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Our efforts to communicate with the stations that link us to the afterlife

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by RCraig, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. RCraig

    RCraig New Member

    I wanted everyone to know what we're doing with Instrumental TransCommunication. Researchers are developing connections with stations being established by scientists on the other side and interdimensionals to allow communication between us and other realms, including the afterlife.

    Sonia Rinaldi's Brazilian Station, begun in 2001, is well established. She has had as many as 183 parents communicate with their children in a month, with as many as 200 individual messages in each session. The transmissions are crystal clear, in Portuguese.

    Anabela Cardoso, in Portugal and Spain, has established a relationship with the Rio do Tempo (Timestream) Station in Europe. She is receiving high-quality, Class A communication from the station.

    Researchers in the U.S., including a group led by Ron Lederer and the team of Craig Hogan, Rob Blackburn, and Keith Boles are working to establish a relationship with the new North American Station that is just being developed.

    The connection with the stations has to be built by those on the other side. They refer to the metaphor of building a machine to communicate and laying fiber-optic cable to transmit the communication. The technology and the infrastructure must be constructed over time. We on this side must keep working at communicating to make it possible for them to develop the station and "cable." So we meet regularly to make recordings and communicate. You can hear samples of the recordings at http://www.itc.afterlifeinstitute.org/

    We encourage anyone interested in participating in the research to set up the recording equipment following the instructions at http://www.itc.afterlifeinstitute.org/ We will help you. The more people we can have involved in helping establish the connection, the better.
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    As Sonia Rinaldi's station is so well established why could you not use it as a model set-up for yourselves?

    How does what you're doing differ from earlier attempts using (for instance) EVP?
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2015
  3. marmaladecat

    marmaladecat Guest

    Fascinating listening to some of the simple responses already recorded- I could hear some very clearly such as 'John Lennon' or 'Leslie'.
  4. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Hi Craig,

    I just wanted to say that I appreciate your work, and I look forward to your contributions here on the forum so that I may expand my horizons.
  5. This is fascinating work, Dr. Craig. I listened to some of the recordings and they are certainly much clearer than any EVP recordings I have heard previously.

    I'm curious about the role of the "gibberish." Is that something you can explain, or is the process still too new to know why that specific type of background noise is helpful?
  6. RCraig

    RCraig New Member

    How this work differs from previous EVP

    The serious instrumental TransCommunication work slowed down and fizzled out around 2001. The problem was that the discoveries weren't being followed up in an organized way. A number of researchers had made progress, but when they passed away or stopped doing the research, their discoveries weren't picked up. The Scole group did some work with Edison's drawing sent from the other side. George Meek and Bill O'Neill developed the Spiricom device that was successful, but isn't being replicated now. The efforts were fragmented. At the same time, people have begun getting EVP on ghost boxes, Frank's box, Joe's box, and other devices. They're usually a second and a half long and very difficult to make out. It wouldn't be possible to have a parent sit down with one of these devices and have a steady stream of comments from a child who has transitioned to the other side.

    The great successes are now happening with the stations. These are organized efforts on the other side and this side of life to establish channels through which we can have dialogues. The goal is to have real-time conversations. The communications are clear, not vague and difficult to make out. Sonia now unites parents with their children with clear comments the children make from the other side. Anabela Cardoso in Portugal/Spain also receives clear communication. In both cases, the communications are with stations that relay the communication to the people receiving them on the earth plane. Over the past year, we have been working with teams on the other side to establish the North American station. Once these stations are established, the communication comes at will, when someone asks to contact a scientist or a loved one on the other side, and the communication is clear. They will be even clearer in the future. They have described it as making the lines between us and them stronger.

    So the differences are that there are now concerted efforts to develop the lines of communication and the capabilities, with teams on this side and the other side. We expect to increase clarity over time. We can connect people with their loved ones and with scientists on the other side. And eventually we know we will have real-time dialogues with the other side of life.

