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Leslie Flint Seances

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Annie, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, I’m making this thread because a lot of us here, including myself, are interested in Leslie Flint’s séances. For those who don’t know, Leslie Flint was a direct voice medium who had the ability to let spirits in the afterlife take over his voice box and speak just as they did when they were alive. To prove that he was the real deal, Flint often did these séances bound and gagged while others watched and it has been confirmed by several people that he did not fake these séances. He somehow did not attract malicious earthbound spirits, maybe because he had two guides/controls (Mickey and Dr. Marshall) who were always with him watching over him and would often chime in during séances.

    Here’s one by Dr. Stephen Ward talking about past lives. There is a boatload of recordings from Ward, but I zeroed in on this one because the description said he went in detail about reincarnation and that is what I’m interested in at the moment. I’m copying and pasting from another thread. Will probably listen to more of his séances and share the good ones with you guys

    1. Ward actually died by suicide (overdose), and did not wind up in the outer darkness. I think this shows that it's possible to go to the Summerland if we can forgive ourselves. I'll have to listen to more of his seances to see how he felt about his life, from the descriptions of some of them, I think there is some remorse.

    2. He talked about how it had been two or three weeks since he last visited the group (he was kind of a "regular" and there is a whole list of seances with him). I think that while time doesn't matter in the afterlife, they probably do have some concept of it passing. He said he had been relaxing and reflecting over those weeks.

    3. He said he's lived about a dozen lives and when he described them, they were all in the past. I was kind of waiting to see if he would talk about any future lives, but he didn't. I'll keep looking for recordings that talk about it though. I think, if I understood right, he said something like out of all his lives, he only felt like he got two of them right.

    4. He didn't seem to remember the details of his lives automatically when he died, which just confirms what we've been saying here. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but I guess he had a way of watching his former lives kind of like a movie.

    5. Even though he had a different appearance in past lives, he was always able to recognize himself.

    6. Also said that he found the sitters because he thinks he was related to them in a past life.

    Alfred Higgins - I like this one because it has kind of a synopsis/transcript to read while you listen so you can understand him better. But I also like how he explains how the dead put thoughts in people’s heads: they focus very strongly on the message they want to convey and the person they want to convey it to. He says that his wife went to a medium who got part of the message but botched the rest, which is why I think mediums do have some skills but also do tend to put their own thoughts and ideas into their readings too and are rarely 100% accurate.

    Alfred Pritchett - Another I like because it is of a clear quality and has a transcript to read. I like how he describes the afterlife in easy to understand, plain terms. He meets up with a friend of his who confirms that you are not judged in heaven, you only judge yourself. Also was interesting to me that he met up with his sister, who died as an infant (so he didn’t know who she was at first) and was grown up and looked 20 when he met her (proof that children do grow up in the afterlife).

    Amy Johnson - Not super clear, but there’s a transcript for this one so it makes it a little easier. I think one thing I took from this is that people who are mentally retarded in life lose that handicap, but they don’t automatically just become intelligent all of a sudden in the afterlife, they have to work on it a bit and learn. She says there is a sense of time in the afterlife but it’s not formed by the moon and sun or a calendar.

    Maurice Chevalier - He was a popular French actor and singer. This link points to five different short séances of his compiled together. I like it because the first séance was only a couple weeks after he died and he begins completely confused, not fully grasping the fact that he is dead. In the next séance, it’s like the difference between night and day - he is jovial and extremely happy where he is. He gives a lot of insight about the afterlife: that time is different, that we perceive things as solid here because we have the same vibrations, that spirits can receive our thoughts. His description of how he was trying to get attention right after he died but everyone ignored him made me laugh for some reason…I know it must’ve been frustrating for him but the way he described it was humorous to me.

    Nellie Wright - This one was a weird one, so I had to post it. This woman is proof that people even in the afterlife are often, well, delusional is the word that comes to my mind. She reproaches the sitters for not being religious. From what I’ve heard other séances though, religion doesn’t matter. I don‘t know if she‘s in a hollow heaven per se but she does mention the devil and evil so I don‘t think she quit grasps everything about the spiritual world at the time of this recording. She even says “If you don’t accept Jesus, you’ll be damned forever you know, you’ll go down into the pit.” When the sitters disagree, she says “I’m the one who’s here, I should know these things, you’re down there. I'm saved and I think you're misguided.” (Not true, there are plenty of people over there were atheists) At one point, I remember something like:

    Dr. Marshall (spirit guide): She’s not very advanced, but she's a good soul.
    Nellie Wright: What did he say?
    George Woods (I think): He said you’re a good soul.
    Nellie Wright: Oh did he? Well that's alright then.

