Part 2, January 2019 - 2020

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for everyone's attention

For some time now I've been moving general and follow-on conversations related to questions/points raised in the Q&A that weren't put to Mikey directly. In that way I'm hoping it will result in the Carol and Mikey thread carrying primarily questions asked of Mikey.

Any missing numbered postings will be found in one of the 'follow on' threads in this forum Carol and Mikey Q&A 'follow-on-discussions'.


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I thought I'd do this while things were fresh in my mind. (bold text only to make it easy to see my questions :))

Hi Mac,
Yes, there are others according to Mikey. He describes some as very similar to this, and others very different.

It's interesting that some are very similar to our own dimension. I'm guessing - and asking Mikey to enlarge on it please - that sometimes we may choose to reincarnate into one that's different but reassuringly similar.
Mikey is that sometimes the case?

With some of the different ones, Mikey tells me the foliage is much bigger. The physical body used for the soul is smaller; more midget like from our viewpoint. Buildings can be rare. Individuals "see and hear" without organs (eyes and ears as we know them) for example. The soul's physical body can take on different colors. Can be blob like even in appearance.
wow! They are very specific details! :) It's intriguing to picture those details and wonder what their significance is....
My next question, Mikey, is: Are the different ones you've described above suited only to more spiritually-progressed souls than those found here in this dimension. Or are they simply suitable, alternative ones?

Mikey tells me the soul journey continues but the lessons can be quite different from here depending on where we are / what dimension we are in. Generally not as complex from Mikey's viewpoint.

The above may partially answer what I asked about in my prior question. Although the dimensions may be less complex, with different experiences to learn from, are they Mikey just as meaningful and beneficial as experiences here, simply alternatives to this Earth dimension?

The earth dimension is one of the most difficult when it comes to lessons from Mikey's viewpoint. We as a soul are always us, but where we go to progress ourselves is generally up to us. Earth is desirable as it gives us great potential for spiritual growth versus some other "worlds" according to Mikey.

The above is what we hear from all spiritual guides and it makes sense to me but is it possible, Mikey, to make the desired spiritual progress elsewhere than in the Earth's dimension albeit perhaps at a slower rate? Expressed differently, can we still get from where we are now spiritually to where we're driven to go but using only dimensions other than the Earth's? Is that a route other souls choose for themselves with all of us ending up at the same end point of course if not at the same instant - simply alternative routes but always the same destination?

Carol and Mikey

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Hello Mikey and Carol. I haven’t been on here for a while, but lately I’ve had a question that has been gnawing at me because I feel that I’m hearing conflicting information.
At times, as is certainly the case with you (Mikey), I hear that once the person dies he or she becomes so much more than they were because they merge with their higher selves. On the other hand, I also hear that if your uncle was grumpy and didn’t like you while he was alive, it’s likely that, unless he understood where he could’ve done better during his life review, he’ll still be grumpy and not like you when he’s dead. Are both of these true perhaps? It is a baffling concept to me.
Hi Chuck66,
Mikey tells me it is more related to soul progression and spiritual advancement when it comes to what you are describing here. Just because an individual merges with their higher self does not mean everything is "all good and positive with love regarding life issues" if the individual is at a soul vibration that is lower and they hang onto negative memories. Despite guidance and coaching from loving guides, we still have a choice as to how we respond to that guidance according to Mikey. Love is the answer, but for some, learning needs to continue. Hence, reincarnation to here or other dimensions, etc.
Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"


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It struck me last night that we don't know who you now are, Mikey - let me explain....;):D:)

As you're well aware, in this earth dimension we use one another's names when greeting, addressing or referring to someone. Our names are given to us by our parents and they are used throughout our lives, save for marriage changes by deed poll etc. But what's the deal when you're not living here?

In your last incarnation you were Mikey Morgan, son of Carol and Mr Morgan. We know you as Mikey and when you are with your mom you're still Mikey but question 1. who are you to folk 'over there'?

We know you recognise those you know or love by their 'vibration', perhaps not needing to address her/him by name, but question 2. how do you refer/relate to someone you don't know or if you're speaking to a third party about someone?

question 3. Do you all still have names?

question 4. What name(s) do you use as an individual?

question 5. If the name(s) is/are different from your last 'earth name' what other name are you known by and how was it selected?
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Hi Boab,
Mikey tells me that others will see the same things. When you see a flower there for example, so will others who are in that same vibrational dimension with you according to Mikey! :)
Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
It makes sense. It is all about vibration. Thanks!
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