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My sweet boy, Spanky is gone

I am crying as I write this. Someone very special and loved by all had to leave this world yesterday. Spanky, our 9 yr old Golden Retriever had to be euthanized yesterday because of bone cancer. It was heart wrenching to see him be given the first shot to supposedly sedate him. Then, the second lethal shot when his eyes were still open. I'm not sure if their eyes are supposed to be closed or not. Ripped my heart out to see it done that way, and then to lose him. I hope that even though he is an animal, he is now a spiritual being in a spiritual realm. Losing him is just killing me.


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I am so sorry, Ladybug. I have had to euthanize a pet as well (a few years ago), one of our cats. From what the vet explained to me, and what I witnessed, the first shot truly does sedate them, so they feel no pain or fear -- they are asleep, or very nearly so. Our other cat, who died a number of years previous, did so unexpectedly, in the animal hospital, during her first round of chemo, without us there. It is always sad when a beloved pet dies, but in my opinion euthanasia, with loved people there, is the better option. I'm sure your Spanky knew he was loved, and felt your love for him as he drifted away. Love like that never dies.


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I hope the following, from teacher and guide 'Silver Birch', helps a little.

“Do some animals spend their whole time with their human friends on ‘the other side’, or is their real home in the animal sphere?”

Silver Birch replied: It depends because love is the index. You know that love determines the survival of animals. It is the love that exists between the animal and the person that enables the animal to obtain that temporary consciousness that exists beyond the grave of matter.
If an animal - and I do not like the word ‘owner’ because no one owns another soul - and the one whom it has served are in the world of spirit together, then the home of the animal is the home of the individual who has always loved it. That is its home. It stays where love is, for love is the link that binds it to the one who loves it. It has no necessity to go to the animal plane.
Those who dwell in the animal sphere are the ones who come to the world of spirit before the masters - as you call - them arrive in our world, because it is necessary that someone shall take care of them. Otherwise they would be distracted, being cut off from the love which not only warmed their hearts but breathed a temporary immortality into them.
Where the animal comes to our world preceding the one who loved it, who gave it shelter and taught it all the habits of memory, of reason, of judgement and affection, it goes to the animal world to await the time when it can greet the one it has missed. There it is put in the charge of those specially trained to look after animals, just as you have trainers in your world to care for animals when their masters and mistresses are away.

“Will you describe what it is that an animal obtains from human contact that makes it survive?”

Silver Birch answered: In the long line of evolution, at some stage the Great Spirit breathed into the animal and it became a living soul, conscious, aware of its own existence. Then came the dawn of reason: intelligence bloomed; there was judgement, the ability to reflect, to decide, to weigh and to consider. But potentially all that existed-no matter how far back in the line of evolution you go. It required the breath of the Great Spirit to awaken it. Just as the Great Spirit enabled a divine spark to become a flame, so you, by love, transfer that process to the animal who lives within the shelter of your affection. You are part of the Great Spirit, having the power within you to transfer the attribute of spirit to the next in the line of evolution. By your association, by radiating love, you awaken that consciousness which in time, through the process of evolution, would reach its own apex.

“How long does the survival of an animal last? Is it as long as that of a human being?”

The guide replied: No, there is this difference. At some stage the animal and the human evolution inevitably part company. It may take, as you measure time, hundreds of thousands of years, but their rate of spiritual evolution is unequal. The animal has to be left behind because it cannot keep pace with the growing soul that restlessly struggles towards the greater light.
Once you have passed from the veil of matter and accustomed yourself to conditions of the spiritual life, once you have realised that the ties which bind you to earth are severed, the desire to progress, the desire to unfold the surging divinity within becomes quickened.
You seek to unfold all the qualities which, by their practice, will enable you to be of greater service wherever you are. The higher you climb in that realm of spiritual unfoldment, the more difficult it is for the animal to keep pace with you. And so the love which kindled for a while a flame that burned beyond death gradually becomes attenuated. The flame flickers and it merges in the end with the group soul of that species.

“Sometimes when a medium describes a "dead" animal, it is accompanied by another one. Does one animal help the other to return?”
No, unless there was an association between the two animals already in your earthly world.

“Is it always a human spirit who helps them?”
Yes, because the higher helps the lower always. It is the Law.

“What sort of animals are on the animal plane?”
All those animals which were your pets, which you thought to be almost your equals, which you endowed with affection, with love, and stimulated their reason and their ability to think. Rather than that they should be lonely, disconsolate, lost without the one to whom they were attached, they come to this plane where they mingle with other animals and receive the special care of those who, having devoted their lives to the study of animals, are able to minister to them and to give them the kindness which is their natural expression.
In this world they find all the things that will delight animals, all the pursuits of enjoyment that prevent them from fretting. And occasionally they are brought within the radius of the home, so that they can still feel the affection of the ones from whom they are parted for a while. That is why so many sometimes see or hear the dog or the cat. They only know that there is a sense, or feeling, that the dog is there. And other animals always see them because of their higher psychic qualities.

“Do the spirit people who work on the animal plane bring them back?”
It is the ones who minister to them on the animal plane who bring them back because they would not come back with anybody else. And do you know who are the ones who minister to them? Those who were passionately devoted to animals and never had the opportunity of befriending them, just as in our world the children who pass before their parents are cared for by those who had strong maternal instincts which were never satisfied.
The dogs, cats and all the pets are cared for by those who were devoted to them and did not have the means of lavishing their devotion upon them. Of course, they are aided by those who have specialised knowledge of animals, which is always used in our world. Knowledge is never wasted.

“If an animal is ill when it passes over, does it get nursed, as human beings do?”
Yes, because there are many in our world who are glad to have the opportunity.