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Past life regression

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Convolution, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Convolution

    Convolution Established Member

    That seems to be part of the issue. In these communications, be they with a higher self, another spirit, or remembering a past life, it seems we rarely get new information. Data which can be validated, data which is unknown to all present here, or at least generally unknown to the laymen.
    It seems that if I indeed could remember a time even as soon as, say, as 800 years ago I would be able to give out details that aren't generally known outside of a high level of expertise, perhaps.

    If someone can indeed chat with a spirit, and said spirit has memories of prior times, or is even able to witness events from the past now, as some claim they are able to do, it also seems to be that it should be easy to get new information through them.
    Likewise, many write that spirits can easily read thoughts. Seems it would be easy to get one, then, to validate that through simple tests.

    It's difficult that on the one hand, people who have LBL hypnotherapy do give a fairly consistent account of the 'life between lives'. It varies some from therapist to therapist, but from what I've seen it's mostly smaller details the shift. Either tthe therapist has some major influence over what is said, then, and that accounts for the consistency, or it seems it could be plausible that the accounts are similar because they have been experienced that way at some point. The influence hypothesis seems plausible in some ways, but not in many transcripts I've read, or recorded sessions I've watched.

    I really don't know what to think.
  2. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    I had a difficulty to understand about past lifes for pretty long time. I just could not get it. This question had occur from time to time but I wasn't searching for answers as they tend to come naturally. While one evening cleaning teeth answer just came. I wasn't thinking of that question quite long time so it was pretty unexpected. It just seemed to be something what looked like a scheme. Very clear and very simple one. From then on for me personally past lifes are lifes of ancestors not mine directly. Its their memories, their experiences and as we are all so connected in a blood and spirit line I might remember something from that too. I keep this short as I don't really want to come into much discussion about all the small details.
    Please note that I do not claim anything. This is just my personal understanding and I stick with it as it really makes my own question aswered and keeps my own heart calm about this ever after.
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  3. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    Monika speaks from a depth of wisdom. So good to read your posts.
    I did a past life regression many years ago. I remember 6 lives. I "died" in one and it was beautiful, so I don't believe in death just transition. As Monika said maybe they were the dreams of my ancestors or maybe they were from my unconscious or maybe they were true. I know some people I meet there is a very strong connection to so maybe we met before or again maybe ancestors.
    Monika mentioned answers coming and that is so beautiful. Lately I wake up with answers. We live in a sacred beautiful world. There is a lot of pain too from (for me) the loss of the love of my life but S
    he is still beside me and I try to focus on the miracles, just very hard some times.
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  4. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    And as I said, i don't want to convince anyone. The only thing i know for sure that we all have our truth and all answers to all questions within us. And probably no one never would dare to say that those answers must match :)
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  5. Convolution

    Convolution Established Member

    It's interesting to note that some children, as studied by Ian Stevenson and now Jim Tucker and a couple of others, seem to get spontaneous past life remembrances. These are often vivid, carry a lot of emotion behind it, and they only often go away once either the child has an opportunity to validate to move on, or enough time elapses that they may become more entrenched in daily reality in the "now". Some children have had this extensively verified and documented. It's one of the more interesting venues of research happening at University of Virginia, in my opinion. Ian Stevenson focused more on cases in India, and contemporary efforts are more focused in the west. These people whom these past lives are verified to be are completely unrelated hereditarily to the children.
    Not saying they invalidate your experience, of course. Just wanted to add that bit of information to the discussion, in case someone found it useful to look into.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2018
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  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Let me start this posting by declaring I'm not saying this happened to Bill or to anyone else here because I do not know and would not suggest any such thing. But where any account of apparent past life recall is concerned there's always a possibility that 'overshadowing' by a discarnate may be occurring.

    That's a situation where the past-life is not one experienced by the subject but by some other former-incarnate and the details provided relate to that former incarnate's previous life. It's one reason I keep my distance even from otherwise-convincing accounts with details that later check out. It's not that I reject former lives - I'm a certain reincarnationist - but that they may not be all they appear to be although some accounts appear amazingly evidential. And they're the ones I'm likely to be persuaded about although I really don't need persuasion anyway - as I've already said, I'm a reincarnationist.

    What I am persuaded by, however, are the reported personal benefits experienced by individuals who have suffered for years with emotional/psychological problems which after regression have disappeared. It really doesn't matter whether the details they relate from such regression therapy are accurate or not. All that matters to me is the individual feels better and is able to function in a way they may never have been able to before. Even if the whole therapy were nothing more than placebo - all that matters is finding lasting help and relief.
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