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Leslie Flint Seances

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Annie, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mikey says all souls and all planets are with God. The main goal with all beings is to be in the "Unity" of absolute pure love. God is the "Unity" of absolute pure love. No matter where the soul is for life lessons, your life review is done in the same way. Mikey says there are many souls choosing not to come back to earth. They are choosing other ways to advance their soul. He says Roberta is right when she says the earth has the Navy Seals of the Universe!
    Carol and Mikey in "Spirit"
  2. Navy Seals? Now I know I made a mistake coming to the earthplane... I definitely ain't no Navy Seal! I'm more of a quartermaster clerk.
  3. Okay, so I'm reading this really good book by Thomas Walker called The Force is With Us-The Higher Consciousness that Science Refuses to Accept. On page 74 I read this:
    Ironically, the spirits report through mediums that, even after their own deaths, skeptical scientists remain skeptical. Even in the afterlife, skeptical scientists still don't believe in life after death. They insist instead that their physical life was only a dream!

    Now, I'm a bit boggled, because I believe in the afterlife, but I've also always believed (at least for the past 30 years) that one "day" I'll simply wake up as a perfect eternal/timeless being living in a realm of perfect Harmony and realize that my "life" in this earthplane was nothing more than a dream. It almost scares me to think that I have this in common with non-believing, materialist scientists? Or is it that we're both climbing the same mountain from different paths?
  4. Lol @ your quartermaster clerk comment Vic, I know how you feel.

    And oh jeez, these scientists are driving me crazy haha. I don't know, I guess you can think of life as a dream in a way, but I think what makes it different from a dream is that it's real for a number of people. For example, I could have a dream about myself and everyone on this forum and wake up and tell you guys about it, but none of you would know what I was talking about. But if I met you guys in the afterlife and said "remember when we were on the afterlife forums together?" you'd all know what I meant.
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Those scientists!:) Annie is right though, what acts as the barrier between dreams and life (from my perspective) whether or not people remember being there. It would be nice to just wake up in the afterlife, without the whole dilemma of physical death. Anyway Vic, I think the difference is that you are willing to accept new evidence and scientists are not. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here!
  6. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Hi Vic! - Thanks for bringing up The Force is With Us - it is one of the books on my short-list for reviewing here, but I haven't yet been able to get to it. Is it good? Do you recommend it??

    This notion that skeptical dead scientists don't believe in the post-death life that they are living is sometimes true, but I think (based on lots of reading of century-old afterlife communications) that it is actually more complex than what that sentence suggests. Now, it's possible that some scientists dying in the 20th century have set up skeptics' societies there more recently than my main period of study, but if that is happening to any extent then I'm sure that the upper-level beings who are trying so hard to elevate us all would treat such groups of skeptics the way they treat the denizens of hollow heavens, and work hard to enlighten them as quickly as possible. Here is what I currently understand to be true:

    1) Most dead people who are asked this question directly will refer to earth-life as the dream, and their life there as reality. They insist that their Summerland life is more "real," and for a brief while after they die they sometimes have the sort of puzzled, scratching the head, kind of dazed air that you would expect of someone who has been duped by some great hoax and can't believe how gullible he was to ever fall for it. Now, is it possible that some skeptical scientists have fooled themselves into believing that because that life is the real life, they never actually died at all? Sure. But you and I can see what a silly attempt that is to briefly deny that they have been wrong, and we know that eventually they will have to get beyond it.

    2) I have never encountered a post-death atheist. Some who were atheists in life are annoyed at first to find that God is real, and sometimes they defend themselves by saying that God is nothing like what their families' religions used to preach so those religious ideas were equally wrong. Are those who deny the afterlife while they are living it also trying to deny the existence of God, do you think, Vic? I would find that to be the more interesting question to ask, since if indeed for any one of them their skepticism goes that far then that would be the first instance of post-death atheism I have seen.

    3) Atheism seems to be at the core of scientific skepticism. Craig Hogan charitably says that scientists don't study all this evidence because they don't know about it, but in my own experience they don't want to know about it because if there were anything to it that might rock their comfortable matter-based view of reality. Nothing in the past hundred years of gradually increasing certainty that nothing solid exists has shaken that core scientific certainty that matter matters! So since skepticism of the afterlife seems to tie so closely to skepticism of God, and since in the afterlife it seems to be impossible for people to deny God's primacy without literally crawling into a hole and avoiding people - or perhaps resorting to an atheistic hollow heaven - then I really doubt that the kind of post-death skepticism that those communicators express is going to be more than very temporary!

