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Signs And Messages follow on, Soul Trek, soul cells, guides

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by mac, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member


    I'm pleased to hear that bit resonated for you, Lola. :)

    On your first point about the artist did you ever see 'What Dreams May Come' with RobinWilliams, Annabella Sciora, Cuba Gooding jr? If you did it's reminiscent of her tree. If you didn't you might want to watch the movie so no spoilers! We've discussed it here in the past and it's one I can confidently suggest anyone with an interest in afterlife issues should consider viewing. It could still be around to buy on cheapo DVD or Blue Ray disc or maybe online somewhere. My copy's here in AZ where I usually watch it at least once every winter. I still love it even though it's looking dated now and even though I've watched it countless times and know almost every line. :)
  2. Lola Hoovler

    Lola Hoovler Active Member

    You're never going to believe this, but as an afterthought, I was going to write you and ask you to check out that same movie because of the tree. As you know, his wife in the movie was an artist. Guess I don't have to recommend the movie to you after all! Whoever wrote the script I think had some knowledge of metaphysical subjects.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Glad you know 'What Dream'! On our DVD there's another video about how the movie was made etc. Almost as interesting as the movie..... ;) Sixth Sense was another interesting movie with a director/producer who seemed to know his stuff but maybe he was just very well read. Those who appear to know this stuff may simply be excellent researchers. ;)
  4. Lola Hoovler

    Lola Hoovler Active Member

    Oh sure, they almost certainly were good researchers and likely read quite a bit on these subjects. But apart from the What Dreams movie, please try to buy or rent "The Others" with Nicole Kidman. It is spot on, and unless one is familiar with Spiritualism and such, it might not be well understood. The end of it astonished a lot of people, but not me - I kind of figured it out before that. Did any weird stuff happen to the cast during the making of the Dreams May Come movie? It wouldn't surprise me.

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