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I'm reviewing, the situation....-

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by mac, Mar 16, 2021.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I'm reviewing, the situation..... Those words from 'Oliver!' sum up how I've been feeling for some time....

    One conclusion I've reached is that what we've learned - from spiritually evolved teachers through to our friends and loved ones 'over there' - is as much as we're going to learn. There doesn't seem to be a way to materially progress our present day level of understanding by asking the spirit individuals we can most readily communicate with.

    Risking stating the bleedin' obvious, two-way communication with anyone in the next level(s) is often not easy, whether it's directly or via mediumship. It can be hard work communicating effectively even when everyone is in the same room so trying to do it with individuals living in another dimension is hardly gonna be simple and effective - duh!

    It's beginning to seem to me that there's no way to discuss across dimensions anything other than simple things - perhaps that observation also deserves a "duh!" exclamation? It seems that despite efforts to make scientific progress it's yet to be achieved.

    Maybe I'm wrong but I'm feeling that the best in communications between 'the two worlds' has been achieved, that time long in the past. Looking back it was several decades ago when most information was received from guides and teachers; through mediumship, inspired writing and so-called channeling. Maybe that's it? Maybe anything beyond just can't be conveyed adequately?

    Recently I've returned to fundamentals. To life, death and the message of survival. I've concluded what truly matters is helping with just those three things. I've accepted that other than what we already know about so-called life after death, the rest will remain unclear.

    I'm accepting it's fruitless and frustrating for me to keep looking or asking. I won't get to find out - or remember - until after I have passed over. :)
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  2. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    Why then, though, as you say, "several decades ago"? I don't suppose anyone knows. Was this in the 1960's?
    The one new strand is developments in quantum physics and there are a few new books out which try to explain it, such as "Spiritual Science" by Steve Taylor. There are also Bernardo Kastrup's books: "Dreamed up Reality", "Meaning and Absurdity", and "The Idea of the World". I don't think he takes a spiritual view but he doesn't discount it as impossible. There are many others. I plan to order the Steve Taylor when our local bookshop opens again, as I've read a few pages online and he aims to reach the general public. I am very general public!
    B Kastrup says that of course there is more out there than we experience. Our sense organs evolved only to enable our survival. We are looking at a distorted representation of what is out there.

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