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My Spiritualist/Medium Experiences

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by dan t, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. dan t

    dan t New Member

    The following experience I had posted on Reddit:
    For context, I go with my mam (I'm British) at least and some family friends. I learned that this centre, along with several others, left the Spiritualist 'church' because they were turning people away and seemed untrustworthy. In every meeting, the medium always gives a lengthy talk about their lives, how they got into mediumship, their philosophy/beliefs, how they work etc. They don't get paid too much as far as I'm aware, as the majority of the money we give goes to hiring out the hall and for snacks. I've also learned they do raffles and conduct charity work as well.

    The medium on that night, who I'll call Ben, seemed very kind and respectful. He wasn't supposed to be taking the meeting/session and was called in at the last minute, because the guy who was supposed to turn up couldn't. He didn't know anybody there and seemingly had no time to prepare. Ben explained how he often keeps himself to himself, and described his own skepticism of his abilities at times, as well as his own cross-correspodence experience that confirmed it for him. He explained how mediums often all work differently and only speak from experience and the experiences of Spirit, so they can hold slightly different beliefs at times and contradict each other on some things.

    In the group reading, of which there was at least 30 of us, he unfortunately never came to me. But he did come to my mam's friend's mother, who had never been before and had previously asked him whether it's true they can't contact spirit until 6 months after death, which he said definitely wasn't true. He was able to accurately describe how she lost 3 family members one by one in the span of a year, all of whom to illnesses that left them deformed and almost unrecognisable in some way. He somehow knew that one of them was suffering from cancer, and the treatment in his arm wasn't that helpful and had made his arm itchy. He also knew that her watch was inherited, and told her that it would stop working at an important moment in the near-future. He said some other things she verified, but I was too busy trying to remember the stuff he said to others to recall everything from that Sunday night.

    There was also a young woman by herself. She was dressed completely in all-black with pretty much no skin showing, and was more of a goth type. He not only described her mother accurately (according to the girl) physically and personality wise, but he also knew she had flowery tattoos of a pink-purple colour and liked to draw manga. I looked at her myself and saw no way that he could've seen her tattoos.

    What impressed me was how he very rarely asked any questions other than 'does this make sense to you?' and would never try to twist answers or retract any information he gave. He would ask people to check for things he had sensed that would be significant to the Spirit or recipient, such as an antique teapot for the goth girl or a specific date. There was one woman who's grandmother he described quite accurately, including to the point of her having fine, thin hair. He said how he perceived her holding a baby boy, which to him meant that since there wasn't a recent abortion in their family, they were going to have a baby boy soon. The woman then responded saying that her sister has a nine-month-old baby boy. Now you would think he would take advantage of this as a 'hit', but he did not. He was quite adamant that someone in her family was going to have another baby boy.

    Ben also described his history with Spirit Guides, and he says that virtually everyone has one, but some people can even have 'teams' of guides or ones that are only temporary. He said he once had one for only a few weeks of a Jewish prisoner of Auschwitz. The guide didn't work with him very often apparently, until he manifested next to him at a Spiritualist church and told him that he was ready to help him for that moment alone. Ben claimed that he has never communicated with him since.


    My second experience involves a medium called John. John often organises the meetings and contacts the mediums they bring in. He's a kind, caring and funny guy with a healthy dose of skepticism towards the paranormal himself.

    John did come to me in this meeting, and it was rather embarrassing for me. He was adamant that I had, or used to have, an ingrown toenail. The truth is I was close to having one, but if you glanced at the toe I wouldn't be surprised by such a response. The most impressive thing he said, however, was:

    "Are you seeing or planning to see an optician about your eyes, particularly due to a problem with your left eye?"

    I had, nearly a week prior, went to the opticians to get my eyes checked, and that was exactly what I was told: a minor problem with my left eye that needed correcting. I hadn't mentioned this at the meeting, nor did my family, and they hadn't posted about it online or anything like that. I wasn't rubbing my left eye at any point, and the problem with it wasn't based on anything external or observable . The optician had to perform the standard vision tests in order to recognise the issue.

    I might use this thread to share my further experiences if that's allowed, since I attend this Spiritualist centre as often as I can every Sunday.
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's absolutely fine to use this space to record your experiences. As I've mentioned earlier I'm a +35 years Modern Spiritualist so I can readily identify with the Brit. church scene although I haven't used a church on a regular basis for most of that time.

