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Soul Facilitators, Guides, Door Keepers, Angels​

Variably labelled by humanity in colourful ways, these are beings who have attained a resonant experiential understanding of physical life due to having been there themselves. This is to say, it is rare for a doorkeeper to have never had a physical life through which to gain compatibility for this role. It is also to be said, a doorkeeper must have transcended their consciousness to a very loving and unconditional state as to not impose their personal mindset onto the guided counterpart.

A doorkeeper is someone who has had a similar experience and understanding of where you are presently, and who has agreed to focus their intentions completely on you and your journey in physical state. Your doorkeeper will never leave you nor will they ever change role or allow another to take their place. Your doorkeeper is there from birth onto death regardless of any and all deeds you perpetrate.

Your doorkeeper is the being who observes and witnesses your persona storyline as it unfolds, and is there as a reference to assist you later in coming to understand it after your passing. Your doorkeeper attunes themselves to your specific vibration and as such works to filter and facilitate other energies from and for you. While other guides and entities may have it difficult to connect to you due to differences in their vibration and yours, your doorkeeper will remain in your closest proximity throughout your life as an unconditional commitment of devotion. This is the being who hears your prayers and sends them to where you aspire them to reach. This is the being who comforts you when you are in distress. This is the being who whispers in your ear and encourages you to do the right and loving thing always, in all ways.

Your doorkeeper will communicate to you through feeling. Should you ignore your feelings, your doorkeeper will communicate with you through thought. Should you ignore your thought, your doorkeeper will communicate with you through an object, encounter or experience.

I have said, and will still state, the spirit world, those within the light of love, uphold certain principles which pertain to the progression of events upon planet Earth. There are things which are allowed, and things which are not, in a simple sense as you may choose to understand it. The spirit world does not exist to solve all of mankind’s problems. These problems are the result of human action and decision, and must be resolved by human action and decision. This is not to say you are, by any means, left alone to solve them, but rather nurtured to understand them in order to effectively outgrow them.

However, when it comes to your own personal individual lives, and individual safety, harmony and happiness, intervention, as you see it, exists. If it is within the awareness, and within the ability of your doorkeeper, your spirit guides and helpers to protect you from an unfortunate fatal crash, then they will do all they can, as soon as they can. If it be, your guides were unaware of such events to come, such unforeseen danger to yourself, and if they were unprepared to protect your physical counterpart from injury, then you must accept the circumstances which follow. It has nothing to do with deserving. It has nothing to do with needing to learn lessons. It has to do with the quick intuitive reactions of your spirit guides and helpers, and your own intuitive powers of response.

When it comes to the guidance of the human populace, and in fact the guidance of all other species and animals (for all species have spirit guides), the approach and particulars of that guidance can vary significantly. This is to say, there are a very many different independent bodies of spirit intention who engage humanity at different times, for different reasons. What you will tend to find is that different beings in the spirit world cluster together who hold similar ideals and intentions for specific areas of human activity and direction. So, for example, many souls who cross over who developed a particular faculty of expertise, whether it be in the scientific, medical or other field, often cluster together and engage those specific areas on Earth which relate to that expertise. This means, those on Earth that are currently in specific fields of development or creativity are under the eye of mentorship by those that preceded them in previous centuries. It is then to highlight to you that those mentoring beings would then have less to do with other matters of human enterprise and evolution concerning things outside of that specific focus. This does not entirely exclude them from other matters for many of them have multiple interests simultaneously. What this is to relay to you is that not all spirit are working towards the same direction or agenda, for many of them are not aware of what others are working on.

As you may know, the soul does not sleep. There is never a time when your soul is not engaging its most aspired activities in service to existence. One of these activities, while not limited to such work, may involve service to others transitional facilitation of the recently departed. We do not limit our service to merely one species, one planet or one dimension. One will find themselves providing reception to a broad spectrum of many different beings from planet Earth, from other planets and from other time periods, dimensions or alternate universes depending on your characteristic traits and personal experience. Those beings whom you can deeply relate to, perhaps because of an experience you lived through and overcame yourself, will benefit greatly from your presence upon their passing. This is particularly true for those who cross over during war, suicide and other traumatic occurrences which disorientate the recently departed. Same can be said for those who pass via a particular illness or disease, which perhaps you had once encountered, which would make you a good facilitator to aid that individual overcome their dense attachments and traumas which hold them back from their own beautiful spirit.

Whenever there is suffering of any kind, made aware by those in spirit, it immediately gravitates an instinctual need to be of service and make that situation healed and whole again. All spirit, regardless of their species and origin have an inherent nurturing nature which invokes a sense of fulfillment in having healed, helped or heralded wisdom for others.

There is a great sense of satisfaction, personal growth and a sense of universal justice performed when successfully assisting another being make their transition back to their former grace. Bringing joy and beauty to where it is absent invokes a sense of fulfilment in that, because all are One, in being in service to others you are in fact being in service to your higher Self. The more creative are your ways in assisting and serving others, the more profound your experience becomes of who you truly are.