    Made me laugh anyway.

    Bobby Tracey
    - It was fun to listen to a recording from a child’s point of view. He described all the games and fun things he does in the afterlife and how he goes to school. He kept teasing Woods about his hair and said it looked “all bubbly” which I thought was cute. Says he doesn’t have to eat but occasionally has an apple.

    Annie Nanji - I recently started listening to her recordings. Her husband came to sit and talk with her. I've only listened to a few, but so far some things I've learned from her are:

    1. She told her husband that he comes to visit her in his sleep, and they talk and spend time together, but he doesn't remember these encounters when he wakes up. They both express some frustration at this.

    2. She's learning to play the harp. She has to learn how because when you die, skills don't automatically just come to you. You have to learn like you would on earth, although I'm sure the process is easier.

    I'm going to listen to more from her because she talks in a way that is intelligent yet easy to listen to and follow, and easy to relate to. I also like how her seances are more of a conversation with her husband rather than a monologue like many of them are.

    That's it so far I think. I've listened to others not listed here, but they were either too difficult to understand, or they were (not to be disrespectful) a little boring...some spirits (especially those who were English aristocrats from the early 20th century and prior) spoke verrrrrry....slowwwwwly....and tended to talk and talk without really saying anything. And I'm not trying to be rude or negative when I say that, it's just that it would take ages to listen to all of this stuff.

    Anyhoo, this was a long post but it's a few of my recommendations, I'll add more as I come across them because there are so many I haven't listened to.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2011
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Thank you so much, dear Annie, for posting this! It will truly make things a lot easier for people who are searching for convincing evidence of survival! It's wonderful how you've even gone to the trouble of describing each one so people don't have to sort through them all.

    Thanks again!
  3. Annie, I read your synopsis of the sessions with great interest! Thanks! Any plans for a book? :)
  4. Thanks Vita, yeah I wanted to kind of summarize the main things I took from these seances so that people wouldn't have to listen to the whole things. It'll also help me in case I forget down the road, but it's pretty fresh in my memory now.

    Vic - No problem! I don't think I'd have enough to say to fill a whole book haha, but I'll try and add to this thread when I can anyway.
  5. Annie thanks for starting this thread. No doubt many will find these recordings as fascinating as we do. Like you, I have just an enormous respect for Leslie Flint.

    More people need to know about his recordings. Like you mentioned, with modern day internet and an increasing interest in afterlife evidence, these recordings are golden. People just aren’t aware of them.

    The blind skeptics can say whatever they want (and they do) nobody cares about them anyway. :D I’ve had enough of those people. I listened to one Flint recording that was just a magnificent stream of consciousness. On the earth plane I’ve been listening to people run their mouths for nearly 50 years and embodied humans simply aren’t capable of expressing themselves in such a flawless fashion for 45 minutes. I believe it was either Dr. Cosmo Lang or Sir Oliver Lodge - I believe it was Lang, but the Lodge recording was interesting as well.

    It’s just magnificent stuff. I am both amazed and appalled that these recordings are just lost in the past. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the skeptics/spiritually blind lately and no amount of evidence, no matter how compelling, makes it past their defenses. I’ve given up on those people; they aren’t the ones we are trying to reach.

    You essentially said the same thing in that we need to go around orthodox science. So many have so much invested in the material world, a grass roots approach appears to be the only way to get past these turkeys. :p

    This should be a good thread.
  6. I think I remember a good one from Sir Oliver Lodge too, but I think I might have had kind of a hard time understanding him and there was no transcript, but the little synopsis was interesting. I haven't heard the Dr. Cosmo Lang one yet, might have to check that out.

    I know, I wish I could go on TV on every station and tell people to listen to these recordings. When I first found them, I was completely blown away, I couldn't believe it was possible, and I felt like I discovered a gold mine that had been right there in front of me on the internet for years. I only wish I'd found it sooner. My first thought was "Is this fake?" but after doing a little research and listening to enough recordings with distinct voices, realized it was genuine. I try to listen to more and more when I have time. There are so many hours worth here.

    Honestly, sometimes I think skeptics are just kind of closing their eyes and plugging their ears to the evidence. Don't get me wrong, there are things I'm skeptical about myself, but as far as whether the afterlife exists or not...there's too much evidence that it does that not believing in it at least in some form is just fooling yourself I think.
  7. Some of the male voices are similar and I believe I read something about it having to do with how they are generated through Flint. Undoubtedly his skeptics have a field day with the physics / physiology of that – LOL. It is pretty far out but no one can deny the validity of the information coming from the spirits.

