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Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by cleodoggie, May 28, 2012.

  1. cleodoggie

    cleodoggie New Member

    I read somewhere that the dead like to appear in a crowd. I just had this experience yesterday or maybe it was my imagination...Can anyone tell me if they have this ability? Why in a crowd? Thanks for any answers....
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi! By "appear in a crowd," I assume that you mean that they like to manifest physical in crowds? Could you perhaps (if you're comfortable with it), give us some more details about what your experience was like yesterday? Did you actually see the person for more than a few seconds, or was it just out of the corner of your eye?

    I, personally, have never read anything about the dead appearing to people in crowds, but perhaps Roberta has. It takes a lot of work for a deceased person to be able to manifest physically on earth like that but, if a certain dead person had mastered it, I see no reason why it wouldn't be possible for them to appear in a crowd. As for why they do this (assuming that it does happen), I'm not too sure. It could be that appearing in a crowd is an easy way to attract your attention for a split second, without actually appearing right in front of you.

    There is another possibility though. Perhaps the deceased place people who look somewhat like them in the crowd so that you are reminded of them? I've never read an account of that happening either but, from what I have read, I think it could work. Either way, if you feel as though you had an experience yesterday, than it was probably a sign! :)
  3. cleodoggie

    cleodoggie New Member

    Ok I was at a casino with a friend and I glanced over in another direction for a minute and I thought I saw Jim but when I looked back there was a different man. Was this imagination or did I really see him for a second?
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    We are told that, when it comes to Spiritual Signs, there are no coincidences. I would say that you really saw him manifest for a split second. If it was him, it would make sense that he was only there for a split second - it is very difficult to become visible on earth, and the deceased normally cannot do it for very long.

    Also, we typically see these types of things when we are looking in a direction but not focusing on them. Apparently, there you can sort of shift your eye focus in a way that makes spiritual things easier to see. This happens unintentionally a lot, which is probably how you were able to see him. Seeing auras works the same way, you just have to shift your focus and then you can see them.
  5. cleodoggie

    cleodoggie New Member

    Thanks Andrew that is exactly the way it happened.....for three years i have been asking him to appear to me and it happens in a split second.
  6. beadtrader

    beadtrader New Member

    I had an experience like this 6 years ago. I'd been wondering what a friend of mine would have looked like had he lived to be 46 years old. There was a customer across the store from me and I was thinking how his hair was the same color as my friends, and as I was turning away I saw out of the corner of my eye that he was turning also and in that instant he looked like my friend, with gray at his temples. Startled, I looked him in the face and he didn't look anything like my friend. That was a big year of signs from my friend. I heard him speak my name, and had this over whelming feeling that I would be chit chatting with someone and find out that this person also knew my friend. A few months later I was talking with the mom of my daughters new friend and found out that she had known my dear friend. It was amazing to meet someone that knew Matt, 27 years after he died!
  7. How can we know this for sure?

    Just the other day, I was walking around and saw an old man on a cane. From a distance, he looked like my deceased grandfather. But as I got closer to him, he didn't look at all like my grandfather.

    Wouldn't the law of averages say that sometimes it has to be a coincidence? What I saw the other day seems to be along the lines of a coincidence as opposed to something supernatural.
  8. I think the importance of the sighting wasn't that he looked like your Grandfather, but that the event made you think about your Grandfather where had you not noticed him, would you have.
  9. I suppose that's another way of looking at it.

    But I still wonder if there can be any coincidences regarding this kind of thing. After I got a close look at the guy, I simply dismissed it as a coincidence and didn't give it any more thought. I wasn't thinking about him at all that day, so my initial thinking that he looked like my grandfather took me by surprise.
  10. I'm no expert in these things and can really only go on gut feel, whether that is inspired or not I can't tell you. My gut tells me that Spirit will use all and any resourses available to communicate. It comes down to how receptive we are to the communications. Your Grandfather may have used that long distance likeness as a subtle visual prompt, you saw him as your Grandfather and not just any old man on the street with a cane. That is how subtle it may be. Now your Grandfather is in your thoughts from that event and now this forum, and that has to be a good thing.

    Me, I am getting sick of street lights going out at night when I drive under them, happened again last night and the night before.

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