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Signs And Messages follow on, Soul Trek, soul cells, guides

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by mac, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Over here in the US I don't say much about 'the spooks' unless an individual gives me a lead-in, something that happened shortly after we returned this season when the wife of a resident who had died in summer asked me if I knew what a psychic was because she'd visited with one. We talked..... ;)

    I understand now - thanks.

    Did she provide evidential (spiritual) mediumship?

    Sheffield is an hour from where I live. It's true that our Spiritualist Church network is very large and churches/centers can be found most places. There are several in a 5 mile radius of where I live and even more within a 15 mile radius. The UK is well served unlike here in the US where there are vastly fewer and where - of course - they are widely separated and maybe hard to find within a reasonable traveling distance.

    I was surprised - as I mentioned earlier - it was listed in the US Amazon 'store'.

    It's a saying we use in the UK similarly. I'm well-used to many US sayings by now and the different spellings and language constructions over here. When I write in response to an American citizen I use a lot of American constructs and spellings I don't use when I'm replying to a Brit. ;) The Aussies are like us Brits, Canucks are something inbetween but tending towards 'Britishness'. It's fun! :D

    Yeah my copy is well-thumbed (Brit. saying) and held together by rubber bands (elastic bands) and I've actually brought it along with me this trip. I read the whole book through in the summer to refresh my memory as I hadn't read it all for some time. I hope it continues to appeal to you as it did to me but you may find 'stuff' in there that is demanding - I certainly did.

    I don't remember the piece you've referred to though - our being a product of our thoughts - but will take a flick through the early pages to look for it. I hope you'll come back to me about what you read if there's anything you find hard to swallow or if it's just plain interesting. :)
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  2. Lola Hoovler

    Lola Hoovler Active Member

    Oh gosh, Mac. This book "Soul Trek" is far deeper than I first thought. I "screwed up" when I said she mentioned that we are a product of mind. What she actually said is "these beings (which started as soul cells) have their existence in a form so far removed from anything we know that the nearest we can come to explaining it is Mind.") This is on page 18. When I first started reading it, she wasn't saying anything I already didn't know, but that just ain't the case now - it's getting really deep.

    I was confused about the Amazon thing as well. They sent a notice saying delivery was delayed due to their having to send my request to the UK, but I noticed after it came that the return address was "World of Books" in Florida - a head scratcher. I think Amazon is so busy that they don't know what they are doing half the time.

    Right now, I feel like an ant trying to study quantum mechanics LOL. It's ok, though, as it is a real challenge, and I was finding that some of the easier to read books were becoming repetitive. I'll probably be asking for your help at some point!
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    What a palava to deliver your book! From Florida in the end? What a tortuous journey....

    Yes the concepts in Soul Trek can be demading. I found I often needed to re-read small sections several times, each time reflecting on what was being said and often needing to refer again to an earlier section.

    Remember always that Julie was only a scribe for her guide, the guy she calls 'Alpha'. She's a highly capable author or perhaps was one as she may have passed by now - I wrote to her a while back without success - she could, of course, just have moved home. Like me she's a Spiritualist....... edited later: That was wrong. Julie Gale did not subscribe to any particular philosophy, belief or doctrine. She did, however, work for a time at Spiritualist newspaper (at that time) 'Psychic News' when Silver Birch's medium Maurice Barbanell was editor. I got muddled - apologies for the error to anyone misled. :oops: Maybe it was a reminder I need to check carefully in future before 'opening my mouth'! :oops:

    ......and like me she found Alpha's guidance was in line with overall Spiritualist principles. But Alpha expands on issues and brings in concepts never mentioned in Modern Spiritualism, concepts I found boggling and which I needed to consider in depth and at length. My limited understanding is probably only at the surface of what he taught but it's enough for me to see a little more of 'the big picture'.

    The section you referred to actually followed on from his mention of "total souls" in the last last paragraph of page 16. I'm relieved I hadn't simply forgotten what you wrote earlier but a I read Alpha's words again it showed me I had another of his teachings slightly wrong! oops! Maybe it was a reminder I need to check carefully in future before 'opening my mouth'! :oops:
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
  4. Lola Hoovler

    Lola Hoovler Active Member

    I can't imagine anyone not getting some of these concepts "slightly wrong." That is totally understandable. I don't know which is more mind boggling - the book itself or the fact that she or anyone else could channel these difficult concepts. I am a Spiritualist also, but I never heard anything quite like this. If she was alive, she would be 84 today, so quite possibly she isn't "here" any more.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I wrote to Julie in early 1998 to express my delight in the book and also to express my admiration for how clearly and simply the complex concepts were presented. She took that as a compliment because - she told me - Alpha left that aspect entirely to her. I had expected he'd have communicated things with an eloquence similar to that of Silver Birch but it was not that way at all, the ideas coming - I think Julie said - as 'thought bombs' which she later wrote up in her own style.

