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member responses and conversations - general

Discussion in 'Carol and Mikey Q&A 'follow-on-discussions'' started by mac, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. fins up

    fins up New Member

    Roberta seems to think she isn't the least bit psychic, from what I have read. She has availed herself of mediums. She is directed and passes along information from her primary spirit guide, Thomas.
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  2. jobun

    jobun New Member

    yes. I always strive to educate myself on things I am not always knowledgeable about, (or even if I am). I truly appreciate the time and energy that is spent on here helping people learn about the afterlife and spirituality., Everyone's experiences and knowledge varies, and I always like to hear and learn.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    How do you imagine a 'dead' person being able to direct a live person - or passing along information - without that live person being psychically sensitive/aware? ;)
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I acknowledge this posting is for Mikey's attention but in the meantime I offer my own thoughts. I don't recall Mikey ever referring to any "blue print"(sic) for our lives. Strictly the word used in engineering etc. is 'blueprint' and the nature of a blueprint is a detailed drawing intended for construction purposes etc. Members have used this word, one that is inappropriate for the concept.

    As I mentioned.....

    There is no blueprint - we can see it better as a 'life-plan' and freewill is a given in our lives if we accept the teachings of teachers and guides widely seen as spiritually-evolved. It's clear in practice that our lives are impacted by the actions of others, their freewill and our own freewill both involved to a greater or lesser extent.

    If one accepts this notion of 'exit point' then it's said we have a number of potential exit points but I have seen nothing authoritative to suggest that death can't occur between planned exit points, whether that's as a result of what we call accidents or from ill health occasioning death.

    It's undoubtedly the case that plants demonstrate levels of sensitivity that are attributed by some to it being down to consciousness - it's a hypothesis. As for molecules having consciousness, that's conjecture and - for me personally - it's nonsense.
    Moving on, though, none of us HAS a soul. We are souls/spirits who 'have' physical bodies in which we experience our present physical lives. Try looking at things this way: our physical bodies are animated by some form of 'life energy', however we'd define that and whatever it actually is. No life energy from a soul/spirit means no life in any physical form.

    The next bit will take some getting your head around: all living things are animated by a soul/spirit. That soul/spirit will be comparatively inexperienced in animating physical life-forms. As part of its progression it will first learn how to animate simple life forms. After learning how to animate those it progresses to animating less-simple ones. Does an ant have a soul - no. Is that ant animated by a comparatively inexperienced soul/spirit - yes.

    You're not violating any rules but the aliens/extra-terrestrials issue is one we've looked at here on ALF in the past, the subject usually provoking claims and counter-claims and conspiracy theories, Roswell etc. No-one has been able to provide evidence of anything but fantasists will likely continue to peddle their theories and fantasies as if they are facts and they will likely continue to claim that agencies and governments are covering-up. Conspiracy theories abound but remain as theories. There are no biological or spiritual aspects to consider or explore because these are just theories and hypotheses.
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  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Just to keep this thread on the straight-and-narrow, new and recent members should know that questions about aliens, alien-abduction, UFOs and extra-terrestrials should be posted on websites where such subjects are encouraged. Here on ALF they are discouraged because in the past they have become heated and divisive and none of them have much to do with afterlife issues or the spiritual aspects accompanying them.

    Mikey has answered questions about so-called extra-terrestrials / aliens in the past and previous references can be found by using the 'Advanced Search' utility found in ALF's search section.
  6. baob

    baob Active Member

    "Does an ant have a soul - no. Is that ant animated by a comparatively inexperienced soul/spirit - yes."

    Thanks for your help, mac!
    Is the comparatively inexperienced soul/spirit who animates an ant still a kind of soul?
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    If you accept the idea that all life forms have to be animated by some form of energy, what kind of energy would we consider our own animating spirits to be? ;) I don't have any answers on that one!

    As for less-complex forms of life, I'm guided by the words I found in 'Soul Trek' by Julie Gale. In the channeled work the communicator tells us that as part of the odyssey we each undertake we learn how to eventually control the physical bodies we presently use by first learning how to control those of simpler forms of life.

    Putting some meat on the bare bones, each of us is spiritually identically similar to the source from which we all originally came - all individual spirits have the same potential to animate as all others. Hence the energy we see as one's spirit is the exact same form of life-energy that breathes life into all physical lifeforms. An ant's animating spirit is simply less experienced than those animating ourselves.

    One way to consider how all spirit is identically similar in all its individuated form might be to think of water as its analogue. The water molecule is a simple one, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen one. That never varies whether it's water in an ocean, water inside our bodies, or water from the condensation on a cold window pane.

    What makes water different in different situations is the action it enables. In simple processes it has a comparatively simple role. In more complex situations it becomes a carrying medium without which a particular mechanism could not happen or it's directly involved as a reagent in complex chemical reactions.

    You might see that as similar to the ant cf complex organisms situation.
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  8. fins up

    fins up New Member

    Perhaps psychic and spiritual are two different things.
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Did you not know that? Notice the 'wink' emoticon - mine was a rhetorical question......;)
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    A couple of seasons ago I made myself various pendulums, some charts and did some experimentation. I was not impressed by the results and completely unpersuaded that any knowledgeable entity was in any way involved.

    It's easy to believe that because others - Carol and Mikey included but theirs is exceptional - use pendulums that just anyone can. The blind testing you did highlights the weaknesses of using a pendulum and also the foolishness of trying to foretell the future with one.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2021

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