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Pets and the afterlife.


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I remember reading a few days ago about how pets may only go with you to the afterlife if they has been shown love; granting it a temporary consciousness. Or something along those lines.

This leaves me feeling uneasy. What about pets that are tortured? Killed? No one there to care for them? How is it fair that pets who have been shown love get a place in the afterlife while the ones who have not had the chance to be loved, don't?
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I agree. In my opinion, if there is an afterlife then all souls go there, human and animal. Maybe with animals who weren't loved by anyone (human or animal) in particular, their souls are sort of reabsorbed into god if there is one? I don't know if that's the case, and I hope it's not as I'd rather the situation be that each soul remain distinct, but at least that would (presumably) bring them some kind of love and peace. If their souls do remain distinct, I would think that in the afterlife they would be loved by everyone, and I hope that's the way it is. I know that if there is an afterlife, my husband and I will of course lavish love on our own beloved pets, but also on every other animal we can get our metaphysical hands on. ;):)


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I managed to find the thread where it got posted.

“Do some animals spend their whole time with their human friends on ‘the other side’, or is their real home in the animal sphere?”

Silver Birch replied: It depends because love is the index. You know that love determines the survival of animals. It is the love that exists between the animal and the person that enables the animal to obtain that temporary consciousness that exists beyond the grave of matter.
If an animal - and I do not like the word ‘owner’ because no one owns another soul - and the one whom it has served are in the world of spirit together, then the home of the animal is the home of the individual who has always loved it. That is its home. It stays where love is, for love is the link that binds it to the one who loves it. It has no necessity to go to the animal plane.
Those who dwell in the animal sphere are the ones who come to the world of spirit before the masters - as you call - them arrive in our world, because it is necessary that someone shall take care of them. Otherwise they would be distracted, being cut off from the love which not only warmed their hearts but breathed a temporary immortality into them.
Where the animal comes to our world preceding the one who loved it, who gave it shelter and taught it all the habits of memory, of reason, of judgement and affection, it goes to the animal world to await the time when it can greet the one it has missed. There it is put in the charge of those specially trained to look after animals, just as you have trainers in your world to care for animals when their masters and mistresses are away.

“Will you describe what it is that an animal obtains from human contact that makes it survive?”

Silver Birch answered: In the long line of evolution, at some stage the Great Spirit breathed into the animal and it became a living soul, conscious, aware of its own existence. Then came the dawn of reason: intelligence bloomed; there was judgement, the ability to reflect, to decide, to weigh and to consider. But potentially all that existed-no matter how far back in the line of evolution you go. It required the breath of the Great Spirit to awaken it. Just as the Great Spirit enabled a divine spark to become a flame, so you, by love, transfer that process to the animal who lives within the shelter of your affection. You are part of the Great Spirit, having the power within you to transfer the attribute of spirit to the next in the line of evolution. By your association, by radiating love, you awaken that consciousness which in time, through the process of evolution, would reach its own apex.

“How long does the survival of an animal last? Is it as long as that of a human being?”

The guide replied: No, there is this difference. At some stage the animal and the human evolution inevitably part company. It may take, as you measure time, hundreds of thousands of years, but their rate of spiritual evolution is unequal. The animal has to be left behind because it cannot keep pace with the growing soul that restlessly struggles towards the greater light.
Once you have passed from the veil of matter and accustomed yourself to conditions of the spiritual life, once you have realised that the ties which bind you to earth are severed, the desire to progress, the desire to unfold the surging divinity within becomes quickened.
You seek to unfold all the qualities which, by their practice, will enable you to be of greater service wherever you are. The higher you climb in that realm of spiritual unfoldment, the more difficult it is for the animal to keep pace with you. And so the love which kindled for a while a flame that burned beyond death gradually becomes attenuated. The flame flickers and it merges in the end with the group soul of that species.

“Sometimes when a medium describes a "dead" animal, it is accompanied by another one. Does one animal help the other to return?”
No, unless there was an association between the two animals already in your earthly world.

“Is it always a human spirit who helps them?”
Yes, because the higher helps the lower always. It is the Law.