There are many reasons why human beings in particular may require a soul facilitator during their transition into the spirit world. This may perhaps be due to an individual who has lived many years physically disabled, blind or identified to have some form of disability or personal difficulty which they have had to adjust to. This cellular memory is carried and manifested in the spirit world which reinforces the beings belief that they are bound to their former physical attributes. It can be quite disorientating for a wheelchair user to suddenly find themselves floating about without functional limbs. For some, this new sense of freedom can be intimidating or terrifying, and a soul facilitator will be called forth to assist that individual remember their true identity by mentoring them in letting go of their dis-empowering mindset, helping them to understand it is merely cellular memory.

For many who pass holding strong notions of who they perceive themselves to be, within a very narrow view, often find great difficulty adjusting to their new environment. In particular, we see many individuals clutching to strong religious belief systems often become deeply disheartened, or feel mislead, betrayed and disillusioned when their human beliefs about the afterlife do not come to pass. Perhaps they had been promised a grand reception of 72 virgins, or union with every noble ancestor to their name. In order for such souls to expand beyond their present pattern of thought and release their own creation of suffering, facilitators will play a key role in mentoring these individuals back to their spirit identity and soul group. Strategies applied may vary from taking them to the halls of learning to read or engage factual accounts of history, to perhaps taking them back in time to show them a different perspective of their life, often from the vantage point of others lives. It is often affective to reveal to such individuals when, how and by whom they had been manipulated and dis-empowered.

To administer love and service to one who comes to shed their physical hindrances and energy shackles, and to watch them rediscover their true Self is like witnessing a butterfly break free of its chrysalis.

Those of physical Earth state who pass over to the spirit world, regardless how spiritual they believe themselves to be, will always carry with them residual cellular memories within their consciousness which cocoon and isolate them within a very specific vibrational bandwidth. These cellular memories are your human persona and your life story as you had come to know and understand it. Everything you know and understand about the spirit world has derived from this human persona and your life experience on Earth. Along with inherent expectations of what the spirit world may be like you will hold thought structures and attitudes of mind, about yourself and your perception of truth, which will eventually need to be saturated within higher wisdom and unconditional love from your spirit. Most human beings who pass over from the Earth still believe themselves to be a human being upon their arrival into the ether world. This sense of identity, particularly if it is a proud and possessive one, often disassociates them from their true spirit identity, soul family and soul group. Because human beings in particular are very possessive of their thoughts, their belief systems and attitudes of mind stick to them stubbornly and continue to paint their experience once in the spirit world.

For some, moving on is not an easy task and those that resist to come to terms with their physical passing attract the care and attention of experienced soul facilitators. Although their doorkeeper will remain with them, their transition to their true sense of identity and soul residency will occasionally involve other beings who step in with specialist training and experience.

When making their transition from physical death soul facilitators will access the cellular memories carried by the human being and identify a familiar setting which invokes joy, familiarity and a sense of positive personal value. This may be a previous home, natural landscape or a scene long forgotten. Often times soul facilitators will help recreate environments where deceased loved ones, including domestic animals can return to make an appearance. In doing this you help the human being to acknowledge they have passed on and they are in a safe place.

Here, in the comfort of a familiar setting, their new found freedoms, telepathic abilities and applications of manifestation can be explored with guidance from a soul facilitator. The soul will be shown how to travel instantly from one place to another by altering their state of desire and focus of thought. They will be asked what is it they wish to see, or the facilitator will simply reveal it to them by observing their inner most desires. Such things are made aware because they are revealed within a beings energy field, displaying colour, sound, emotional and vibrational ripples. It will not be possible to conceal a lie for every intention to lie will reveal itself in your energy field for others to see. It is similarly much more difficult to lie to yourself for all things become much more transparent and expressive.

Since your love for specific activities will be transparent, the soul facilitator will introduce the individual to places within the spirit world which harbour similar activities and interests. For example, if the human being retained particular interest in music, perhaps a particular line of instrument, the individual will be taken to a scene where such use of instrument and music have been developed and flourish. They may be given opportunity to meet many music practitioners, including, if they are ready, ones from other species and other planetary systems. Here they will be given the opportunity to observe new abilities, possibilities and applications unknown to them gradually allowing them to let go of their former attitudes of mind and limitations of thought. Observing such new potentials raises many new questions in the transitioning soul, which they are thus encouraged to pursue, which in turn leads them into higher awareness and in touch with many branches of resource and information. Eventually the soul begins to rediscover themselves and is drawn into familiar territory, ultimately reintegrating them back to source, back to their soul group which is their own personal paradise.