    I agree skepticism is an absolute necessity in life, I understand that. It’s just the closed minded lunatics that raise my blood pressure. They are every bit as bad as any religious zealot. I’ve always wanted to tell some atheistic science nerd that his materialist scientific dogma was just as fanatical as any fundamentalist religion and watch his head explode….

    It was one of the Cosmo Lang tapes, the longer one I believe, that blew me away. The content was good, but the delivery was just flawless if I’m remembering it right. He was the arch bishop of Canterbury and he definitely sees things a little differently over there. In other recordings you can hear the air passing through the materialized vocal chords in order to create the sound. If I recall the arch bishop didn’t require much air for what seemed like a flawless stream of consciousness - and from an individual that held his position in life – I just remember sitting there with my mouth open listening to it.
  8. http://www.leslieflint.com/index.html

    I mostly listen to the recordings on his official site - The Leslie Flint Educational Trust.

    One this main page you can go to the directory on the left – half way down – Listen to Recordings.

    You need macromedia flash player to listen to these recordings. There is a link to adobe flash player near the top of this page.

    The recordings page has a list of Individual Communicator Sections.
    Also on this page Assorted Recordings by alphabet.

    This recording of Cosmo Lang was done in 1984 – one of Flint’s later ones – and is pretty clear.

    Sorry I only know how to copy and paste the URL, haven’t bothered to learn how to do the cool links like others do yet.
  9. Thanks Awakening, I'll listen to that one later. I mostly listen to them on that site too but sometimes I like the ones on ADCguides because they have a synopsis to read while you listen.

    Yeah, at first I noticed a lot of the male voices sounded similar. So I made a point of listening to more female voice recordings and they definitely don't sound like a man impersonating a woman. And then there's Mickey, who was around pretty much the whole time Flint did his seances putting a few words in at the beginning and/or end. His voice is pretty high-pitched and distinct, so they would've had to have had a woman hiding in the closet pretending to be a little boy all those years or something, and I don't see why they would go to that trouble.

    When it comes to skeptics, I think to myself that at least we're putting the idea of the afterlife in their minds and all the evidence that goes with it. They might not fully believe it, but some small part of them surely knows it could be a possibility.

    Oh yeah, if you want to do the link thing, you just highlight the text you want, click on that little picture of the world with little links below it, and paste the URL in the box that pops up. But it doesn't really matter either way.

    I listened to another one with Annie Nanji talking to her husband. Some stuff I've gathered...

    1. No distance can separate people - she just thinks of her husband and she is there with him, even though he can't see her. I remember one thread talking about whether the dead can see us...they definitely can. She says she can see everything he does. Now I'll be honest, this weirds me out just a little, I mean not too bad but come on, it's weird to think your grandparents can see you anytime, or things like that. I'm sure dead people have a lot of better things to do though. She did mention in this seance that she's been busy I think.

    2. Thought creates everything, people write books just with their thoughts and others can read them, there are huge libraries.

    3. They've been together in past lives, but all have been in Europe, which I guess goes to show people stick to the familiar.

    4. She tries to help people who are frustrated trying to contact alive loved ones and cannot do so. Just goes to show that the dead miss us just as much as we miss them.
  10. Great stuff Annie

    The ADCguides site has lots of good information. I’ve read many of the posts in his forum and Craig – like Roberta - just has fantastic responses to the questions. I’ll go back and look through some of the recordings there again as you have suggested. That’s actually what led me to Flint I believe. It’s so hard to find time for all this. I keep neglecting things I should be doing.

    And Yeah, the dead can definitely see us. I don’t know where the controversy was and I don’t know if there are any parameters but given the nagging I took from my mother in a recent reading with a medium, there’s no doubt she can see me. She complained bitterly about the condition of my house. After she died I admit to letting it go a bit. She commented specifically on two areas that really needed my attention. I know it is a little unsettling that they can see us, but I’ve just decided there’s nothing I can do about that.

    I knew for years before my mother died that we were like fish in a fish bowl here on earth – that the universe had eyes. Even our thoughts are accessible. The price for awareness is you know there’s no such thing as privacy. Ignorance can be bliss sometimes. I’d rather be aware though, so I suck it up.

    Yeah, they do miss us, not as much as we do them because they have better access to us. It must be frustrating for them to be standing right in front of us and we not know they are there. Or, see us in pain etc. My mother understands me a lot better now that she’s on the other side. On this side her understanding of all things spiritual was basically non-existent.

    Thanks for the info on the link thing.

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