“What sort of animals are on the animal plane?”
All those animals which were your pets, which you thought to be almost your equals, which you endowed with affection, with love, and stimulated their reason and their ability to think. Rather than that they should be lonely, disconsolate, lost without the one to whom they were attached, they come to this plane where they mingle with other animals and receive the special care of those who, having devoted their lives to the study of animals, are able to minister to them and to give them the kindness which is their natural expression.
In this world they find all the things that will delight animals, all the pursuits of enjoyment that prevent them from fretting. And occasionally they are brought within the radius of the home, so that they can still feel the affection of the ones from whom they are parted for a while. That is why so many sometimes see or hear the dog or the cat. They only know that there is a sense, or feeling, that the dog is there. And other animals always see them because of their higher psychic qualities.

“Do the spirit people who work on the animal plane bring them back?”
It is the ones who minister to them on the animal plane who bring them back because they would not come back with anybody else. And do you know who are the ones who minister to them? Those who were passionately devoted to animals and never had the opportunity of befriending them, just as in our world the children who pass before their parents are cared for by those who had strong maternal instincts which were never satisfied.
The dogs, cats and all the pets are cared for by those who were devoted to them and did not have the means of lavishing their devotion upon them. Of course, they are aided by those who have specialised knowledge of animals, which is always used in our world. Knowledge is never wasted.

“If an animal is ill when it passes over, does it get nursed, as human beings do?”
Yes, because there are many in our world who are glad to have the opportunity.

“Will you describe what it is that an animal obtains from human contact that makes it survive?”

Silver Birch answered: In the long line of evolution, at some stage the Great Spirit breathed into the animal and it became a living soul, conscious, aware of its own existence.

I'm going to assume by great spirit, Silver Birch means humans, as the question is related to humans and pets, not god. However, I could be wrong. Regardless, each and every single animal moves by itself, they have emotions just as much as we do. Animals function just as-well as we do apart from the fact that they have limitations. They're conscious beings with or without human contact. His answer does not make any sense if he is speaking in terms of humans, as the great spirit. It has left me a little confused, I must say. Perhaps I am missing something.


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By 'great spirit' Silver Birch meant God, All That Is, The Creator or whatever other term you might like to use.

Animals don't reincarnate because they don't have conscious minds and free will to enable them to learn lessons the way that humans can from reincarnating. Some of Michael Newton’s hypnosis subjects reveal what happens with animals. Where there is a bond of love between an animal and a human 'Animal Caretaker specialists' in the spirit world will locate the essence of your animal companion and recreate your beloved pet for you so you can be with your animal companion again.

Here is the relevant section in 'Destiny of Souls' by Michael Newton that explains this:
Animal Souls
I remember delivering a speech in downtown New York City and during the question and answer period a woman in the front row issued me the following challenge: "Do you believe cats have souls?" I responded with, "Are you a cat owner?" While the woman hesitated for a moment, a friend sitting next to her smiled and held up four fingers. Of all the animal lovers in the world who are interested in this question, I have to be most careful of those owning cats. I told the woman in Manhattan that since I have never hypnotized a cat, I can't personally attest to cats having souls. This did not make her happy until I added that some of my clients declare they do see animals in the spirit world between their lives.

The world's religions have long debated whether animals possess souls. Eastern religions, such as Judaism, say animal's souls are equal to those of humans. In Judaism there are different levels of the soul, with the lowest being animals and the highest humans. Muslims hold that animals do have spirits, but those souls are not immortal because animals cannot rationally choose between heaven and hell. The Christian religions reserve the eternal soul only for righteous human being.

Pet owners who interact with their animals project much of their own spiritual energy toward these creatures, which is reciprocated in different ways depending upon the type of animal and its personality. Do these traits represent a soul? We know that animals think, but we are not sure of the degree of that thought. Dogs are protective, cats are resourceful and dolphins have complex speech patterns. Does any sort of rational thought, or the lack of it, establish a criteria for animals having souls?

Anyone who has pets will tell you that animals have individual personalities, feelings and even a sense of the needs of their owners. We know animals provide comfort during our bereavement and physical illnesses. Pets have the capacity to lift our spirits and foster healing while providing us with love and companionship without reservations. For those people who think that animals are mere sentient beings who only have instinctual sensations, I would say that if animals have thought perceptions then they have individualized energy at some level.

My subjects report that every animal has its own particular classification of intelligent energy and human souls don't move up and down the ladder from one form to another. These energy particles range from complex life forms, as in the case of chimps, to the simple structures. Despite the repudiation of transmigration by my subjects, perhaps all organic and inorganic matter projects vibrational energy on Earth and probably relates to one another in a purposeful way.

