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pre-planning our lives


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The notion of so-called life plans has often been discussed and debated here on ALF. Below is an example of what's been reported.

PRE-BIRTH MEMORIES Dr. Brian Weiss writes:

"Not accidentally or coincidentally are we born into our families. We choose our circumstances and establish a plan for our lives before we are even conceived. Our planning is aided by the loving spiritual beings who eventually guide and protect us while we are in our physical bodies as our life's plan unfolds.

Destiny is another name for the unfolding dramas we have already chosen. There is considerable evidence that we actually see the major events in the life to come, the points of destiny, in the planning stage prior to our births. This is clinical evidence gathered by myself and other therapists from our patients who have experienced pre-birth memories while under hypnosis, during meditation, or through spontaneous recall. Mapped out are the key people we will meet, our reunions with soul mates and soul companions, even the actual places where these events will eventually occur."
(Messages from the Masters p.45 )

With thanks and acknowledgement to Victor Zammit's website. (Zammit)


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How nice to see you again, kim. :) It's rare to have members and former contributors back on the forum pages - about as rare as seeing new members. ;)

I've learned this past week that Craig Hogan is to become involved in the running of AfterLife Forums on behalf of founder Roberta Grimes who is working elsewhere now. She told me Craig is hoping to increase traffic on ALF so maybe we'll hear from more new members in the new year. I think your own story is one that should interest anyone who has found out about survival from accounts of near-death experiences.

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I started a thread titled 'pre-birth planning' back in 2020 in the forum: Spiritual Growth & Development. There were a few responses, but I must not have stuck around much longer. It is nice to see you again too:). love, kim