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Is this a way to communicate...

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Kahlon, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Kahlon

    Kahlon New Member

    I have 2 sons. One can hear voices. He said they were all meshed together. I told him to try and separate the voices. I tried to hear like he does and could not. After years he did manage to separate the voices. He said sometimes they just talk and sometimes give advice. My other son saw faces when he closed his eyes. He had a problem with putting away the faces but now he can do that. After my dad crossed over and he spoke with me I still cannot hear other voices.

    I decided to try and see the faces. I saw a lot faces. But I did not know any of them. They were just different people. One day I tried to show my husband how to see faces. While I was explaining how to do this a tunnel came up. I saw my cat walking along some grass we cut on our acreage. I could see the portion that the grass was not cut and my cat was walking along the edge. It was impossible to see that part from where I was sitting in the house. The scene was very clear. A sunny day and the grass green. No one was in our yard and I wondered if a spirit was in the yard and I saw through the eyes of the spirit.

    I kept practicing and could see many different things. Inside houses or outside things. One time I saw 3 pieces of paper hanging on a wall. One of the papers had larger print than the others. I tried to focus on the larger print. A guy reached out to that paper and brought it closer then drew it away again. I didn't understand that. But from that I thought that they knew I was watching and from other ones that I had seen. I went on a trip to go to my brothers funeral. On the way there I would close my eyes to see the different people and my dad appeared. I was very surprised. It led me to think that is it possible that these different people are just spirits around us??

    I have show some people how to do this. When you close your eyes a shape will appear. If you focus on that shape it will become clearer as you focus. Then you will make out a shape of a chin or part of the face. Then the whole face will appear. The faces don't just keep still. They just kind of float from left to right or right to left. Then you notice a tunnel appear to the side of the head and if you focus on that it will go to the eyes of one of the people you see. The tunnel will open up and you will see what ever I assume they want us to see.
    If the tunnel just remains small just think that you want it to open up and the image will become larger without the tunnel. Before I come to the idea that the tunnel lead to the eyes of the people I asked my sister to try this. Without trying to influence her she told me she saw the people but they kept closing their eyes and that prevented her from seeing anything. So I think she is right. That you see thru their eyes.

    One time I was listening to a piece of music and wondered if it was really a spiritually helpful music piece. A few days later I saw a vision of a beautiful gate made out of tree hedges. Again was that my answer. I felt yes. The music piece had the word gate in it.

    Does this happen to anyone else.
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I have no direct experience of what you're describing so I can't help with any of your personal issues. But communication is a particular interest for me so your detailed account was fascinating albeit slightly disturbing.

    You have talked about many examples of communication yet your thread heading asks "Is this a way to communicate?", a question in the singular. To that I'd respond is what a way to communicate - the ways your sons, husband, dad, friend, sister communicate? I gotta say you've mentioned a lot of very different ways and people, a situation that's unusual in one person's life.

    Have you spoken to or had any help from anyone concerning the things you've told us?
  3. Kahlon

    Kahlon New Member

    I was just wondering if seeing the faces is a way to communicate with who ever is there, here or ones who have crossed over. I don't understand why you would think it is disturbing. I also have a grand daughter who hears spirits. Not just in her head but she hears them. She says the sound is inside her ear just like when I heard the music from the other side. Are you asking if I had help from a counselor for these matters. No. And neither did my children. I didn't think it was necessary. Do you think any of us need help. I can understand hearing in your mind or audible voices as a way of communication but the faces I don't understand. Our family is very open with each other on these matters and no one thinks it is disturbing. Two in our family can communicate on ouija board and I have tried it and I can't. My niece's daughter sees the spirits since she was little. She is 12 now and still does and doesn't understand why we can't. For the exception of my niece none of us thinks of these things as disturbing.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2017
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I asked whether you'd had help because it seems you aren't that clear about what's happening. Someone with experience is what I had in mind.

    I have personal concerns about chidren and how much support they need to close down their psychic awareness - children have enough to do just growing up in this complex modern world without also having to deal with issues that can tax even mature adults. I'm also concerned to hear a ouija board is being used in the 21st century.

    You asked do I think any of you need help. Based on what you've said, unequivocally yes - all of you.
  5. Kahlon

    Kahlon New Member

    The ones who do the ouija board do ask for protection. I know the ones who talk and hear the spirits are the most sensitive. They have to deal with so much negativity vibes. It is hard for them to put that aside. The 12 year old girl has a mother who does not believe. I do feel sad about that.

    My grand daughter who hears voices hangs out with group that do things off and on with spirits. She uses her cell phone when she is looking to contact spirits. Other wise when she is alone she can just hear them.

    Basically for myself I was looking for anyone who had experience with seeing the faces and if they are meant to contact us or they just happen to be random. When watching for the faces I have found out that if I am in a negative mood or on medication they will not appear or it is more difficult to focus on them.
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Hmmm.... Do you - do they - understand the risks? Are the users experienced and knowledeable?

    At twelve she should not be involved with such stuff. :mad: It's doubly hard when parents know nothing either and triply hard when they are religious - but that girl needs help from someone who can show her how to close down. At the very least she needs someone to tell her she's not at the beck-and-call of discarnate mischief makers who see her light and don't respect her youth. She should very much NOT be encouraged in any way to engage with them - she's way too young and vulnerable.

    This is alarming. Are you not concerned?

    I'm going to risk upsetting you now but before you do any more you ought to learn more about what you're doing. It sounds to me that you're as wide-open as the rest of your family. If you can't find anyone experienced to help then I'd caution you before trying to switch on something you don't appear to know how to switch off. From what you've said you may be being 'homed in' on and there's no certainty that you'll welcome the attention of those homing-in on you.

    It's a fundamental thing taught in development that before opening up you have to learn how to close down fully.
  7. Kahlon

    Kahlon New Member

    I am not mad. Just thinking The young girl does not take part in anything with us except she talks with us about it. She has been told about negativity of things but not enough.
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I didn't suggest you're mad for one moment but you do appear inexperienced.
  9. Kahlon

    Kahlon New Member

    Yes we are inexperienced. We mostly keep this in our family and will trust some close friends with our stuff. Except for my grand daughter that shares and does things with her group. I believe if we share then people can understand the different signs and happenings. And I do understand that closing down can be hard sometimes.
  10. Kahlon

    Kahlon New Member

    We are going to learn how to shut down. I can see how this will help. We do protect our selves but could learn more about that. Thank you.

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