Your own experience as a physical being, living a life in physical density enduring its many challenges with turbulent emotional memories qualifies you for many acts of service. Your ability to process information as a physical being qualifies you in a later role to work with other human beings because you understand how their thought processes work and their value structures. It is this former experience which is well sought after in the spirit world, particularly since most light beings choose never to have a physical incarnation during their entire experiential journey. You, having lived it, and submerged your consciousness in cellular state make you an ambassador to billions of beings. Regardless if you deem your life a failure or full of constant challenges, each and every human being will at some point become an ambassador of light and a sought after source of wisdom and guidance. There are no exceptions, except in the eyes of those who still walk the Earth who fail to identify with their own sense of value.

Other training may eventually include application of other languages and forms of communication. Research on various cultures and belief systems held by those you are seeking to help. Research on biological conditions, physiological and psychological understandings and energy mechanics. Many learnings will require you to observe human beings, or other life forms, in their natural environment, observing how they react, reciprocate and recover from challenge and trauma. Observing other facilitators in action is also a good way of toning ones skills and techniques.

It is also required that you develop your capacity to alter your appearance and energy resonance in order to interact most proficiently with your subject. This may mean learning to alter your vibration and way of thinking, as well as attitudes and outlook, and learning how to transform into other physical forms from other cultures and species. If you are particularly intending to assist other species you are unfamiliar with, you will need to undergo extensive training on the thought processes of such beings prior to being permitted interactivity in their transitional progression. This will mean studying behaviour, beliefs, biology, culture, social qualities, communication preferences, pain and suffering, and many other aspects which will need to be understood.

You will work within the law of attraction and proximity of vibration. Meaning, you will work with those beings closest to your own vibration so that you have a common ground of reference and rapport. Since you will have a general notion of what you do best you will consciously be drawn to those who resonate a particular energy that you work with most effectively. For example, if you work well with children who pass at the early states of their life, you will intuitively be drawn to these opportunities by energy attraction, or by notification of others who work in service to the Earth, or source of your intention.

Generally speaking, you will not desire to limit yourself to one category of support in this way, and will typically seek to help any being within your field of awareness. In this respect, you are given much more opportunity to expand your repertoire of skill and facilitation. On occasion a family member or guide will introduce someone to you, who is going through something you have wisdom and experience in, and you will have an instinctual desire to bring them resolution and conclusion to their situation.

Your ability to be in more than one ‘place’ at a ‘time’ will make it possible for you to pursue multiple passions and pursuits simultaneously. So while attending a conference of literate art and speech you may simultaneously be facilitating guidance or dispensing advice to a disgruntled soul. There is no schedule or concept of rota, for there is no structured construct of time that is permanent and permeating everywhere. The passage of ‘time’ may be experienced differently in one ‘place’ than another. You do whatever you wish to do, for as long as you deem it important and meaningful to you. The moment you choose something else is of value to you, then you are immediately drawn towards that direction. This is not to say that you suddenly abandon someone, but more of your energy and focus is redirected to a different source. Souls grow when they pursue that which they aspire towards the most, therefore there is no judgement towards those who follow their own heart and inner most calling. It may be you wish to take a break from one type of service and expand your interest in something new and unexplored. In the spirit world, one only does a thing for as long as it serves their greatest idea of who they are at that particular moment. The moment one senses there is more to who they are, every possible support and encouragement is made available to help you explore what that could be.

Which leaves us to identify that which you are, that which you choose to be, here and now.

Now is all that matters, so make now matter.


There are those beings who work in unison, as well as independently, to oversee and support spiritual awakening for all species on planet Earth. It is important you understand this work is for all species on the Earth, not solely for humans alone.

This work is primarily organised by those beings commonly visualised as Angels. Not winged messengers of God, but dimensional beings that resonate a completely different energy to your own on much higher bands of consciousness and vibration. It is not necessary to play with names and labels, for doing so would only represent a miniscule aspect of what they are. Enough to say they remain hidden in high places. They observe from every angle, from every perspective and from every possibility. They are the ones who have been entrusted with the keys of sacred knowledge.

They do not interfere with human affairs, but they will assign other multi-dimensional sub-species in galactic service , and physical bodied species, to work on their behalf.

Because so many different species, both of the physical domain and the etheric domains, are working for a similar cause, they have forged an alliance with one another. Different soul groups have come together from all these different corners of time and space for the benefit of this particular galaxy, planet and those that occupy it. They are enlightened enough to understand, what effects one species effects them all. My own soul group, called Asceleottyi, or the Asceleott group are of such standing, of those who oversee and observe spiritually awakening species on different planets. This perhaps helps you understand my presence . . . to facilitate light bearers of good standing, who are ready to hear what we have to say.

Most of the influences and conflicts between what is often seen as ‘the forces of light and dark’ actually take place, not in your physical dimension, but in dimensions between this and those unperceived by human senses. The result of such conflicts occasionally spew out into the physical realm. You may come across such scenarios in dream states where you are confronted by strange beings not from the Earth.

Some humans on Earth as I speak are assigned ‘sleepers’ of cosmic origin and multi-dimensional heritage, here to transmute consciousness to new foundations. Their souls are from somewhere completely different. They will have a completely different energy to what is considered normal. They may not even know what or who they are, but they are out there.