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New TV show - Long Island Medium

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Birki, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. I agree, and it is disappointing that the producers think that viewers are so stupid, but as you said - that's reality t.v.
    That said, I'm from Long Island and she lives locally. I have heard that she is legit, and I am amazed that she can know such specific things. She seems to capture the personalities of those who have crossed over, as well as their quirky habits, nicknames - things she could not know.
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    quote, Vic: "...either way, information is obtained by the medium paranormally, and the information generally provides solace and shows that mediums have genuine abilities. "Doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice." Chinese saying."

    He's made some good points here. It can indeed be the case that the way that information is obtained is less important than the help it may bring. If there's reassurance that life is continuous for someone desperate to know, then that's a good outcome and a good start. I say "a good start" because if the receiver of such reassurance doesn't move beyond the initial information (sometimes solely from psychic reading) doubts may later arise. Doubts? Doubts that the information was from the spirit side of life....

    Relating that to my own situation (something I don't often do) nearly three decades back my 'awakening' came from snippets of information I could readily relate to. Later I was briefly influenced by someone else I thought was a medium. Only later, when I'd begun to understand more about 'the big picture', did I realize I'd experienced a mix of psychic reading and mediumship but by then the course of my life had moved on. It didn't matter....

    Provided a practitioner - be she/he a psychic, medium or channeler - isn't the sole source of information about survival etc. a seeker will eventually be able to decide for her/himself how relevant, or authentic, any personal information derived by any practitioner actually is.

  3. Can you explain what you mean about the receiver needing to move beyond the initial information? I have tried to move beyond the initial information, having researched extensively at this point, yet I sometimes still doubt. Watching cold readings or knowing of scams sets off feelings of depression and doubt. The problem also arises when someone - a person with a disturbing view comes to visit or converses with me: i.e., atheist, non-believer in the afterlife, victim of tragic loss themselves, as is often the case, and believer in the randomness of things - likens their loss and mine to a paintball game in which we are the random targets - (and I have numerous friends like this, which has led me to a point of isolation because this is too painful). I usually run right back to the forum to try to revive myself, but there are doubts. Was there something that I needed to do to go beyond the initial information - something that I have not done? Perhaps then I would not be tormented by occasional but disturbing feelings of doubt? It seems the road is always a challenging one. Sometimes I feel like it has to come down to faith. Perhaps Mikey would say it is all about believing in love, or believing that the love we shared remains.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2012
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I did relate my own start with 'the spooks' as an example (I hoped) that things weren't straightforward or easy for me.

    Perhaps I was just lucky that events unfolded as they did but I have NEVER had concrete communication through mediumship as many seem to need and some definitely get! My journey was much more one of making my own way but it's only as I look back that I can see that - at the time it happened there were many frustrations and there have been since. Maybe I'm just a loner whose path is different from those of others?

    I guess we all have our own path to tread and maybe yours is one of perpetual doubt. I don't know. Perhaps there's someone 'out there' shouting at you right now to listen to the skinny Limey! I don't know. Perhaps the doubts you get are your defence against being suckered? I don't know. I'm sure I'd be able to tell you all kinds of stuff which might help you move forward, might help you become comfortable, that we're not just a bunch of losers.

    I used to have doubts. Now I have some but far fewer and over issues far less simple than survival. Now I can hold my own because I've done this 'stuff' for many years. You can listen to the certainty in my voice, listen to the uncertainty of your own emotions or the doubts you get from situations you choose to look at. I won't b/s you ever and I won't ever accede to any need for faith or belief - I don't believe anything (spiritual) and I don't respect faith. If there's not the evidence about something, not a reasoned argument, then it gets pigeon-holed until there is.

    Maybe I've been fortunate in the research I've done and maybe I allowed myself to be steered in the right direction? I don't know but I do know that we can all make a conscious decision to move from one direction towards another, to stop listening to one source and open our critical thoughts towards another. Sometimes it's gonna be the wrong direction, sometimes it will be the right one. That's life....
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I don't know what I can add. Plainly what I've said thus far hasn't been of help and for that failing I'm sorry. We must all look to that which appeals to our reason as Silver Birch always taught.

    To return, as you suggest, to the original subject then I think I was pretty clear in what I wrote. On a personal level I've already indicated I'm not a blogger and although I'm already aware of the potential for commenting on any blog, I find them sterile and uninteresting. Without interaction they have no appeal for me.

    I wish you good fortune in the time ahead and hope you find what you're seeking.
  6. Doubt and skepticism with an open mind, can be very healthy. I would prefer doubt and skepticism to blind belief. You want validation that what you believe in is True. That is a very intelligent approach to take especially when it comes to the paranormal which is generally 97% fluff which you have to weed out to get to the 3% that's Real. Just don't give up on seeking out that 3%.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
  7. Have always wondered if a medium simply has the ability to read one's mind. Which truly isn't simple.
    Perhaps many do. When a mind has no knowledge of something relevant would it be fair to say the medium genuine? An example. My daughter years ago spoke to a medium via the telephone. Her hope was to obtain some information regarding her failing marriage. Apparently my late grandmother wanted to use up her session. The medium not only described her accurately, she identified her as Mary. My grandmother passed many years before my daughter was born. Daughter argued with the medium believing Mary was not my grandmothers name. She knew my grandmother as Nonna. I had often spoke of Nonna. Nonna however is grandmother in Italian. Nonna's name was Mary. Though my daughter did not know this until after her session. To prove her presence the medium told my daughter that my mother had a gold locket with initials and pictures of my Nonna and Nonno inside. I had never heard about this locket. None of my siblings had either. Indeed my mother had it. I now own the locket. Could there be another explanation?
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2012
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Such mediumship is eventually the most truly evidential for the recipient but looks the least convincing when such information is given - and rejected - during a public demonstration.

    When information is read solely from the recipients psyche then it's not evidential mediumship (or whatever it's called in the USA). But a reputable medium may deliberately begin with psychic reading to establish a relationship/rapport with the recipient before moving on to establish the links with their discarnate communicator(s) and then bring information which identifies that communicator as someone known to the recipient.

    ps The term 'medium' is often applied to (or used by) individuals who can communicate with discarnates but do not act as a go-between for communications between individuals living in physical and etheric dimensions.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2012
  9. Mokandi,
    That is such an awesome story! It made my day. To me, whenever a medium tells us something we have never known-- as was the case with your daughter, who knew your grandmother, not as "Mary," but as nonna -- this is irrefutable evidence that your nonna is present around you and guiding you. I would love to have had received information like that - something so solid (a locket and a name) that was previously unknown. Have you tried to contact this medium recently? She sounds very good, and, as I have discovered, telephone readings can be very effective. Thanks for sharing, Mokandi.
  10. Wow, this is what someone like afterlife researcher Gary Schwartz Ph.D would refer to as veridical evidence. It's information received that could not be obtained by reading the sitter's mind. The information could only have be obtained through 1) the deceased person, 2) a being from the hereafter/spirit realm who knew the deceased person (like a spirit companion/guide of that deceased person), or 3) a general bank of data such as the Akashic records. Either way an example such as this with veridical evidence is quite rare, definitely falls in the 3% category.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),

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