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I know from long experience that there are many misunderstandings and part of that is down to the words we use. Only this morning I was writing to someone online about a scheduled meeting and explaining that the medium who would attend - my good friend - was a 'natural medium'.

Later I got to thinking. I knew exactly what I meant by that term and what was different about such a medium. But then I reflected over whether others also know?

As I did I realised it was almost tautological. Aren't ALL mediums natural mediums? What would be an unnatural one by comparison? Mediums are born and not made; it's an old saying. How much more natural could it be?

It's similarly tautological to refer to a 'psychic medium' - mediums are by their very nature, highly psychic. If they weren't they wouldn't be effective mediums. But 'psychic medium' is often used when what's really meant is 'a psychic'.

I don't talk a lot, especially about my 'specialist' subjects, much preferring the written word. It was slightly surreal, then, to find myself with three mediums and chatting with them about what mediumship truly should mean. One was from the US, the other two from the UK. As we talked it was clear that the US medium was used to doing something very different from what a UK medium would do. That was an interesting illustration of something I'd picked up elsewhere.

The conversation moved on to misunderstandings and how 'ghost' and 'spirit' are frequently muddled and misunderstood. The US medium said to me she didn't really understand the difference and asked, "How do you define a ghost compared with a spirit?" I quickly explained the difference but was surprised a medium would be asking me. Later it dawned on me why that was.

Over the years I've become ever-clearer in my mind about mediumship and certain other subjects. I hadn't realised before, however, that things hadn't been clear! In the past I must have thought I did know, and quite possibly I actually did, but now I have a clarity of understanding that was missing earlier. I'm grateful to those who have gotten it through to me.

So now I have confidence in declaring what's what and not feeling I should defer to the experience/status of others I had simply been assuming knew more than I. I am equally grateful to those who have worked on me to eventually reach that point!


A simple explanation from the Spiritualists' National Union:

"What is Mediumship?

The main aim of mediumship is to provide evidence of survival of the human personality beyond physical death. Mediumship is a transfer of information from the spirit of a deceased person via a 'medium' to a 'recipient'.

A medium has the ability to receive information from a communicating spirit and pass on that information. In many respects this will be personal to the recipient of the communication."

The last paragraph is important in helping differentiate psychic sensitivity/awareness from mediumship, issues commonly misunderstood.

Where the beneficiary of information is the individual herself/himself then it's psychic sensitivity.

When communicated information is for the benefit of a third person it's mediumship.

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