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Scientific reality vs. Spirituality and the Afterlife

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by CuriousYeti, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. CuriousYeti

    CuriousYeti New Member

    Three years ago I wanted to change my way of thinking. Instead of believing that things 'happen for a reason,' and are 'meant to be' in my life, I wanted to believe I was forging my own way, in a world of chaotic random events.

    But what I didn't realize is that I essentially became an atheist through this process. This was okay though, I was excited because I was learning about what some of the more optimistic experts think the future will be like.

    I learned about Elon Musk, then Ray Kurzweil, and some others, watched a lot of 'Rick and Morty' cartoons, and read about quantum physics some more.

    A really good website, 'WaitButWhy.com' has many interesting blogs about our existence from a purely scientific and analytic view. Humanity is facing so many different challenges right now. Climate change, population growth, asteroids, the rise of AI, and I forget the others. Seems so chancy that we'd be born in such a crazy time, unlike no other in history.

    Then, there are the quantum physicists, who continue to be more and more puzzled by the results of their experiments, which basically hinge on consciousness itself. Also, the more atoms they smash, the more weird it gets - the more they find. Did you all know that Japanese quantum physicists, last year, used entangled particles to transmit information from space to Earth? These particles have been scientifically proven to transmit through space and time. Faster than light speed. Funny thing is, they don't know WHY it works. It's just a tool for now.

    Then there's the Fermi paradox. Why on Earth are there no aliens? With all the technology we have, and planets we've discovered to date, the statistical math no longer makes sense.

    And lastly but not least, I mention Simulation theory. Most experts (like Elon Musk) believe the statistical mathematics saying it's basically a 1 in a billion chance that we are the 'base' reality. That we are in fact living within a type of video game created by someone else.

    Now those are just the theories and research of mainly athiest scientists! Maybe they are secretly spiritual, but to mention spirituality in the scientific world continues to be taboo.

    Basically, the more of reality they tack down with scientific method and mathematical modeling, the less sense reality makes - driving them to the point of coming up with said theories. I didn't even mention the Multidimensional theory yet, that's another one.

    Then there's my weird life. I'm not trying to forge my own way as a human anymore - that was nipped in the bud very quickly.

    Here's a great light-hearted example of my weird life from last week. Last weekend I spilt beer on my gaming mouse and ruined it. I wasn't sure if I'd get another one right away, I've been tired a lot of the time lately and very busy as a downtown courier. One of my stops that day was not a usual one - next to the little place I bought my used gaming computer owned by nice people. I went in and they didn't have a gaming mouse but told me to check out 'Memory Express' and I left. I didn't know where that place was. I wasn't planning to get a mouse that day. Then my last delivery stop of the day was in the same plaza as Memory Express. There's only one Memory Express in Victoria BC. I got a mouse that surpassed my expectations. That was Friday. Guess where I made a big delivery for the first time that following Monday? Memory Express. But they had to have ordered it over a week before. I've been doing the route 6 months and never went there before.
    This is my life. It's always been. Weekly. Even daily. The statistical math never adds up.

    I used to feel helpless as if I was a video game character in someone else's game. That's why I tried so hard to forge my own way three years ago - I was fed up, despite the fact the concept saved my life many times too, the fact I lived by it and bended the rules with it most of my life. I do it again now too.

    I still vividly remember the time I probably should have left this world - I was 32, drunk, high on the pot, and driving a rental car on cruise control at 90 mph on the I-5 through Oregon at 3am. It was raining heavily. I'd never used cruise control before and I fell asleep. When I fell asleep I was in the left lane. When I came to, I was in the right lane about 30 feet behind a semi-trailer I was going to hit in less than a second. I veered left, slid, hit the highway center guardrail, bounced off, and that's when time stopped for me. I had a moment to look around. I never left my body, just assesed the situation. I was probably sliding at 80 mph, at a 45 degree angle, between the highway guardrail and the semi, on a wet and rainy road. Drunk and stoned. Then I snapped the wheel and straightened myself out perfectly without any more sliding, and drove straight home. I didn't even look at the damage to my rental car that night, but it was over $5000. That was the biggest example of statistics gone wrong in my life. Was.

    What nipped me in the bud? What made me give up on controlling my life? My beloved Loki, my Rhodesian Ridgeback Greyhound. Grew up with me and my wife when we lived in Pacific Rim. He changed my life. Incidentally, as I write this, I am sitting on one of the beaches here as we are visiting for the first time in a year. Loki got diagnosed with cancer in Dec 2017. The vets face was white when she had to give us the news of his tumor after the ultrasound. She couldn't believe he was alive. The tumor had somehow snaked throughout his body, unnoticed, while avoiding all his organs. They've never seen anything like it. This is the main Central Vet hospital in town with the experts and equipment. I had signed on with pet insurance for Loki and it had activated only a month before this surprise diagnosis. (Please get pet insurance - ask me). The vet heavy-heartedly said there was nothing they could do except to maybe hold it off with drugs. Loki was not in pain and was not aware of the tumor. He was given a prognosis of maybe a month of life, and it could be any day. He was going to rupture and bleed out internally. It would not be a very painful death but sudden and quick.

    Loki is the miracle dog as he is now known by the vets in town as he lived for two full years free from pain after that diagnosis. They've never seen anything like it. We spoiled him rotten for two years like each day was his last. This event and the idea of losing him changed me. I'm no longer feeling like a slave in a spiritual reality, but a beacon of hope to the few who want to listen.

    It makes more sense there's an Afterlife than anything else!
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    We all arrive in our own ways at the destination of understanding about survival et al. Sadly some don't make it though.

    We may explain to others in the greatest details what we have experienced, and they may listen attentively, but essentially each is a personal journey of discovery, unique to that individual even if similar in character to the journey of others.

    It's a fascinating business. :)
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