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Thought my reply had answered your query re: do I understand the notion of life after corporeal death. I understand the notion completely, including the description of what this existence is purportedly like ,via mediums and people who describe their personal near death experiences. I have read extensively, from Kubler-Ross, Raymond Moody, Eban Alexander and descriptions from many people about what they experienced just prior to being returned to their bodies ( many, apparently, unwillingly).
Actually you hadn't indicated you accepted the notion of survival. You spoke about a lot of aspects but I still get the impression you're far from persuaded.

In passing, all those individuals you've mentioned are modern-day celebrities, at least one of them well known for the book he wrote about his own near-death experience. As I've pointed out here on ALF on numerous occasions, a near-death experience isn't death and those who experience them can't tell you about what it's like after you've passed over. There is, however, plenty of information from other sources.

I am currently reviewing material from Cyrus Kirkpatrick and Jurgen Ziewe. I have had one possible connection to life after death in the death of my father. Just days before his passing, while in a hospital bed, my brother and myself stood there and listened to him having a very happy conversation, quite lucidly, with someone. His eyes were closed, we are not certain he slept..but as a person with Dementia, he appeared to be more clear-headed and happier than we had seen him in weeks.
I've heard similar accounts of lucidity in the final stages of life when an individual had been suffering dementia.

It is said that conciousness sometimes leaves the body in stages; thus one can be aware of this world and aspects of the next, with deceased loved ones present, even prior to physical death. We hope that is what was occurring. There are many reports of people near death encountering loved ones, other beings and surroundings not discernable to attending family, medical professionals and hospice staff. These latter apparently witness amazing events as a person begins his or her journey.
I sense you're far from persuaded - you actually say "We hope...." - at a personal level about the things reported.

I am not looking for God. Whatever is out there goes beyond our conventional understanding. There may be something or someone(s) at higher levels who manage or assist the situation. Certainly these beings figure in just about any nde one reads about.
I've separately addressed the issue of you're seeking God as I have also the one of near-death experiences. As for managing or helping, well you're right that there are helpers of all levels of spiritual progress and although the head honcho isn't involved at a grass-roots level it's assisted by one or perhaps more entities who are so involved - to a certain degree. ;)

Perhaps we ourselves are part of that overall creative energy you speak of. Maybe its something we work with side by side.
As to depressive illness, there is admittedly some generalized anxiety, which one hopes doesn't invalidate the ideas expressed here.
Depression in whatever form at whatever level does not invalidate what's felt but can greatly modify its impact. Where it heightens fear of death - and I'm not suggesting that's what you're experiencing - it may also skew how one views the information available. And there IS a huge amount going way-back-when.

Many people suffer from a variety of problems while getting through this life. I am well aware of those I need to deal with when it comes to loss of life and loved ones with no present empirical data to support what may come after. At 71 years of age, I don't feel I've done too badly.
What a curious term of phrase "I am well aware of those I need to deal with when it comes to loss of life and loved ones....." Care to enlarge on that?

As for empirical data you're bang-on correct. There ARE no such data. Neither are there any scientific tests to prove - or disprove - accounts of what happens after death. What we do have, however, is an abundance of evidence from innumerable sources which for many free thinkers leads to their being persuaded information is reliable. You say at 71 you've not done too badly and I'm pleased for you. I'm almost 76 by the way although that's not important.
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