I have been told by clients who have had connections with a variety of animals in the spirit world that all of them do indeed have some sort of soul energy. They are not like human souls and also differ from one another. After death, the energy from these animals reportedly "exists in different spheres from that of the human soul." To the person in trance, spheres are spaces, each having their own specific patterns and functions. I have had a number of informative reports about animal souls in the spirit world. My next case is a good example from a subject whose name is Kimoye.

Case 50
Dr. N: Kimoye, what do you like to do for recreation?

S: Frankly, I am a rather quiet, unsocial soul and I enjoy doing two things. I garden and play with animals during the time I am away from my group.

Dr. N: Do you actually grow things in the spirit world?

S: Creating living things from energy is one of our important exercises here.

Dr. N: Tell me about playing with the animals.

S: I have a dog and cat as well as a horse. These are my pets from the last life.

Dr. N: Do they just appear when you want them?

S: No, I must call for them as they don't normally live in our spaces here. I can't go to their place. An Animal Caretaker brings them to me. We call them trackers.

Dr. N: Meaning the tracker has to find your pet and not one created out of energy, as you might do with a plant in your garden?

S: Absolutely.

Dr. N: Do animals have souls, Kimoye?

S: Yes, of course they do, but in many varieties.

Dr. N: What is the difference between animal and human souls?

S: The souls of all living things have different... properties. Animal souls have smaller particles of energy ... less volume and are not as complex and multifaceted as the human soul.

Dr. N: What other differences do you know about between the souls of humans and that of animals?

S: The main difference, other than size and capacity, is that animal souls are not ego-driven. They are not overwhelmed by identity issues as we are. They also accept and blend with their environment rather than fighting to control it like human beings. (stops and then adds) We can learn from them.

Dr. N: You said that animal souls had their own domain in the spirit world. How then are you able to associate with them even with the help of a Caretaker Soul?

S: (perplexed with me) They have sensory energy on Earth like us ... we share their physical existence ... so why not the mental...?

Dr. N: Well, Kimoye, you did say they have a different arrangement of properties than our intelligent energy.

S: So do my plants, but I am not denied their company if I wish it.

Dr. N: You mentioned that you play with your dog. Can plant energy become dog energy?

S: No, because each form of life does have its own assortment of energy—this energy does not cross the line into another physical form on the same planet.

Dr. N: Does this mean a cat won't transmigrate into a higher form of life and a human being will not become a lower form, say in the body of a cat, in a future life?

S: Yes, that's right. Energy is created and assigned to certain physical and mental forms.

Dr. N: Why is that, do you think?

S: (laughs at me) I don't know about the grand design here, except that mixing soul types is not expedient.

Dr. N: Tell me, Kimoye, do you see the animal souls of your pets in groups such as that of your own soul group?

S: Like I said, I don't go to their places. They have no need to call for us to come to them. I can't tell you about these areas except to say the Animal Caretaker told me there is a general division of land, air and water groups.

Dr. N: Are any connected with each other in the spirit world?

S: It is our understanding that whales, dolphins and seals are together—crows and hawks—horses and zebras—that sort of thing. Animals have their own connections with community bonding by general species that we are not supposed to understand—at least I don't.

Dr. N: Well...?

S: (breaks in) I guess if we needed to know we would be told.

Dr. N: Okay, now let's go back to your original statement about playing with your pets during recreation time. Could you have a wild animal such as a wolf?

S: Only if the wolf was domesticated.

Dr. N: Can you explain this to me, Kimoye?

S: (subject frowns in concentration) The associations with animals need to be productive in certain settings for us to be motivated to work with certain life forms. My dog on Earth can be with me within my spiritual property where I built my house and garden because it is natural for him to be here. He belongs with me because we were bonded playmates. Our mutual love and respect for each other on Earth is being renewed because it is good. There is beauty in this for both of us—this must be why it is permitted.

Dr. N: Could you differentiate between the soul of a domesticated animal on Earth and one that was wild?

S: I think so. As I said, animal souls are much less complicated than human souls. The domesticated ones are able to extend love and affection to humans, which we need. The wild animal souls are not as focused in this area and don't understand us very much at all. Most cannot be constrained—and shouldn't be, just because we share the same environment.

