no longer needing to do so. I suspect that if we were aware of how long and demanding reaching a point of no longer needing to return here is many of us would be demoralised to the point of giving up so for our own good our memories are limited to our most recent incarnation or last few incarnations. In view of how demanding life on earth is I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to have a decent rest before dealing with the issue of returning here for more learning experiences!
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  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    fair comment

    Here, though, you'll probably find fewer sceptics - or cynics - and more of those who understand or are open-minded seekers. I hope that's the case.

    fair comment

    Such topics have been raised and considered here on previous occasions but members may raise the subject again at any time.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    SoulPhone™ Project Updates

    I am grateful to a member of PSI Quest whose recent posting drew my attention to the link above. Anyone interested might enjoy catching up with progress.
  6. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    Spooky! Thanks mac and PSI Quest.
  7. I don't know whether this would be a sign or not. Maybe it's just a dream processing my grief because I have been thinking about her so much. I don't even know why I am posting this here, except that I am afraid of forgetting it. In my dream our family had gathered to celebrate my grandma's life. She had been gone a couple of years at this point and we were sitting in the livingroom of her home talking about her when she walked in. She was maybe 50, though she was in her 70s when she passed away. Everyone was hugging her, and so glad to see her and I was just unable to breathe. She never spoke to me, she was talking to other people in the room. It wasn't happy, though I see that it should have been.. It doesn't feel like the kind of dream I should have if she were somehow reaching out to me..it doesn't sound like the dreams I have read about here and in other places that people believe are communications from the afterlife. I wish I could see a sign somehow.
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    This is not my speciality but from the little I've picked up from others my view is that yours was simply a dream reflecting your loss, sadness and anxiety. Those who have had so-called visitations as opposed to dreams say they are vivid, joyful and uplifting and the memory of such an experience is persistent and remains fresh in one's psyche.

    While it's exciting and uplifting to hear accounts of visitations I'm not persuaded they are anywhere near as common as might be implied and neither am I persuaded that loved ones spend much/most of their time around us sending signs for our reassurance - but maybe they do? If they are sending these signs though then somehow those signs need to be clear and unambiguous.

    I write as someone who was persuaded about survival many years ago but has never knowingly seen a sign of his loved ones being around him. Perhaps, though, that's simply because I don't need one. What I've repeatedly heard is that we should remain open to signs and not be dismissive of anything we're not sure about. Maybe that's the best approach?
  9. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    I'm starting to get more persuaded about these things being true. More because of consciousness research which suggests something beyond the material world. If it was a real-time dream and not jumbled nonsense, who knows? We can only compare experiences really. I had an odd experience in a dream back in October of 17. We were abroad, meeting my son's future in-laws and had been having a busy and interesting few days in Sofia, about to take a tour of the country, so it was very distracting. I had a very long, unusually vivid dream of sitting at a cafe table amongst an audience, with my deceased son next to me, laughing and enjoying the show. In the morning I checked my diary and it was that evening his girlfriend/wife (married at the hospice) was to perform her comedy routine about being a widow. I was quite spooked and have never forgotten it. However, I may just have retained the knowledge of the date at the back of my mind and out it came. Who knows though, maybe even a true psychic experience is not necessarily all that vivid for some people? Maybe some receive a reduced version? Our brains and minds and abilities to perceive these things are certainly not the same. I was listening to a Zoom event last night with the well-known Dean Radin. I hope I've picked him up correctly in writing this, but the structure of the brain appears to show differences in those able to perform mediumship or be psi experiencers and where these differences occur there will be genetic differences.
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  10. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    I was looking for a bag of Hershey's chocolates in Walmart but couldn't find it on the shelf and almost gave up when i had an "urge" to move a package of chocolates to one side and discovered that the one I wanted was hiding behind the package I just moved! Owing to many of these "innocent" events, I knew it was my late wife, Betty, "helping" me find what I as looking for so I laughed and thanked her for her "help". It would be easy to dismiss this as an accident or just my "imagination" but, after so many similar experiences with Betty and some other Disincarnates, I can tell when it's my own imaginings or "help" coming from the Other Side. I always thank "them" for their aid or input. It's amazing how "they" can and want to show up in so many innocent and casual ways just to let us know that they are STILL ALIVE and care about us!
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