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Signs And Messages 'from The Other Side'

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Jim, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Jim

    Jim New Member

    This sticky is a repository for people to describe events that they think are likely messages from the other side.
  2. Jim

    Jim New Member

    I'll go first...

    Recently I had a meeting in which others suggested I look at Thule, Greenland as a place to pursue my work. I'd never heard of Thule, and had to look it up. Next day, driving into work, someone pulls in front of me with a bike rack with the name Thule on it. First two times I'd ever seen this word. Seems to be a message that Thule may indeed be the right place to pursue my work. This one falls under the category of very long odds against chance. Anyway, I'll be particularly vigilant about opportunities in Thule.
  3. Searching

    Searching New Member

    I got a sign yesterday, from my best friend who passed over Sunday. Silly as it sounds, I had asked for a song from a singer we both love, and have gone to concerts to see. I didn't really expect anything so quickly, but I was at lunch browsing videos on YouTube for our singer, when one in particular caught my eye. I decided to go ahead and watch it. It was from a concert we had been to together. As I was watching, and listening, something passed by quickly on the video. A face. It was Me. And HER. I had to stop the video and rewind, pause, and there we were. No more than one row from whomever was filming us. She and I together at the concert, and I never knew this video existed... WOW...
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  4. It seems that it was very different and interesting experience for you.
  5. beadtrader

    beadtrader New Member

    Awesome sign Searching!!!
  6. Tilydo

    Tilydo New Member

    My daughter is sending big white feathers. Also songs. One of the songs explained that what she was doing on earth was not her. She died of an overdose and the song brought tears to all of our eyes.
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  7. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    I love these signs. Love them so, because it is our loved ones trying to connect with us to let us know they are doing well! The loving connection never stops! :)
    It is the lifeline out of the deep pit of grief! I continue to journal my signs and dreams, even after 5 years. :)
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  8. Pinkroses

    Pinkroses New Member

    I have received many signs in the form of songs, bumper stickers, license plates, specific animals, etc. The most amazing one for me was when I asked someone who passed to send me a pink rose. About a week or so later, I found a fabric pink rose laying on the ground underneath a park bench I was about to sit down at! The experience gave me chills and filled me with great joy. :)
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  9. shantu

    shantu New Member

    Just recently I drew a spirit portrait for a friend... she later told me that the eyes are the eyes she sees when she connects to her beloved in spirit and the whole portrait is the essence of him. I have never met her or him in physical form, but I trusted in my spirit artists and was rewarded. :) Humbling.
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  10. Jim

    Jim New Member

    I went for a long hike yesterday in the mountains. At one point, I decided to dedicate the hike to asking my spirit guide why my son had to be taken. After 20 minutes of nothing, I got choked up. At that point, I stopped to look at some birds (Virginia's Warblers), which supposedly are shy, even for birds. One flittered around from limb to limb, and hopped within 3 and a half feet of me as he looked me over. He stayed there for about 10 seconds before flying away. I have never experienced a wild bird get so close as that, and I attribute this as a sign from my son.
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