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Introducing myself and silly questions :)

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Truth seeker, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Active Member

    Hi ! First Im not a native English speaker, just in case.

    This is my first post,I have been reading for a few weeks the forums,what a wonderful site this is, so much knowledge here. I landed here thanks to the Victor Zammit web site, his book plus the few messages I have read from the spirit Silver Birch had really changed the way I see the life, now I want to help the most people I can before I die.

    I have a few questions that I think nobody have asked before and I would love If its possible that Mikey could answer or ask someone on the other side :) .

    I hope they are not that silly..

    1- Can you be expulsed from the summer land for doing something bad (what if you have sex with someone you shouldn´t or if you hurt somebody)

    2- Can you watch Tv ? I couldnt live without my late shows and sitcoms hehe.

    3- What about video games or computers? I know it sounds dumb but there are some many movies that I couldnt watch for lack of time and if we are going to have all the time on the world i would like to watch them.

    Like I said I hope they are not dumb questions.thanks
  2. Welcome Truth seeker. I too found Victor Zammit's site before finding this one. I'm not even sure at this point how I find this site. This is an excellent forum and there are no dumb questions. I will let Roberta or Andrew answer them better than I, but you can most certainly play whatever games you want, I don't know about TV shows on the earth plane, but you may find that they no longer interest you. Don't know about expulsion, I don't know that any sort of "crime" as we think of them is really possible there. I mean how can you hurt a spirit? And sex, well, that probably doesn't posses the same barriers it does here either. Others can give better explanation though. I just wanted to say welcome while I was here today.
  3. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Active Member

    Thanks rudeawakening... It would be nice to watch all the movies of the world,read all the books, and like a geek myself to tought about the latest gizmo and have it materializing in front of you...I know all that is earthly and mundane compared to the beauty of the summer land, but it would be nice sharing all of that whit your loved ones, get together to watch your favorite movies etc..
  4. TheGodSplinter

    TheGodSplinter New Member


    If you can watch TV movies in the Summerlands, at least it's unlikely that you're going to need to turn on the sub-titles - you'll probably just..."know" what they're saying, anyway, because you'll feel it. I have heard that shows based on vulgarity and degradation of humans would be banned, if TV existed up there, so reality TV and most political shows (unreality TV) just took a dive!

    As long as they never show "The Karate Kid" films, from the 1980s, I'll be happy enough and I'll no longer have to rummage around for my merciful service revolver!

    Welcome aboard!

  5. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Active Member

    On another post on this board it says that a medium communicated with steve jobs and in the video he mentions a ipad-like thing that is controlled by the mind and change size at will, meaning that a technology of some kind exist in the after life,and he says that he cant send a video yet..... I hope so because I have read somewhere (I think this board included, but I could be wrong) that Edisson and Einstein are working on ways to comunicate with us, meaning that technology could exist there...
  6. TheGodSplinter

    TheGodSplinter New Member

    I think you're going to love it, here! :)
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Truth Seeker! Welcome to Afterlife Forums! I'll try to address you questions based on the descriptions of the afterlife that I have read. Keep in mind though, that most of the best communications, and often those with the most details, come from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. So there was obviously no need for technology in the afterlife back then, since the people there weren't accustomed to it.

    When we get to the afterlife, we can have whatever material things we want. We don't actually need material things there of course, and there is certainly no need for technology, but we can do whatever we want. So yes, there is most definitely is/will be in the afterlife for those who want it. For example, if someone wants a gaming system, they can have one - but there are much more realistic ways of having fun in the afterlife. Do you see what I mean?

    So, in answer of your specific examples, it is almost certain that we could, if we wanted to, watch TV (without commercials, of course) or play video games.

    Being kicked out:
    No, people don't get kicked out of heaven. To understand why, you first have to understand the system of judgement. We all vibrate at a certain spiritual level and, if our level is too low, we cannot access the good part of the afterlife until we raise the level. Mostly, what lowers our level is not being able to forgive. When we die, we've got to forgive ourselves and everyone who has ever wronged us (the latter is far easier than the former). So, if you fail at forgiving in those two ways, you cannot access "heaven". Most people do get through though and, once they do, have no desire to anything that is bad for spiritual growth. So, essentially, no one ever does any "bad" there.

    As for the Steve Jobs medium video, it is true that most technology that we have is first pioneered in the afterlife and, only then, imprinted on the minds of living scientists to create here on earth. Edison, before he died, was working on a phone line to the afterlife. It's just hearsay, but there are reports that he continues to work on that.

    I hope this helps!
  8. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Active Member

    Thanks Andrew for taking the time to answer.... I know there is said that there a lot of things to do on¨heaven¨ like concerts,sports and such, only that I tought that would be fun to play a videogame o watch a movie every once in a while :)
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Glad to help, dear Truth Seeker! I agree with Rude Awakening that there are no stupid questions and I hope that you will continue to post your input and your questions here! :)

    By the way, you mention that English isn't your native language (although you certainly are proficient in it!), so I am curious what country are you from? You don't have to answer if you are uncomfortable though, I understand. I am always fascinated with what is foreign and speak French, German, and a bit of Spanish if you speak any of those.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 5, 2012
  10. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Active Member

    Hi Andrew im from Mexico...there are a lot of stories about witches and people that transform in animals,some with witnesses....here the witchcraft and santeria are very very common..I have seen people lives ruined because of that :(
    I will investigate some stories to post here..

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