    The reason we can't use Sonia's or Anabela's station relationships as the basis for the North American station is that the relationships have to be built uniquely for each station. We had to start with a word or two in response to what we were saying. Now we're getting phrases in answer to our questions. That will develop into sentences and more complex communication. But it isn't the technology or the method that results in the communication. It's the relationship with the station and laying the lines of communication. One person has described it as like laying fiber-optic cable. The teams on the other side have to establish these links and make them stronger. That has to happen individually for each station. They can't transfer the capabilities from one station to another.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2015
  7. RCraig

    RCraig New Member


    Anyone can become involved in the work. Our goal for the near future is to get as many people as possible engaged in experimenting with the capabilities. We're going to go over all the methods that have been tried and we're going to salvage anything that is useful. We're going to try to create another Spiritcom and Edison device. We're working at improving the connections with the North American station using Sonia's method. We're also experimenting at connecting using Anabela's methods. We know that eventually we will have the real-time dialogue that is possible. It should be possible for someone whose loved one has transitioned out of the body to connect with them within hours to know they're fine and well. We know these connections can be improved. We just have to keep working at doing so.
  8. RCraig

    RCraig New Member

    Hi Celera,

    What we know about the gibberish is that they take the sound at some point in the process of being recorded and alter it so it plays back as their words, in their tone. We don't know how they do it or where. We can get answers to those questions. We just have to do the research when the relationship with the station is established and we're getting clear connections. Or, we just have to ask them and they'll tell us. We know the new voices created from the gibberish aren't coming through the speakers playing the gibberish. So the vibrations in the air from the speakers are turned into electromagnetic pulses in the microphone. They are transmitted over the line to the computer hard drive. They're encoded in electromagnetic patterns on the hard drive. There, the new voices are stable. We can go back and listen to them at any time. We don't know at what point the electromagnetism patterns of the gibberish are reformed into the electromagnetism patterns of the new voices.

    Sonia has also speculated that the station creates the voices, not the loved one or scientist on the other side. What I mean is this. People on the next planes of life don't communicate with us using their voices. The reason is that their voices are produced on another vibration or plane. Someone else living on that vibration or plane can converse with them either telepathically or through voice. They make that choice. However, to communicate with us on the earth plane, they must create the words in telepathy that are then converted to vibrations in the air for us to hear. Between their telepathically created words and the vibrations in air, there must be mechanisms to make the transition. The direct-voice mediums such as Leslie Flint have an ectoplasmic voice box through which the telepathic words can be "spoken" so they come to us as vibrations on the air that our eardrums can receive. Sonia suggests that the stations use what the stations are calling a "machine" that takes the telepathic concepts or sentiments from a child on the other side or some other person who wants to communicate and makes them into the electromagnetic patterns on the recording device. So we're not necessarily getting the exact words from the person on the other side, but what the machine creates for them to be transmitted.

    Right now, we're just beginning to have some understanding of what happens. We just know that they convert the gibberish vocal syllables that have no words into the electromagnetic word patterns that play back to us as recognizable words, with difference for age and gender, and differences in accent and tone, so that along with the content of the communication, the characteristics of the voice tell the parent or other listener on this side that it is indeed their child or other person who is communicating. We are going beyond the electronic age into the age of consciousness. And we're just at the beginning of it.
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Thanks for your comprehensive and illuminating explanation from which I'm getting a feel for what you're doing.

    In connection with the last few sentences may I ask if there's an organic component in these communications, the involvement of organic tissue in the trans-dimensional communication? Or would you characterize the mechanism(s) as wholly inorganic, a mixture only of electronic and physical?

    The description of laying a fibre-optic cable just doesn't work for me as in such a system the cable doesn't get installed until the transmitter and receiver are in functioning order, the principle of operation essentially similar wherever it's deployed.

    I get the impression that a team on either end remains vital for the system's functioning - or have I misunderstood?
  10. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Hi Mac! Craig can speak for himself, of course, but I'll just add that I've been listening at the edge of the groups working in this field, and I gather that the "fiber-optic cable" imagery is the discarnates' attempt to describe the process for our benefit. I think of it more as trying to establish and maintain a solid way for communication to get through alien territory, almost like setting telephone poles and cables in the old American west. Once the low-energy nasties are driven far enough out of the way (they use love and positive energy to do that, which makes sense), then communication pathways can be established.

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