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Recent Christmas tales, Mary on a donkey etc., set me thinking about the unique way we experience animals. My take on this physical world is that it provides many experiences that can not be had in the world of the spirit.

In our world, experience ranges from a distant appreciation of but not necessarily involvement with wild animals, through farming and eating them to caring for some as pets. In the world of the spirit, however, we do not experience animals in a similar way. There may be communal landscapes in which wild animals can be found but there is no need for farming any animals for food and our friends in spirit do not appear to live with pets other than (for a short while) the ones they cared for in this world.

There are numerous accounts of pets waiting for their former carers to pass over but after meeting up with one another it does not appear that those pets then continue to live with them in the longer term. Little has been written about animals in the dimension of the spirit and my take is that they are special to this dimension, a topic worthy of discussion.