Dr. N: Do you think there is more need for freedom with the wild animal?

S: Maybe, but the souls of all living things—especially us—require freedom of expression. With the domesticated animal soul, they are more willing to give up some freedom to bond with humans in exchange for love, affection and protection. There is a symmetry in having pets.

Dr. N: Kimoye, you make this sound as if domesticated animals are on Earth to serve humans.

S: It is a mutual benefit exchange, like I told you. Those of us who love animals on Earth believe we can communicate with our pets in small ways. When we return to the spirit world and see our pets again—each of us in a pure soul state—this becomes more evident.

Dr. N: Does everyone in the spirit world feel as you do about animal souls?

S: Many do not have my love for animals. I have friends here who have no wish to interact with animal energy, even some who connected with animals on Earth. They have other activities during their recreation time, (stops and then adds) This is their loss.

Animal Caretaker Souls appear to be specialists in the spirit world. It is not a popular specialty among my clients but their work is much appreciated by pet lovers. These caretakers are not considered to be zookeepers. I once asked a subject who was knowledgeable of the skills this specialty required about my old basset hound, Socrates, a much loved family pet for fifteen years. My question was that if my soul mind could create a house and a physical body for myself between lives, could I conjure up my dog? I was told the following:

You could do this if you were advanced enough in the creation of energy. But even if you had this ability, your dog would not be quite as real as a professional could do for you. An Animal Caretaker Soul has the skill to track and find the spark of soul energy which did not die with Socrates and reconstruct your dog exactly as you knew him on Earth. Your pet will know you and be able to play with you whenever you wish and then he will go.

Apparently, Animal Caretaker specialists associated with Earth are souls who are skilled at finding and reconstructing the essence of certain lower forms of life. I think of them as creator souls who seem to have the desire and ability to maintain these forms of life for us in the spirit world because of their own love for the creatures of our planet. There can be past life karmic aspects to our associations with animals on Earth and this could be another reason why we have Animal Caretaker Souls. I have a client who is an intense animal rights activist has been devoted to the alleviation of animal suffering in all her past lives since a life in Austria in the early sixteenth century. As a young Austrian boy in that life, my client's family was engaged in the slaughtering of cows and pigs for market, which traumatized him. Today this client calls all animals "my children." During her life, and between lives, she spends her free time with them. She also melds with their energy in a place called the Space of Transformation, used to increase her perception of their consciousness. Kimoye essentially told me the same thing when she said in her session, "I enter this chamber, which has a field of programmed animal energy that allows me to feel what they feel. This gives me insight about animals on Earth." For both these clients this activity represents learning as much as recreation.


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One of my and Michels dogs recently passed away. She was Michels big love. She lived almost 6 more years after Michel passed but august 3rd she ate her last meal here. I went to kennel to pick her body. While i was driving back home i was in thoughts about how happy Michel must be finally reuniting with our Betty. But i also felt really sad because i lost someone who was like a big part of Michel and his love in this world. She was like a connection between me and him. A part of our family and now she was gone. I asked for a sign from Michel and Betty. Imediatelly after this thought i felt someone from back seat pushing hard to my seat. I had to stop and look back because i thought it was her. I got my sign that she was alright because like ever, for her extremely big and loud personallity, it was too less space on the back seat.


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I'm so sorry, Monika. I get it -- it was doubly hard when I had to put down our male cat, Benny, as he was a link to my husband for me. Hopefully my husband is now caring for both of our cats now in the afterlife (I'm sure he is, if such a place exists).

I'm glad you got a sign that brought you some peace. :)


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One of my and Michels dogs recently passed away. She was Michels big love. She lived almost 6 more years after Michel passed but august 3rd she ate her last meal here. I went to kennel to pick her body. While i was driving back home i was in thoughts about how happy Michel must be finally reuniting with our Betty. But i also felt really sad because i lost someone who was like a big part of Michel and his love in this world. She was like a connection between me and him. A part of our family and now she was gone. I asked for a sign from Michel and Betty. Imediatelly after this thought i felt someone from back seat pushing hard to my seat. I had to stop and look back because i thought it was her. I got my sign that she was alright because like ever, for her extremely big and loud personallity, it was too less space on the back seat.

I'm sorry she's gone Monika. I'm glad she is with him though and that you got signs. That is beautiful. :)