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Is there any known reason?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Maria, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. kim

    kim Regular Contributor

    I am really joyful to see that you think this way Bill!!!:):):)
  2. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    Thanks Kim. She has shown me that in so many ways. The physical loss is devastating to me because I'm only human and this She has also explained to me. She is closer to me than She has been in in several years.
  3. kim

    kim Regular Contributor

    My husband left this earth 17 years ago, but he doesn't communicate with me, maybe silently but not as boldly as your love speaks to you. He and I talked about death a lot before he was even sick. He had cancer. I had the NDE before we were married, so I had a lot to say about death. I was sick about missing him for about a year, maybe two. I am doing a lot better now. I also have a son who lives with me, so I am happy about that, and he was only 9 when his father left the earth.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  4. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    Hi Kim,
    Maybe because with your NDE you have learned so much already. I did not have the understanding you have of this stuff. I was Susie's nursemaid at the end. I even begged Her to go home to see Her family and I was actually relieved for Her suffering when She drew Her last breath. That lasted a day until I realized I could not handle Her physical loss. Our relationship did a 180 and She became, and remains for now anyway, my caretaker. She came back quickly because I was not dealing with this well.
    Perhaps your husband see's what you are capable of and your strength and understanding of the other side while Susie see's that my strength is gone and I need a lot of help right now.
    The beauty of it is there is only Love and our understanding of Love grows through life and lives.
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  5. kim

    kim Regular Contributor

    Yes Bill, what you wrote was so beautiful. When you said you were relieved for her suffering is how I felt about my husband. We had Hospice, and I was his nursemaid too. I believe with all of my heart what you said about love.
  6. @Maria

    If you get a chance to read Silver Birch, as Bill suggested, I think you may find it very interesting and helpful. Personally I like reading his teachings as - to me anyway - they make sense. I have never read any that conflict with other teachings he is said to have communicated, and Silver Birch himself doesn't purport to be some kind of super-being or possessed of all knowledge - simply a fellow traveller a little further along the same road. The writings won't try to give you a formula to live your life by or evidence of survival but they are, IMHO worth considering.

    As for not being sure whether the things you experience are genuine ADCs or not - I don't think your difficulty in deciding whether they are what they seem to be is unusual. Even mediums sometimes find it difficult to determine what is genuine communication and what is a product of their own mental processes. The only way for them to be sure is if there is veridical content of some kind. For what it's worth, my advice would be for you to read about the subject of ADCs and mediumship. If you're interested I can recommend reading to get you started but what you will find is that the body of evidence is enormous and the range of the types of mediumship and the quality of the information transmitted is also vast - from the doubtful all the way to evidence, which if true, would show beyond doubt that survival is a fact.

    That said, although there is a great deal of evidence collected over a century and a half (and into antiquity), the truly incontrovertible examples of communication are relatively rare and I suspect the vast majority of people never experience them. This doesn't mean they don't happen of course.

    In the early stages of bereavement, it is often very difficult to focus our thoughts and our emotions are unpredictable and powerful. In my experience, one good way to overcome that is to look for factual information, and to focus on reading about the experiences of others. I don't see any harm in accepting what seem to be genuine personal experiences that you have as being what they appear to be on the face of it, or at least reserving judgement for the time being.

    Hope this is of some help.
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  7. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    I can only speak for what I know and have experienced. My late wife visited me in many, many ways shortly after she crossed over. The most powerful meetings were at readings with Mediums and in vivid, active (sexy) dreams. Her visits have become less and less frequent (going on 2 years now) and I understand that she is pretty busy in the afterlife or heaven so I don't expect to see her as much any more. I am comfortable with my new and different life now and the unquestionable knowledge that my late wife is happy and well in Heaven. We will most likely be together again some day or some where but I am not depressed, lonely or in grief and have found a new mate/partner to continue living with. My late wife loves and appreciates my new mate so all's well. I'd suggest seeing a Medium if you want to re-connect with your late mate or learn to make the connection on your own. I am not a medium so I allow my late wife to visit me when and how she can - mostly in dreams these days. I knew all along that my late wife did not "die" and was and still is right here but just in a different dimension or state so I have never been unhappy, lonely or in grief about her. I have occasional episodes of grief about my late wife and also my early childhood so there's still some pocket's of emotional pain inside of me which I've learned to let out when it's triggered.
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  8. Cute Bear

    Cute Bear Banned

    It is impossible to determine, to quantify, what percentage of discarnates are attempting to communicate, successfully or not , since the weakest link may often be the one who is the recipient of the communication. How open to communication are they? What are their underlying beliefs in their capability to hear Spirit and of Spirit to produce spirit communication?

    It is my opinion that Spirit will attempt to give us all the help we need, not desire but truly need, unless in doing so they, or any other beings, would violate the themes we have chosen to explore. Whether or not we choose to allow their communications to come through is on us.
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  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

  10. Cute Bear

    Cute Bear Banned

    Thank you very much for pointing that out.
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