    The only things we don't allow on ALF are conversations about, or promotions/criticisms of, specific religions. Modern Spiritualism is, of course, both a philosophy and also a legally registered religion. :)
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  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I make much the same comment about any seemingly mediumistic communication - one needs always to be aware that psychic reading can seem like mediumship. The difference between mediumship and psychic reading is that in mediumship there is communication from a discarnate (spirit) to an incarnate, the medium being the 'go between' for that message. Providing personal details about a recipient isn't mediumship unless those details are coming from an incarnate for whatever reason - often it can be to establish who the communicator is. i.e. evidential mediumship - or to create a link from one to the other.
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  4. dan t

    dan t New Member

    I'll keep that in mind. I always got the impression that they were genuine mediums though. I forgot to mention that John had previously established he was getting this information from a grandfatherly figure in my life, who I verified as my deceased great-grandad, who was supposedly watching over me.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Mediumship may indeed have been authentic and I'm not saying it wasn't but psychic reading can be mistaken for it by the inexperienced - been there, done that. ;)

    It's not an issue once a recipient has established to her satisfaction that it's a relevant communicator providing information. But I've read accounts where it's sounded more like auric reading than mediumship. Perhaps that's just down to how they've told their story....

    Psychic reading may also be deployed at times to establish a good link between medium and recipient or where there's a pause in the flow of information from a spirit communicator. Next time you're an observer - or indeed a recipient - listen carefully whether the practitioner tells you that someone is telling something or other or whether information is just delivered without attribution along with questioning about whether it's accurate.

    An experienced medium will not ask many questions, maybe just asking - very reasonably - if you can identify with / relate to information coming from a communicator. If there's not a spirit communicator indicated as the source then psychic reading can't be ruled out.
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  6. dan t

    dan t New Member

    Yeah, both of them would often say things like "does that make sense to you?" or "do you understand that?". They did emphasise the importance of a strong link between the medium and recipient so Spirit could be understood. But outside of a few exceptions they rarely asked many questions.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2020
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    quote: .
    Based on what you've told us my reaction is that the above was psychic reading. Now had he prefaced the whole thing by saying something like: "I've got an old gentleman here who knows you although you may not have known him well, or at all, when he was alive. He looks out for you and he's telling me that......" followed by those details about your toenail and your upcoming optician's appointment.

    See the difference?
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  8. dan t

    dan t New Member

    I see. The weird thing was though is that he behaved the way you described for mediumship with pretty much everyone else except me. For other people, he would approach them with a specific question or detail and then explain it was because he was perceiving or sensing a certain person, who he would then describe. He would give very specific and old-fashioned names at times (like Herbert and Florence) and then start describing them. He would also ask people to check for things and verify for information he gave that they didn't at first recognise or said they'd have to look into. Strangely, he didn't really do that with me. To be fair, my great grandad on my mother's side is the only person who died that I knew of in my family. John did say he was being shown specific imagery that he then had to interpret. I've heard that's often how this kind of evidential mediumship works.

    He also mentioned that a 'skill' some mediums possess is that they can form connections so strong that they can communicate with any deceased loved one you request. The medium that is supposed to be appearing on the 8th March can apparently do this. Have you had experience with this sort of talent?
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    That suggests he did what I suggested - read you psychically because he didn't have a connection with a discarnate, a spirit. Perhaps he was looking for the link I'd spoken about but finding nothing mediumistic?

    That's how I expect mediumship to be - give details, ask little other than for a 'yes' or 'no' and advise research for what can't be identified. Of course if no details are able to be indentified one is left not knowing if any were details from a relevant spirit if spiritcommunication was there at all.

    You're young and likely haven't experienced many deaths in your family. Naturally it's going to be hard in such cases to link with someone you've known.

    It can certainly be a variety of mediumship but for me it's the least satisfactory because it relies on the interpretive ability of the medium. Clear evidence may not be available again leaving one wondering who a spirit communicator is and if they're relevant to you personally.

    My immediate reaction is that such a claim is preposterous.
  10. dan t

    dan t New Member

    I think he may have just read me psychically, but somehow performed genuine mediumship for everyone else. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see for now what this guy can supposedly do.

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