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I am not sure this is the appropriate forum to post; if it is not, will you kindly remove it, mac? Thanks!
Here is my question(s)... Since my early 20s I have been interested in Native studies. Genetically, I have South American Native bits coursing in my blood and tissue (not much), but I don't think that's what attracted me to Native studies while at University. Frankly, I have no earthly idea; I just remember reading "The cry of the eagle" and that was it.... totally "hooked"!

Anyway, for decades I have practiced the ways of the shaman. Very, very few people know about this and I'm in no hurry to "advertise" it, lol (especially where I live now, many would fear I made some sort of contract with Dark Forces, lol)
My question is: what is Mikey's perspective on this? I have never experienced harmful effects from shamanic journeying; I do not use hallucinogens, my journeys to "the other world" involve shamanic breathing and drumming.
Thank you for your response!


You'll need to put your question to Carol for Mikey in the new thread - she won't see it here.