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re aliens, Rinaldi, ITC

Discussion in 'Carol and Mikey Q&A 'follow-on-discussions'' started by Truth seeker, May 10, 2020.

  1. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Active Member

    I think its well know for those who have studied many medium communications (specially those on state of trance) that E.T. do communicate every now and then, and in instrumental transcommunication its quite common, Sonia Rinaldi one of the top researchers in that subject call them the bosses, because they are the ones in charge of her ITC experiments.....But I just realized that nobody has ever asked if this aliens are ¨alive¨ or incarnated as we are or are ¨dead¨ or disincarnated aliens ...and if they are ¨alive¨ do they astral travel to interact with the spirits and do the communication to earth on the astral plane where the ¨afterlife¨ station its located
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    You've quoted my earlier response but then talked about ETs and ITC in the same context. But I had earlier asked Mikey: "In our physical dimension, this universe in which we humans live, are there any other life-forms we could interact with, entities with a 'vibration' similar to our own?" I've underlined key words. I wanted to again be clear there's only ourselves - we're on our own in this universe.

    It could be argued that ALL communicators (via mediumship or whatever) are by definition 'extra-terrestrials' because they live outside of this earth. ITC (short for 'instrumental transcommunication' - my preference is 'instrumental trans-dimensional communication'.) is more specific. The key words there are trans-dimensional - across dimensions, ie not of this one.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    You'd have to study Rinaldi's work, along with that of the rest of the ITC community, to establish whether your ideas are right. I'd be very surprised if they are!

    Let's start with fundamentals. ETs, aliens, spacemen, grays, angels, bosses (or whatever name is used) are living entities. They are discarnates in the sense they're not living in this particular physical dimension in physical bodies like our own. Whether any of them EVER lived incarnate lives here on earth is moot but it's often said many/most/all of them didn't. But they're living somewhere.

    I don't see why these alternate life-forms could not interact with our own spirit forms in certain dimensions following this one but I have no idea in which dimensions it might happen or whether it happens routinely or only sometimes.
  4. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Active Member

    Hi have emailed Sonia Rinaldi and she emailed back this , which its very interesting and wanted to share with you all...

    At Roberta Grimes' afterlifeforums.com forum we were having a doubt or question about your ITC work, so I wanted to ask you something ..
    You have said that aliens are the bosses and those who control communications, but I have never known if these aliens are ¨dead¨ or ¨disembodied¨, or if they are ¨alive¨ or ¨incarnated¨, and if they are alive, do they travel or transport themselves astrally to interact with the spirits?


    about your doubt.
    Obviously we cannot summarize into some paragraphs about the hierarchy(?) / organization of our planet... but lets say that since Earth's formation it was planed to received the souls (we) in development.
    All this tremendous organization had to have SEVERAL workers so that after some billion years life could flowersh.
    What matters is not the evolution of the body (or container) that progressed for thousand years from a simple virus till a complex Man's body.
    What matter was to prepare these "containers" to develop Consciousness.
    That is the reason why we all are here living an earthian experiences (many... due to reincarnations).

    Now think:
    who would be able to manage the planet?
    our brain/mind is still in development.
    But the succession of civilizations in our planet in the last some 40.000 years (lots of evidences spread in many places such as pyramids etc.) made possile the advancement of groups of souls.

    Presently it is our group of humans in the "stage" of life gathering experience.
    But what about those humans(?) that lived 40.000 ago in cities that disappeared?
    They went ahead, evoluted and and need to have bigger brains to sustain the knowledge they acquires during their several reincarnations (usually in cycles of 8.000 years).
    So... which would be the aspect of those humans -which are are OLDER ancestors?
    they are our older brothers.
    They have big heads... bigger than the one we have today - because our brain is partially used by our Spirit/Consciousness.

    So, in truth, many of those we see as Extraterrestrials, in truth they are only OLDER than us but made their evolution on Earth (previously in Time).
    They are what we call now ULTRATERRESTRIALS.
    Many of them decided to stay on Earth in the position of helping the new groups of souls (us, for instance).

    Now replying your question:
    if those beings are ALIVE or DEAD?
    after a certain point of evolution they don't have to face an incarnated experience any more.
    Their Consciousness (soul/spirit) developed enough to avoid to progress in living-bodies.
    They can go progressing with no bodies(physical) any more.

    So, replying your questions:
    to have a living body - is for us in evolution.
    One day we will not have a body any more... and will be working for the benefit of new souls - either on Earth or in any other planet.

    the high Commanders of our Planet possibly lived on Earth some thousand years ago.. and for long they dont have a body any more. They are pure consciousness.

    You can compare this evolution/journey with a computer.
    Lets say that initially you had a child-computer to play... its Memory was of 10Mb.
    Later you grew up and got a new computer with some 10Gb of memory.
    When you got a job you buy extra memory for profissional use and your PC has a memory of 100Gb.
    Later you change again to a PC with a 3Tb memory, etc....
    All the files are transferred from one to the other PC.

    Our body is the PC...
    as we develop we need new hardware to accommodate all what we learned in the successive lives.
    the software/memories is what can survive each PC that you change,
    up to a day that the software will not need a physical PC any more - and will be a focus of light with pure knowledge.

    If you want, feel free to share this e-mail in Roberta Grimmens Forum - and take the opportunity to send a BIG EMBRACE to her.

    Sonia Rinaldi
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  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I don't think it was correct to say ".....we were having a doubt or question about your ITC work." That might make it seem we're doubting her integrity.

    But anyway what I see in Sonia's reply is broadly in line with what we already understand. She uses her own lexicon - eg "High Commanders Of Our Planet" and "ultraterrestrials" - but essentially much sounds similar.

    As it was you who was confused about certain issues, has she made things clear for you?
    Last edited: May 12, 2020
  6. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Active Member

    I need to improve my english more...I will explain her in a email that I was not trying to be rude ,but I think she know it....

    Yes she cleared my doubts and wanted to share her answer with you because I think maybe some interesting question for Mikey could be formulated based on the info she gave us like if he knew or had contact with ULTRATERRESTRIALS and if maybe them when they were "alive" had contacts with inter dimensional aliens or if they had the technology to travel to outer space and they did it ?..
  7. Lola Hoovler

    Lola Hoovler Active Member

    I really understand this, and I always felt that what we call supernatural beings i.e. angels etc. are beings so advanced that we can't explain them except to think of them as beings who no longer have human qualities. To our limited minds, they are beyond human, and so we think of them as close to the Godhead (whatever that is), and call them angels, archangels etc., but in reality, they are so advanced, they have become impossible for us to understand, so we think of them as some kind of cosmic beings that are on a very high level - close to God or whatever. In a way, that is probably true, but they are so evolved that we no longer think of them as anything other than supernatural, when in reality, they have evolved into something that we simply cannot relate to due to our limited ability to understand. Since we have no vocabulary to explain them, the term "ultraterrestials" makes sense because they are not necessarily space travelers from other planets. I do believe that pure consciousness is the goal here, but we have to forget about having bodies and we have to let go of our old concerns before this can be achieved.
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  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    In postings #313 and #318 I've asked Mikey similar questions but you are free to ask your own, of course.
  9. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Active Member

    IF anyone is interested heres the link to Sonia Rinaldi latest work with audio samples of her ITC, she asks the spirits all about the coronavirus, including its origins and possible earths fate

    Coronavirus: Vision from the Other Side
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  10. baob

    baob Active Member

    Thanks! Good to know. It is very interesting!

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