    Certainly much of Alpha's guidance was very much more complex than the simple teachings found in Modern Spiritualism but what he gave never contradicted anything I'd ever learned there. People ask sometimes what being 'a Spiritualist' entails, perhaps expecting some requirement to adhere to certain behaviors or to follow certain teachings etc. in the way mainstream religions often do but being a Spiritualist is way simpler than all that guff. :);)

    Yet just coming to terms with that simplicity can be hard but eventually enormously liberating and uplifting I have found. :)
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's interesting, Lola, that you 'admit' to being a Spiritualitst - few are or declare they are. I wonder how you see being a Spiritualist?
  7. Lola Hoovler

    Lola Hoovler Active Member

    Spiritualism, to me, is a belief that we survive death and that we are able to make contact or communicate with those who have "died." and that life and death are a "continuum" of sorts. I don't tell many people I'm a Spiritualist due to the fact that people (at least in this neck of the woods) think of it as "odd." If you aren't a follower of some known organized religion, people think of you as kind of "woo woo" and shy away. The other spiritualists I have come in contact with strongly believe in spirit guides, angels and other higher beings, and that the more we acknowledge those beings, the more likely we can build some type of rapport with them. I like Spiritualism because there are no "requirements" involved and there are no dogmas as well. Unfortunately, the Spiritualist church I belonged to closed due to lack of funds, and a smaller one took its place, but that too closed due to the death of its founder in 2015, so now I'm left with just my own thoughts and books to read.

    By the way, this sounds very much like the "Seth Books" written by Jane Roberts. She went into trances rather easily and "Seth" came through. The things he said were so advanced for the 1960's that even she didn't believe them. He talked about multidimensional universes and how important thoughts were, and a lot of things that were virtually unheard of back then. The Seth Books are classics and I'm sure they are well known in Britain. One thing that caught my attention is that Seth said he was part of a gr0up soul and that Seth wasn't his real name. Alpha says he is part of a gr0up soul and that Alpha isn't his real name. Both said that names aren't important from where they are. Also, Silver Birch said something similar. I do believe they are group souls but I'm unable to explain what that means in every day language.
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I see why we get along pretty well, Lola. :) Your understanding of Spiritualism is the same as my own. Perhaps one difference is that I don't use the word 'belief' preferring knowledge, understanding or surety. I have certain beliefs concerning certain subjects but not concerning matters of the spirit. ;)

    I certainly know of the Seth tapes and books but I don't think I've read any. It's interesting to hear how closely his words chime with those of the individuals we both know and respect. I have doubts I would have been ready for his words a decade or so ago. I guess 'stuff' arrives at the time we're ready for it. ;)
  9. Lola Hoovler

    Lola Hoovler Active Member

    I think you're right but even if stuff arrives before you are ready for it, it is often good to refer to it again when some time has passed, and you see it from a much different perspective. The Seth books were around when I was too young to understand them, but they would have fit in very nicely with the books that are written today. Some felt (including my mother) that Jane said things that were derived from her subconscious mind, but that's ridiculous since she totally didn't understand some of the things Seth said and freely admitted it. Coincidentally, Jane Roberts also would be 84 if she were alive today, but she died in the early 1990's. They also both had their communications at around the same time in the early to mid 1960's. Interestingly., Jane's husband said her eyes looked darker and her voice, which was chirpy and feminine, became low and more masculine, and she talked much slower when "Seth" was present.

    Silver Birch is still my favorite. He (or his group soul, whatever that is) still resonates with me on a level that's hard for me to explain. I know how silly it sounds, but I feel I have known him all my life.
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    You're speaking to a guy who does not consider feeling in tune with SB is silly in any way, Lola. :) There's no need to explain to me how you feel - I got it already. ;)

    He provided the bedrock for my own understanding and I couldn't guess how many times I've suggested to seekers that they should consider giving his words a try.

    In respect of the Seth communications, with most mediums - channelers as they're often called nowadays much to my dismay - there have been accusations that ideas come, at least in part, from the mind of the medium. It's always a possibility with mediums and communicators who do not deploy the highest standards to try to avoid that happening. It's something I've referred to as 'coloration' on a number of occasions recently.

    When a discarnate communicator of the stature of Seth draws close during communication it's wholly understandable that the physical characteristics of the medium may change. I'm not aware of any modern-day medium who is so well-known as those from a few decades back.

    Slightly off-topic now, a new book has just been published about much-loved Brit. medium Doris Stokes. It's available through Amazon here in the US but is less expensive in the UK so I'm gonna wait 'til I'm home before I order a copy. Doris was someone who means a lot to me but may not be well-know in the US, especially as her heyday was three or four decades back.

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