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The topic of life, death and what follows is a BIG one and for the average seeker like myself it can be a bewildering time trying to find a suitable source of information.

Traditionally it was down to churches, centers, organisations and bodies to 'spread the word' with supplementary information available from various publications. Most are still around but now we also have electronic media with the potential to swamp seekers and also to mislead them. A lot of misinformation can be found 'out there' in cyberspace where it's readily available to anyone with a phone or a computer.

I found my own sources of information largely in the published word - books and periodicals. Much of it originated from guides and teachers via mediumship but also from experienced, knowledgeable individuals found - in my own case - in the movement of Modern Spiritualism. I am still minded to look to them for guidance rather than self-styled experts and gurus who can easily publish their personal views and opinions online. We must each make our own choice as to what appeals most.

Here we used to have a discarnate communicator who answered members' questions via the mediumship of his mother. I have always considered his guidance over what he experienced after his passing as irrefutable but unlike some I did not see him in the mold of the spirit teachers and guides of old. Yes he could explain philosophical issues in much the same way many experienced and knowledgeable incarnates could but only to a certain limited point - understandably so. But for us to drill down into the deeper issues surrounding God and our reasons for being alive at all there is a limited number of authoritative guides who can offer their insight. What works for one individual may not have any appeal for another.

Some smart-arses tell us we need only look inside ourselves to find answers but that's a crock. Sure some individuals are blessed to be guided by their personal contacts in the world of the spirit but my bet is that for most of us that ain't the case. It's certainly not for me! I would anyway be cautious of individuals claiming or suggesting they are guided by evolved beings. My concern is always how they think they know that.

Listed there are just some of the potential pitfalls but if we're gonna make progress we need to opt for one or the other source for guidance because if we try to figure stuff for ourselves I'd wager most of us will fail.