    I'm sorry to have to tell you, dear wonderful friend, that one day you won't "wake up as a perfect eternal/timeless being." Many of the recently-dead are crushed to realize that after death we are exactly the same people that we were before we died! This life is a dream, but it is important to this extent: now is when we have the opportunity to learn and grow and try to perfect ourselves spiritually, so when one day we wake up from this dream we will be prepared to have the best possible eternal life!
  7. Regarding the book: I'm only half way through it, but I highly recommend it. It presents a lot of the science done on the paranormal over the past few hundred years.

    Regarding post-death atheists, the book didn't go too much into depth there. I was surprised to have learned that there are atheists who believe in an afterlife (though I can't find the webpage).

    Regarding me not "waking up as a perfect eternal/timeless being", that's based on the afterlife evidence -- which could all be a part of this grand illusion, or given us by beings in the hereafter that may be just as confused as we are.

    Richard Bartlett, founder of Matrix Energetics, was given, by his spiritual guides, this version of the Serenity Prayer (which I'm paraphrasing): "God give me the grace to accept the things that I cannot change, and the power to change the things I cannot accept." There are many things about the afterlife evidence that I simply do not accept. I weigh the evidence, but I also have to follow my Heart.

    With Lovingkindness,
  8. Here's something that I'd like to share from Leslie Flint seance transcripts, evidence that rings true to my Heart:

    "The foundation of all creeds, all religions, is the Life to Come; if it were not so there would be no point of course in religion as such, and in my own narrow way when I was on your side I sincerely believed at the time that only those who accepted and believed as I did would inherit the Kingdom of God. I know this is a fallacy now –that all peoples inherit the Kingdom of God because it is a natural law. No one is barred, no one is kept out for the simple reason that it is natural law that when man dies his spirit inherits the spiritual realms which are all around and about your earth world. It is inescapable.

    There is no one who is left out and there are many, many conditions of life over here and man inherits according to his nature and his achievement, or lack of achievement, going to a lesser condition or place. In other words man receives exactly what he himself has created by his life, his outlook and his way of life." (Emphasis mine.)

    I plead guilty to picking and choosing the evidence that rings true to my Heart...
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Vic! I agree with Roberta - I doubt that we'll get to just wake up and be perfect, eternal beings. Of course, that would be lovely - nice and simple. Although I have to say the actual death process (once you leave your body) sounds really fun from everything I've heard about it. I don't know if I'd want to miss it!

    I too have never read an account of a post death atheist, although I have read of people who died while they were atheists. All of them realized the truth soon enough though. I tend to doubt that, once in the Summerland, it is even possible to doubt the existence of God (although I can't see how people doubt it here either, with the proof all around us).
  10. I listened to another seance with Annie Nanji and she talked a bit about reincarnation again and said that she thinks her previous life was her last one, that she doesn't feel the need to reincarnate ever again. She said that some people have learned all they can from their lives and don't need to do it again and that most people probably wouldn't like the idea of reincarnating (I don't know if she meant people who are on earth now or who are in the afterlife, but I think she meant people on earth). She talked a bit about hollow heavens, didn't actually use the term "hollow heaven" but just said that some people are in kind of an illusion and can be stuck there for hundreds of years but often times kind of bring themselves out of it or are aided by other people to see the light, so to speak. She said it would be pointless to stand around praising God all day long.

    I don't know if this was in the same seance, but I remember at one point she said to her husband, as she's said a few times before, that she wishes he could remember his visits to her in the afterlife in his sleep. This is something I find fascinating, the idea that we can travel to the Summerland without even realizing it. Stephen Ward talked a little bit about this too. Anyway, her husband asked what kind of things they do together when he's asleep. She said they take walks, they talk a lot, they talk to more advanced spirits from higher spheres.

    Oh yeah, she talked about eating too, this might have been a different seance though because I listened to a couple of them last night. She said that there's no need to do it although sometimes people do when they first arrive. And she said that when she wants to visit her husband, she just closes her eyes and focuses on him and then she is near him.

    I'll probably post more, there are some more seances with Annie Nanji that look interesting from the descriptions that I'm going to try to listen to when I get a chance.

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