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Physical Mediumship

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by janef, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. janef

    janef Major Contributor

    Hello Rising.. have not heard from you in awhile. Would love to hear updates on your seance circle. guess I should PM you... :)
  2. Nirvana

    Nirvana Regular Contributor

    Thanks for sharing this, Waller. Probably the most incredible thing I've seen.

    Also, I want to learn more about Chinese physical mediums who work with the Chinese elite class in secret. The ones that have discarnates appear in full light having conversations and what have you.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2015
  3. normy

    normy Active Member

  4. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Reported.... :D
  5. normy

    normy Active Member

    I thought I would share my experience at a physical medium's workshop, I can't remember if I posted it previously. I thought it was the best physical survival evidence I've received, though we'd all prefer materialisation or direct voice. :)

    ‘I attended a workshop at a village hall near Basingstoke on 18th August 2012. The 14 attendees took it in turn to sit in the cabinet in red light for a transfiguration experiment. The physical medium who was sitting in the front row facing the cabinet took photos, as we all did.
    When it was my turn to enter the cabinet, I sat very still and let myself go in to meditation. Soon I felt my face itching and tingling, and I said so. My eyes were closed throughout, and I could hear all that was said in the room, although I felt I was in a kind of dream state. I heard the group talking about the cabinet moving, and this intrigued me. There was a strong red light in the cabinet, and the room was darkened with curtains but we could see each other well, as it was daytime. As I do not consider myself mediumistic or psychic, I did not bother to get someone else to video me in the cabinet. I really wish I had. I did not see the cabinet moving as I was concentrating on keeping still with eyes closed so that the group could clearly see what was going on, and it was not me moving anything.
    There was excitement in the room, and the others began to talk to the cabinet, or rather if there was a communicator causing the movement. A code was established of sideways movement for Yes, and backwards and forwards for No. Questions were then asked if the communicator was male (yes), was he wanting to contact someone here (yes), was the person to contact male (no), female (yes). A relative (yes). Did you pass over more than ten years ago? (yes). There were three candidates left. Dark hair? (no) or fair hair? (yes). The only person who was left was my fair-haired sister, who was in attendance.
    My sister accepted the communicator, but said nothing at first. Others asked, is it a grandfather? (no). Is it father? (no). My sister then asked, is it Ray? ( Our brother ). The answer was an emphatic yes, shown by lots of sideways swaying movement. I was feeling very emotional by now. My sister asked, Are you happy where you are? The answer was yes. She was rather taken aback, and asked nothing else.
    I confirmed the facts afterwards with the other attendees, who said the cabinet movements were very pronounced, and we all knew that no fraud was possible. They also said that my face had some kind of lump on it, when they looked at me. The medium took a photo of my face at this point, and it corresponded with what other attendees saw. Jo Winstone, one of the attendees , said to me: “I can confirm everything that happened. It was wonderful to see your face transfiguring, and I'm so pleased the communication was for you and your sister.”
    Although this, like table tilting, is a basic form of communication, it proved once again for me that the 'paranormal' is a reality, and there was an 'intelligence' behind the answers to questions. Beyond that, I think it's a matter of personal belief and interpretation. I can’t think of a normal explanation, and this seemingly unique communication for me can only be put down to Spirit.

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